Back Massage Pressure Points
Tip for back massage
A good back massage will not only relieve back pain, it also has a calming effect on the mind. For a back massage to be effective, it is important to know the various pressure points and the right back massaging techniques.
Massage for Stress Relief
Massage for stress relief
Nothing like a good massage to unwind and relax stiff muscles. No wonder it is said to be one of the best techniques for stress relief.
Choosing the Right Massage Oil for Sore Muscles
Best massage oils for sore muscles
Using oils for massage benefits the recovery and relief process of sore muscles. So, which oils are the best to ease sore muscle pain? Here is a quick guide to help you choose the right one.
Shoulder Massage Techniques
Shoulder massage to reduce pain
Is pain in your shoulder driving you nuts, and you don't know what to do about it? Why not opt for a massage to get rid of the pain? Knowingly or unknowingly, we end up sitting in wrong postures or sit in an uncomfortable chair for...
Asian Massage Therapy
Fact about massage
Massage therapies are widely used for relaxation purposes, relieving pain, reducing stress and anxiety, etc. These ancient healing rituals are being practiced for many centuries in India and the Far East.
Facial Massage Techniques
Fact about Shiatsu massage technique
A facial massage is the best way to give some much-needed 'tender loving care' to your face. This is gaining more and more popularity, and there are several facial massage techniques that are used in the beauty world. Use facial...
Myofascial Release Techniques
Myofascial release technique
There are basically two types of myofascial release techniques: direct and indirect. In direct therapy, direct pressure is applied to the restricted fascia, whereas in case of indirect approach, a very light pressure is exerted on...
Most Popular Massage Techniques
Fact about massage techniques
Massage is one of the simplest and oldest forms of medical treatment used for easing ache and pain in the body. It also used for de-stressing and relaxing one's mind.
Deep Tissue Massage Techniques
Deep tissue massage for blood pressure
A deep tissue massage helps relieve pain or discomfort caused by stiff muscle tissues in the body. The main aim of this therapy is to unfold the stiff fibers of a muscle, release patterns of tension, remove toxins, and relax the...
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage benefit
Deep tissue massage is a massage therapy usually employed for relieving pain and discomfort caused by tension or stiffness of the deeper muscles and connective tissues. This massage therapy relies on slow and deeper strokes.
Edible Massage Oil Recipes
Almond oil massage benefits
A massage oil which is also edible? Well, that might surprise you, but what will surprise you even further is that such oils are available and are very popular. Massaging with a specific formulation of edible oil gives you an...
Massage Etiquette
Massage etiquette
Being comfortable in a spa is what a client wants, and making the client feel comfortable is what a therapist should ensure before starting the therapy. Clear all queries related to massage etiquette and massage therapies.
How to Give a Lower Back Massage
Smokers at higher risk of lower back pain
Giving somebody a lower back massage at the end of the day, can greatly help relieve his/her stress and also gain his affection. However, one should give a lower back massage with the right technique and the right amount of pressure.
Benefits of Massage Lotions and Creams
Benefits of massage oils and lotions
Massage therapy incorporates the use of the hands, fingers, and forearms, along with the knowledge and technique of massage. However, the practitioner also uses a variety of creams and oils for a good massage.
Therapeutic Massage
Massage for stress relief
Therapeutic massage can hasten the curing of ailments like chronic body ache, stress-related physical and mental problems, etc. Thus, a massage is not just a way to unwind but also a boost for your health.
Homemade Massage Oil Recipes
Apricot kernel oil for stress relief
Homemade massage oils give you an easier access to quick relaxation. Certain massage oil recipes must be memorized by heart, so that you can swiftly prepare them, as and when you are in need of unwinding and pampering yourself.
Do Massage Chairs Work?
Fact about massage chairs
It is a known fact that massage chairs are a new inclusion to the comfort provision sector, but the question on its functionality still remains unanswered. The unique selling proposition of a massage chair is its ability to provide...
Scalp Massage Techniques
Scalp massage stimulates happy hormones
Scalp massages are effective in many ways as they improve blood circulation, even the blood flow to tighten the skin and nourish the cells. Besides, they are the perfect way to unwind a particularly stressful week!
Foot Massage Techniques
Foot massage technique
A foot massage is an excellent way to soothe the feet muscles and rejuvenate tired feet. But, for best results, you should know the appropriate massage techniques. Not only does it soothe and relax the strained nerves, but also...
Scalp Massage
Scalp massage benefit
The body encounters stressful situations almost everyday. Higher the amount of stress, lower is the efficiency of the brain. One of the simplest and inexpensive ways to lay off that stress is a scalp massage.
Thai Massage
Thai massage fact
Thai massage is one of the most relaxing and energizing form of massage techniques, which relaxes and soothes the body. For centuries, it was practiced by Buddhist monks in temples as a component of Thai medicine for medical and...
Massage Therapy Techniques
Stone massage therapy benefits
Massage therapy techniques have been considered popular healing methods since the ancient times. These techniques help not only rejuvenating and relaxing the body and mind, but also help increase blood circulation, heal wounds, and...
Physical and Mental Benefits of Massage Therapy
Massages help control blood pressure
Massages are no longer restricted to luxury spas and salons, they are now available at various healthcare centers, hospitals, etc. A massage is considered to be a part of alternative medicine. It is often prescribed along with...
Myofascial Release Massage
Myofascial massage use
Myofascial release massage is a therapy that involves a combination of light stretching and massage of the fascia. Here is some information about the therapy and benefits of this massage.
Facial Massage Benefits
Facials slow premature aging
Many believe a facial massage is a great way to pamper your skin; it does more than that, it rejuvenates you. Facial massages clean out your pores, exfoliate your skin, improve blood circulation, while relaxing your tired muscles.
Benefits of a Massage Chair
Benefit of massage chairs
Massage chairs can serve to be virtual heavens in offices and homes. They escalate comfort to a dynamic level and make your seating experience worthwhile.
Massage Tools
Massage tools
A massage is the art of literally extracting the aches and pains that accompany a tiring and stressful work schedule or a condition post injury or illness. It involves extensive exertion of pressure on predetermined points of the...
Rolfing Massage Therapy
Rolfing massage benefit
One of the more popular forms of therapeutic massage, the Rolfing massage has been around for quite sometime now. The following article will tell you more about the same and the techniques that it involves.
Oriental Massage
Oriental massage
Oriental massage therapy is probably the oldest and simplest form of healing. The culture of the Orient is full of various manifestations of the power of touch. The popular massage therapy, now catching up worldwide, is one such...
Massage Therapy Benefits
Shiatsu massage uses finger pressure
Massage therapies provide relief from body aches, strengthen the immune system, and promise a healthy and good life. Massage therapy also brings about a harmony of body and mind.
Sports Massage Techniques
Sports massage techniques
A sports massage is a regimen indulged in prior to, during, and after any sports event. It is known to peak performance pro forma. Apart from this, there are many other benefits that you must learn about.
European Facial Massage Techniques
Gel or cream mask facial for dry skin
European facial massage is a great way to relieve stress from your face and get a glowing skin. There are certain stages and techniques involved in an European face massage, which makes this facial very popular.
Rolfing Massage
Rolfing massage eases stress
Rolfing massage is a deep tissue massage technique. It is said to relieve stress and help improve posture.
Chinese Foot Massage
Chinese foot massage benefit
Certain foot massage techniques, like the Chinese foot massage, use reflexology to relax and revitalize the human body. It is beneficial to your body and mind in many ways such as improving blood circulation, lowering blood pressure...
How to Select the Right Massage Table
Benefits of different massage tables
When it comes to saving money and room space, buying a portable massage table is the perfect choice. On the other hand, stationary tables are on the heavier side and tend to have thicker foams and features like storage cabinets....
Things to Know Before Getting an Ashiatsu Massage
Thing to know before getting an Ashiatsu massage
Ashiatsu massage is given with the practitioner's bare feet, the reason why it is sometimes referred to as "barefoot massage". Buzzle tells you all that you need to know before getting this massage.
Chinese Massage Therapy
Techniques used in Chinese massage therapy
The Chinese massage therapy rejuvenates the body and mind by providing pain relief, relaxation, and promotes a sense of total well-being.
Stomach Massage
The stomach is a very important part of the body. Simple and complex problems associated with the stomach can be relieved with a regular stomach massage.
Back Massage Techniques
A back massage is beneficial in many ways. It helps the body relax, takes away stress and reduces anxiety levels. Here are some methods used by professionals to get a great back massage done.
Leg Massage
A leg massage is a helpful way to release stress after a long, hard day at work. It improves blood circulation, and can ease the pain caused due to standing for long periods. Here are a few tips for self-massaging your legs.
Oil Massage
An oil massage is a great way to rejuvenate yourself. Here's how you go about it, along with some of the best massage oils to use.
Swedish Massage Techniques
There are various massage techniques used to relax and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. Among these, the Swedish massage provides you with all these factors. Read the following article to find out more about what is Swedish...
Dangers of Massage Chairs
Although not many and serious, there are a few concerns related to the massage chair, and a few things you should be careful about when using it. Read the article to find out what these dangers are.
Foot Massage Pressure Points
If you are interested in knowing how to give a stress relieving foot massage, it is significant to learn about foot massage pressure points first to reap maximum benefits.
15 Health Benefits of Swedish Massage
Health benefits of Swedish massage
An hour of full body massage is said to be equivalent to 8 hours of sound sleep. Swedish or classic massage, the most popular type of massage, helps relieve physical and mental stress. Read this Buzzle article to know what is meant...
Know the Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage
Benefits of deep tissue massage
Relieving chronic pain, improving range of motion, and facilitating removal of toxins from the body are some of the benefits of deep tissue massage. People diagnosed with arthritis may also benefit by regularly undergoing these...
Chair Massage Vs. Table Massage
Difference between chair massage and table massage
A feeling of relaxation is a given after going through a massage session. A chair massage, also known as seated massage, is done when the receiver is in a sitting position. Is it better than the traditional way of undergoing...
Benefits of Massage Therapy for Diabetes
Benefits of massage therapy for diabetes
Apart from prescribed treatment, massage therapy can also play a crucial role in managing diabetes effectively. The following Buzzle discusses how massage therapy may benefit diabetic patients.
Tips to Give a Good Massage
Here are some useful tips that will help you learn how to give a good massage to relax another person, using massage as a therapy.
Shiatsu Foot Massager
If you want to buy a foot massager, then you may want to consider the shiatsu variant. Using this foot massager relieves tension and the person feels relaxed.
Foot Massager Reviews
Read the foot massager reviews and also know about the top rated products in this category in the following paragraphs. Buy the best piece according to your requirements and give your feet a relaxing massage.
Use of Massage Chair During Pregnancy
There is nothing better than a massage during pregnancy. With all the aches and pains one has to bear, the thought of some pampering is nothing but welcoming. These days, vibrating massage chairs are also used to massage the body....
Benefits of Chair Massage for Corporate Employees
Chair Massage is known to be very effective in dealing with stress related issues. Read this article to learn about the numerous benefits of chair massage for corporate employees.
Comparison Between Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage
Massage is a great way to relax your senses, both physically and mentally. Swedish massage and deep tissue massage are two of the most common types. We will discuss the comparison between Swedish and deep tissue massage in the...
What are the Side Effects of Deep Tissue Massage
There's nothing more relaxing than a nice massage every now and again. But how harmful is it to indulge in them too frequently, and are there any fallouts of deep tissue massages? Keep reading, to learn more about it.
How to Give a Chair Massage
Love to get massages but don't feel comfortable taking your clothes off? How about you and your friend / family member learn how to give a chair massage? It's easy to learn and will relax you in no time. Read the following article...
Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy
Sports massage therapy is known to have many physical and psychological advantages for the athletes. Read on to know the various benefits...
How to Give a Foot Massage
Are you looking to unwind and feel rejuvenated? Are your feet aching and need a massage desperately? If yes, then here's an article on how to give a foot massage that might help you...
Massage Chairs for Back Pain
If you have back pain and want a massage without going to the therapist, getting a massage chair can be a suitable option. This article tells you more about massage chairs available for back pain...
Infant Massage Techniques
The benefits of massage are numerous. The following Buzzle write-up provides some easy-to-understand infant massage techniques.
Craniosacral Massage
Massage therapies are always considered one of the best ways to relax and refresh your body. Craniosacral Massage is one of them. Although this therapy is under a lot of criticism, still many believe that it really works.
Massage for Pregnant Women
If you follow the right massage techniques, it definitely gives you some benefits. Read this article on massage for pregnant women to get the details.
Neuromuscular Massage
Neuromuscular massage is a type of soft tissue massage therapy, which aims at lowering the pain and treating the disorders, by stimulating the trigger points located in the affected area. This article provides information about the...
Massage Chair Ratings
While choosing a massage chair, it is always better to know its market reviews and the feedback the product has received. Mentioned below are a few important massage chair ratings and their reviews.