Buff Nails for the Perfect Manicure
Nail buffing is a technique by which the nail bed is polished by a nail buffer to make the nails shiny and smooth. Buffing nails is an essential part of a manicure and it helps to give the nails a beautiful natural sheen. In this...
Permanent French Manicure
Are you the kind that wished a French manicure would never come off so easy? It's one thing to use good quality stuff, but it's another to have something that lasts for days using alternative means...
French Manicure Designs
Cute French manicure designs have always been in vogue. These are, indeed, a nice option for those elegant yet common traditional ones.
Manicure Tools
Giving yourself a manicure is the best way to save some big bucks. Find out here, about the types of manicure tools, and how to use them, instead of running to the salon every time you chip a nail.
Manicure for Men
Many men think getting a manicure is a very feminine thing to do. But this beauty treatment has many advantages.
Nail Art Designs with French Manicure
French manicure art
French nail art is very haute, classy, and trendy, and these manicures are now on the must-have lists of countless women all over the world. Buzzle takes a look at nail art design options with a French manicure.
DIY Tips for French Pedicure and Manicure
Got all the latest trends in clothes, bags, and shoes, from Gucci to Chanel? And you always want to be stylish and walk with an aura of confidence? But hold that thought; have you looked at your hands and feet? Will they pass the...
What is the Difference between American and French Manicure?
Difference between American and French manicure
Need some stylish yet sophisticated look for your nails? Then French manicure is what you are looking for. And if you want a look so natural that it seems simply like untouched fingernails, then American manicure is what you need....
All You Need to Know About Manicure
Sometimes, you come across a pair of really attractive hands and beautiful fingernails, and can't just help but stare at them. You wish you could possess such beautiful nails too. Well, you sure can, with the right manicure, a...
Beautiful Manicure and Pedicure Combinations to Try
Manicure-pedicure combination
The perfect combination of manicure and pedicure looks stunning and takes your entire look to new levels. But choosing the colors can be a helluva task. So, why not try some amazing options given in this Buzzle post.
Pros and Cons of Shellac Nails
Pros and cons of Shellac nails
With the nail care industry abuzz over one of the most durable nail treatment options, Shellac nails, it's always a good idea to learn all facets about the product before using it. So, Buzzle thought of putting this post about the...
11 Pretty Caviar Manicure Designs to Die for
Caviar manicure design
Caviar is not just for eating! Do the caviar manicure and enhance your nails into a super-hot statement accessory. Buzzle covers the tutorial for doing caviar at home, along with various designs to die for.
4 Types of Manicures Every Woman Should Know
Gel manicure
Manicures are the birthright of every woman! In support of this, Buzzle brings you 4 types of manicures that every woman must absolutely know. We also have some cool designs for every type including those women with short nails!
21 Extremely Cute Half-moon Manicures You Must Try
Cute half-moon manicure
If complicated designs seem tedious, a half-moon manicure will surely bring in a much-needed edgier look. Buzzle gives you 21 extremely cute half-moon manicures that you just can't miss out on.
Are Gel Manicures Safe?
Cancer risk with gel manicures
Gel manicures, or chip-free manicures, have become a sensation worldwide because of their long-lasting effectiveness. However, their safety has become a debatable topic worldwide. This Buzzle article states some facts and...
Best Manicure Set
It is important to choose an appropriate manicure set that will meet your quality expectations. Therefore, it makes sense to do a bit of research before buying one for yourself.
Spa Manicure
Spa manicures are a luxurious alternative to doing one yourself at home. This article describes the procedure of most spa manicures.