Effects of Ocean Acidification on Marine Life
Ocean acidification effect
Ocean acidification is a term used to describe the decrease in the pH levels of the ocean over a period of time, primarily due to the intake of excess amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Let's understand how these...
Effects of Ocean Pollution on Marine Life
Ocean pollution has led to the death of thousands of marine organisms apart from causing various other threatening diseases. With two-thirds of underwater organisms being declared as 'threatened species', there is an immediate need...
Sea Urchin Reproduction
Sea urchin reproduction may look very simple, but it's a complicated process. The following article will cover the reproduction and growth cycle of these echinoderms.
Sea Sponge Facts
If you were thinking you could compare sea sponges to plants and weeds in the sea, you might be a tiny bit mistaken, as they aren't plants at all. This article provides some sea sponge facts for kids and adults.
Phylum Mollusca Characteristics
Molluscs, due to their varied nature and unique body structure, are a matter of interest among researchers worldwide. The characteristics of the phylum mollusca enlisted in this Buzzle article should provide you with a fair idea...
Sand Dollar Facts
If your knowledge about sand dollars is restricted to shells that you came across while walking on a beach, here's a compilation of facts about this species will give you an insight of their lives.
Characteristics of Sponges
Sponges are amazing organisms with some unique characteristics. Here is a brief overview about sponges and their features.
Porifera Characteristics
This article deals with information about different Porifera characteristics. Understanding the different features of the organisms belonging to this phylum should become easier with the facts presented below.
How to Bleach and Preserve Sand Dollars
Tip to preserve sand dollars
Sand dollars are beautiful echinoderms that are found in the beaches. They have striking shapes and designs and are used as home decor and crafts. However, you will need to clean them prior to use.
Interesting Facts about Portuguese Man o' War
Portuguese Man o' War is a colony not a single creature
The Portuguese man o' war is a colorful, jellyfish-like marine creature that is extremely venomous. Here are a few facts about this beautiful stinger.
Symbiotic Relationships in the Ocean Explained
Symbiotic relationship in the ocean example
Symbiotic relationships are very common in oceans that boast of a highly diverse ecosystem. Here is Buzzle's compilation of different types of marine symbionts and their relations.
Different Types of Sponges
Fact about sea sponges
Sponges are aquatic animals which mostly inhabit the marine environment. However, some of them are also found in freshwater reservoirs. As per Animal Kingdom hierarchy, sponges come under phylum Porifera. Hence, they are also...
Sea Creatures with Incredibly Long Lives
Turtle lifespan
The fact that an organism can live for hundreds of years, is quite astonishing in itself. Life for such creatures is an amalgamation of adaptability, evolution, and some unique physical features, that make them what they are; near...
Is it Safe to Eat Horseshoe Crabs?
Fact about side effects of eating horseshoe crabs
The roe of horseshoe crabs is generally consumed although some species may be toxic. As a result, Buzzle explains whether it is safe for consumption or not.
29 Interesting Facts about California Sea Hare
Fact about California sea hare
Despite having a very simple nervous system, 'California sea hare' exhibits amazing behavioral patterns. Buzzle presents a number of fascinating facts about this little-known marine animal.
Why is the Blood of Horseshoe Crab So Valuable?
Fact about horseshoe crab blood
The blood of horseshoe crabs is being widely used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, but many are unaware about the reason for the same. Buzzle tells you why their blood is so valuable.
Learn About 20 Types of Clams
Types of clams
Clams are bivalve mollusks that live in saltwater or freshwater habitats. They belong to the family of bivalves consisting of oysters, mussels, scallops, etc. Each one of them have unique characteristics, with different shapes,...
Intertidal Zone Animals, Plants, and Important Facts
Fact about intertidal zone animals
An intertidal zone is the area between low and high tides, which is home to a rich variety of animal and plant species. This, and many other related facts, are explained in this Buzzle post.
Pyura chilensis, the Weird Sea Creature
Pyura chilensis is a tunicate, a type of unmoving, hard-shelled filter feeder found in Chile and Peru. Its strange appearance, interesting characteristics, and use in Chilean cooking make it an interesting animal worthy of a little...
What Do Plankton Eat?
Plankton food
Plankton refers to a group of organisms that drift in water, and include phytoplankton, zooplankton, and bacterioplankton. Buzzle explains the importance of plankton, along with details on what plankton eat to survive.
How Does Sonar Affect Marine Life?
Effect of sonar on marine life
Off late, there has been a lot of hue and cry about the negative effects of sonar on marine life. We will try to figure out whether active sonar affects marine species, the cetaceans in particular, and if yes, how?
Marine Biology Facts
Marine biology is the study of various organisms living in the oceans. Let's dive deep into the world of these oceans, and have a look at some interesting facts about marine biology.
Sponge Facts
Sea sponges are not plants or coral, but animals attached to the ocean floor. Available in different shapes, colors, and sizes, these sponges are fascinating creatures with intriguing body mechanism. Let's find out more about these...
Know About the Characteristics of Cnidarians
Cnidarian species do not have a digestive, nervous, circulatory, or respiratory system
The Box Jellyfish, a Cnidarian invertebrate belonging to class Cubozoa, is the world's most venomous and poisonous creature. So powerful is its sting, that victims continue to writhe in pain even long after losing consciousness....
Sea Urchin Facts
Fact about sea urchin
A sea urchin is a gorgeous marine animal. If you want to know some facts about it, read this article. It will definitely give you what you're looking for.
Marine Environmental Issues
Ever wondered about the astonishing events happening in the vast marine environment? Here are some current events in marine biology, which you will find interesting to learn about.
Famous Marine Biologists
Famous marine biologists
Marine biologists are scientists who conduct research on the life and habitat of aquatic plants and animals. Marine biologists study aquatic ecosystems that are conducive for the growth and propagation of various species of plants...
Decomposers in the Ocean: Role and Examples
Fact about feather duster worms
As a part of an ecosystem, all decomposers are important in sustaining the food chain. In this Buzzle article, we discuss the importance of decomposers, and the various creatures which perform this role in the vast oceanic zones of...
Marine Biologist Salary
Fact about marine biologist salary
This Buzzle article discusses how the average salary of a marine biologist varies from place to place, depending on the educational qualification, work experience, and the type of research unit hiring the marine biologist. With...
Limpet Adaptations
Adaptation in limpets
Limpets are soft-bodied molluscs protected by a hard conical shell. They are found in the intertidal and subtidal zones. Learn about the adaptations of limpets in this Buzzle post.
List of Plants and Animals of the Benthic Zone
Plants and animals of the Benthic zone
The benthic zone is an ecological system in the lower level of water bodies. Buzzle presents a list of benthic zone animals and plants, along with their characteristics.
Understanding the Ocean Ecosystem
Fact about ocean ecosystem
Marine ecosystem includes saltmarsh, mangroves, mudflats, lagoons, coral reefs, barrier islands, estuaries, the ocean floor, and the deep sea etc. This Buzzle article highlights facts, structure, and lifeforms belonging to this...
Interesting Facts About Nudibranchs
Fact about Nudibranchs' color
Displaying a ravishing show of colors, nudibranchs are akin to snails, but they got rid of their shell and evolved into all-muscle animals millions of years ago. Buzzle gives you a gist of their mysterious underwater life.
Zooplankton Vs. Phytoplankton
Zooplankton vs. phytoplankton
Planktons forms an integral part of the oceans, and are classified as zooplankton, phytoplankton, or bacterioplankton, depending upon the trophic level. This Buzzle article provides an overview on the difference between zooplankton...
Becoming a Marine Biologist
Marine biology is all about studying, observing, and protecting the marine plants, coral reefs, seaweeds and marine organisms. It is a very challenging and rewarding career. Go through this article to know more on how to pursue a...
Marine Biologist Job Description
Considering that approximately 2/3rd of the Earth's surface is covered with oceans, a career as a marine biologist may seem pretty enticing, but one has to understand that the stakes are quite high when it comes to job...
Top 10 Marine Biology Colleges
Studying in proximity to the coast and discovering fascinating aspects of marine biology is a dream many students wish for while pursuing a career in marine biology. If you're such a student who wants to study the ocean, here's a...
Vase Sponge
Vase sponge are beautiful big sponges which can be seen in an array of bright colors. These sea creatures come in different shapes and due to their vase-like structure are called vase sponges. Read on, to learn more about them...
Effects of Plastic On Marine Life
Plastic is a very hazardous material with respect to its effects on the environment. It does not degrade or decompose easily and dumping it in large quantities can create landfills and garbage dumps. Read on, to see the impact of...
What Does a Marine Biologist Do?
The job description of marine biologist cannot be explained in short, owing to the vast expanse of this discipline. However, some of the important facts about what does a marine biologist do are presented in the following article.
Marine Biologist Education
The job of a marine biologist is interesting as well as a well-paying one. So, let us know more about the education and job requirements in the following article.
Ocean Food Web
The ocean's ecosystem and biology are gradually changing. Read this article on the ocean food web to find out precisely what it is that keeps the circle of life in the ocean, and hence on earth, in balance, and what disrupts it.
Ocean Food Chain Diagram
Do you want to learn how energy transfer takes place in an ocean biome? The ocean food chain diagram and its explanation provided in this article should help you understand the concept.
Facts About Sea Lamprey
Parasites can be found all around us. How can the water bodies be an exception to this rule? It also has parasites. Some of the external parasites found in the water bodies are sea lampreys. They are said to disturb the...
Information on Sea Lice
Sea lice are small parasites, which are commonly found in salmon and other marine fish. In humans, they are known to cause skin irritation and lesions.