Interesting Facts about the Piri Reis Map
Fact about Piri Reis map
The Piri Reis map is a map that was made in 1513 by an Ottoman General called Piri Reis. It is one of the oldest surviving maps today and tells us a lot about the area surrounding the Atlantic, including the Americas. Here are some...
Intermediate Directions: Meaning and Examples
Intermediate directions
Interested in knowing how to get to a destination by reading a compass? Then you definitely should know the definition of intermediate directions. Once you understand what is what, you can set off on a trip with your compass and...
Types of Maps
Different types of maps are meant for different purposes. Most of us are only aware of political and road maps, however, there's more to maps than we know. Let's take a look ...
What is a Topographic Map
A topographic map gives a detailed representation of the shape and elevation of an area by using contour lines. This article includes some basic information regarding it.
How to Read Topographic Maps
A topographic map is a map, which represents changes in elevation on the surface of the earth with the help of imaginary lines called contour lines. It requires a little practice to understand the terminologies involved, before...
What is Thematic Mapping
A thematic map reflects or portrays agricultural, political, economic, or cultural activities, of a particular region. It showcases the spatial distribution of data for geographic areas.