Proposing on the Beach
Have you ever thought of proposing your better half on the beach? Well, if you haven't, you should really consider it! Here are some ideas for proposing on the beach.
Creative and Romantic Ways To Propose
It does not help to be nervous when you have to think of how to propose to the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Take the pressure off by looking into these creative and romantic ways to propose, and make this...
11 Non-traditional Ways to Propose
Non-traditional ways to propose
Ditch the traditional styles of diamond rings, champagne, and getting down on one knee. Get innovative to propose - how about using these cute babies? Buy a cute puppy or kitten, and pop the question. Have the puppy hold a placard,...
How do You Know When It's the Right Time to Propose
How do you know the right time to propose
Should I or should I not? Or should I wait? Honestly, it is tricky to know when it's the right time to propose. So, while most of us (all of us) are confused, we have gone the extra leap in decoding the mystery of when should you...
9 Creative Ways to Make a Romantic Proposal Over Dinner
Creative way to make a romantic proposal over dinner
Think beyond a laid-back, by-the-book proposal, and give her a night she'll never forget. Personalize the moment with a little help from Buzzle's 9 creative ways to make a romantic proposal over dinner.
Most Enviable Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas From Literary Works
Laurie's proposal to Amy in 'Little Women' - romantic proposal in literature
Want to know what is a real romantic marriage proposal? These literary works show that marriage proposals do not have to be over-dramatic to make an impact. In subtle words, the beauty of romance is exhibited in these novels. Buzzle...
What to Say When You Propose
If you are waiting to ask that special someone out, and are at a loss of words, read the article below immediately. You need some great proposal ideas, don't you? In the following article, we don't tell you about just those, but...
Why You Should Never Propose in Public
As much as I hate to say this, because many (including me) think proposing in public is the epitome of romanticism. But, it may not always be a great idea. Find in this article the dos and don'ts of proposing in public.
Romantic Ways to Get Engaged
One thing that haunts many people is, how, where and when to pop the "Will you marry me?" question to their partners. Thinking of romantic ways to get engaged gives nightmares to a whole lot of people. Here are some ways...