How to Get Well-defined Cheekbones with Makeup
Tips to get well-defined cheekbones with makeup
Chiseled, high cheekbones are every woman's dream. This Buzzle article shows you how to get well-defined cheekbones with makeup. Flaunt them, in style.
Chola Makeup Tips
Chola makeup tips
Dark makeup, thin eyebrows, and permed hair are commonly associated with the chola look. This Buzzle article gives you some useful chola makeup tips to help you get that 'bold and beautiful' look.
9 Creative Makeup Organizing Ideas
Makeup organizing ideas
Shopping for makeup is so much fun! But, then comes the boring task of organizing everything properly. We, at Buzzle, will make the task real fun for you with some creative makeup organizing ideas.
Blush Vs. Bronzer
If you are in the dilemma of what should you choose to apply, a blush or a bronzer (?!), then this is the right article for you. Read more for when and how you should apply a blush and a bronzer.
Makeup Tips to Make Your Nose Look Smaller
There are many people who are dissatisfied with the shape or structure of their nose. One of the most common grouses that people have is that their nose is too large. But with the right makeup technique, you can make your nose look...
Makeup for Large Pores
Learn more about makeup for large pores through this article, and understand what makeup is suitable for your skin, if you have large pores. There are a lot of details you need to pay attention to if you have large pores. A few of...
How to Apply Makeup for the Beach
Knowing how to apply makeup for the beach is one of the simplest tasks one can have at hand this summer. Beach makeup is the simplest form of makeup, as we need to stick to the bare minimum quantity possible. Continue reading to...
Makeup Tips for Looking Younger
With so much pressure being directed on looking young, it is no surprise that the anti-aging beauty industry is growing exponentially. But, your best friend to looking younger and maintaining the youthfulness in your skin is still...
How to Apply Blush
Many women consider applying blusher to be the most difficult task in the overall makeup procedure. So, if you are looking for the proper way of applying blush, here are some tips that you can follow.
Pin Up Makeup
You may not be a poster girl who has hundreds of men swooning over you, but that should definitely not stop you from trying pin up makeup. Try this dramatic and feminine look to unleash your inner diva.
How to Clean Makeup Brushes
Cleaning makeup brushes at home allows you to get rid of the dirt, makeup residue, and bacteria that might be retained in the bristles. Read on to know more about the best way to clean makeup brushes.
1920s' Makeup
Different decades have different makeup trends and styles, the 1920s brought about a new revolution in makeup, hairstyle and fashion.
Semi-permanent Makeup
Semi-permanent makeup is a new trend among women who want to save time and energy on makeup. In this article we cover the procedure, the effects on the body, as well as the benefits of this new trend.
Prosthetic Makeup
Prosthetic make up is a technique where prosthetic sculpting, molding, and casting is used for creation of advanced cosmetic effects. Scroll down to know more about this...
Makeup Ideas
Makeup, if done properly, can enhance your natural beauty like nothing else. Here are some makeup ideas you can try to define your style.
Loose Powder Makeup
Loose powder makeup is a fine powder used to impart a velvety, suede-like finish to the facial skin. It also conceals any fine lines, blemishes, dark spots, etc. present on the skin, giving the skin a smooth, wonderful glowing look.
Cheap Makeup
Who said women on budget cannot look gorgeous? Cheap makeup products can help you save hundreds of dollars over expensive brands.
Makeup Advice for Teenagers
Good makeup tips are essential and can come in handy, especially at an age as vulnerable as teenage. They will help you discover your most striking and flattering features and how to accentuate them best.
Pale Skin Makeup Ideas
Women who have pale skin with freckles or spots, often have a hard time trying to figure out what kind of makeup will suit them. Here are some great tips on how to use makeup on pale skin to help you glow like never before.
Pressed Powder Vs. Loose Powder
The debate between pressed and loose powders has been going on for quite some time. Both are useful for different purposes. This article lists the pros and cons of each product and helps you figure out which is best for you.
How to Apply Scene Makeup
Scene makeup is embraced as a bold, impacful, over-the-top trend, that works well for those who want to make a statement. Let's take a look at how to apply this sort of makeup without coming off as bizarre or clownish.
Summer Makeup
As fashion trends change every season, so do makeup trends. Stay 'hot' this summer, with these tips and ideas on makeup.
Essential Makeup Tips for Summer
Is summer making your makeup vanish in hardly any time after you put it up? Do you constantly need touch ups? With the help of these useful tips mentioned below, you can now easily fight all these problems.
Tips for Evening Makeup
A cool breezy night out calls for a sultry look that will make heads turn. Here are a few evening makeup looks that will leave those around you spell bound.
Lip Makeup Tips
How we women wish we had the perfect, luscious lips from dawn to dusk, until dawn again. It is not completely impossible. Here are a few tips that can help you achieve that desirable look for longer.
Makeup Tips For Olive Skin
The following article suggests tips on the best makeup for olive skin. Read on, for some useful eye and skin makeup tips for this skin tone.
Corrective Makeup
You might think your nose is too long, eyes are too wide, or the face is so round! Corrective makeup is the solution to all your woes, as it helps you work on these imperfections and bring out the best of your natural beauty.
How to Apply Casual Makeup
Don't want to look too made up on a casual date or at your first day of work? Read this article and put on some not-so-neutral, yet elegant casual makeup.
Everyday Makeup Routine
If you wear makeup everyday, then remember that 'less is more'. This article explains the essentials of your daily makeup routine.
Beach Makeup Ideas
Summer is the best time to go surfing or simply hang out at the beach. With salt water and the sun, it's hard to look good at the beach. This article lists some essentials for fun makeup when you're out on the sand.
Ways to Find Discontinued Makeup
Makeup items that have been discontinued and are no longer manufactured can put you in a tizzy, especially if you love and use things from a particular brand only. Wondering how and where to find makeup that has been discontinued?...
Summer Makeup Looks
Summer is all about flaunting a natural yet alluring look. The following article gives more insight into the different types of makeup looks to wear in summer.
Bronzer Makeup Tips
Bronzer application renders a glowing tan to the face. It highlights the features of your face and makes them prominent. This article gives you tips on its application.
How to Choose the Right Bronzer
No one can deny the miraculous effect of bronzer without having to step out into the sun to achieve that sun-kissed glow. Let's take a look at how to choose the right bronzer without looking like a total mess.
Liquid Makeup for Older Women
Liquid makeup for the older women basically aims at hiding the flaws due to aging, and making them look beautiful and younger. This Buzzle article presents to you, some valuable information about the liquid makeup along with a few...
Makeup Ideas for Prom
Prom is perhaps the most important social occasion in the life of a high school student, and makeup plays a pivotal role in helping any girl look her best. Read on to know more about makeup ideas for prom, which will make you a...
Natural Makeup Ideas
There seems to be no escape from makeup, and cosmetic companies only make things more difficult by releasing, oh, about a million products a day. However, using these products the right way is important, or you will end up looking...
Makeup Blunders
Think you look perfect with all that makeup on your face? Take a look again, as sometimes the cosmetic combinations may not really be perfect! Read on about some common makeup blunders you definitely need to avoid.
How To Apply Makeup
Applying makeup is a great art. If done the right way, it enhances your personality and highlights your best features. Here are few tips that teach you how to apply make up that will complement your skin tone, skin type, and...
Makeup Tips for Teenagers
Dying to spice up your looks without looking made-up? This article shall help you put the best foot forward with some makeup tips for teenagers.
Essential Makeup Tips to Conceal Rosacea
Makeup tips to conceal rosacea
Rosacea is a disheartening skin problem that many women face. Although there is remedial cure for rosacea, applying makeup to the face is an instant remedy. However, there are things to be considered in this regard. Buzzle...
7 Gorgeous Makeup Ideas for Girls with Freckles
Makeup ideas for girls with freckles
Women with freckles are always in a dilemma about whether or not they want to hide them behind makeup or embrace the spots as a mark of natural beauty. We, at Buzzle, support the latter argument and urge you to glance at these 7...
Signs You Wear Too Much Makeup
Sign you are wearing heavy makeup
Times when your face looks like a live billboard for cosmetic giants calls for an immediate, if not frantic intervention from the sisterhood. Allow Buzzle to tell you when you're going the Gaga way.
Makeup Tips for Women Over 50
Makeup tip for women over 50
As we age, our skin undergoes a lot of changes. To keep up with the changing skin texture, you need to follow a makeup regimen that embraces these changes. Buzzle has some useful tips for women over 50.
Best Makeup for Acne Prone Skin
Best makeup for acne prone skin
If you have acne-prone skin, then you need to choose your makeup with care. The right makeup will give your skin a smooth and dewy look and it will also cover up even the most inconspicuous imperfections on your skin.
Makeup Brushes and Their Uses
Makeup brushes
A major factor that determines how well your makeup is applied is the brush that you use. There are different kinds for application to the various facial parts.
Natural Makeup Tips for Black Women
Natural makeup for black women
Makeup for black women begins from hunting for a right cosmetic itself, as the market mostly caters to the needs of fair skinned women. Here are a few good natural makeup tips for black women.
Gothic Makeup Ideas
Tips for a Gothic look
When someone thinks of the Goth look, they have a preset notion about how one should appear. While that perception forms its basis, there are ways in which one's appearance can be enhanced. Everyone can sport this look. It is only...
8 Uses of a Kabuki Brush
Uses of Kabuki brush
Using the right makeup tools is essential as it helps perfect your look. Learn why a kabuki brush should be part of your makeup kit, and what are its uses.
Useful Tips to Choose a Blush for Your Skin
Tip to choose a blush for your skin
Although some fashion rules are meant to be broken, it is crucial that you pick the right blush shade for your skin tone. Let Buzzle guide you in finding the correct blush shade, along with a few helpful tips on applying it as well.
How to Apply Makeup in the Correct Order
Tip to apply makeup in the correct order
Learning the basics of makeup can transform you into a completely different person, provided you know how to make the right use of that beauty arsenal you own and adore so much. Let Buzzle be your guide to putting on your makeup...
Stunning Makeup Tips for a New Year's Eve Party
Makeup tip for a New Year's Eve party
Ring in the new year with sparkle and shine. Follow some stunning makeup tips and adorn a new look for the fast-approaching new year.
Tips to Apply Blush for Different Face Shapes
Tips to apply blush
Finding the perfect blush application technique that complements your face shape can be a challenge. But with Buzzle by your side, creating an illusion of a healthy glow just by applying blush is a no-brainer.
Easy Makeup Ideas to Get the Geisha Look
Geisha makeup ideas
Halloween is just around the corner, and you're most likely in search of some makeup ideas online. How about checking out this geisha makeup tutorial given by Buzzle? It will definitely aid you to present yourself in a traditional...
Inspirational Makeup Quotes Every Girl Should Know
Quote about lipstick by anonymous author
Makeup or no makeup―a battle that every woman fights. But there's more to it than meets the eye. Buzzle gives some gorgeously inspiring makeup quotes. We bet you'll fall in love with makeup after reading these.
Helpful Tips for Beginners to Buy Makeup Brushes
Tip to buy makeup brushes
No matter how good the quality of your makeup, a wrong set of tools, like the wrong brushes, can ruin the perfect look! So, we have enlisted a few helpful tips for beginners to buy makeup brushes.
Makeup Basics for Men
Makeup basics for men
Women are not the only ones who use cosmetics. Countless men use makeup products to either accentuate their basic features, or to just protect their skin from the sun. We give men the complete lowdown on how to apply makeup,...
How to Do Dramatic Drag Queen Makeup
Drag Queen makeup
Drag queen makeup is anything but subtle. Women wear makeup to hide their flaws and to accentuate their best features. But when it comes to drag queens, it's all about pizazz; a complete transformation on not just becoming a woman...
Makeup Tips for Girls Who Hate Makeup
Makeup tip for girls who hate makeup
There are many women who swoon at the sight of makeup, and there are others who detest the sight of it. If you fall in the latter category, then Buzzle provides some simple makeup tips for you.
Makeup Essentials to Keep at Your Office Desk
Makeup essentials to keep at your office desk
The everyday rush to get to office in time leaves little room to get ready properly. However, you can very well make yourself presentable if you have a few makeup essentials at your desk in office. Here's taking a look at what...
What Makeup to Wear with a Red Dress
Makeup to wear with a red dress
Red being one of the top two picks of all the colors, is very prominently seen in parties. From classy to beyond vibrant, red stands a benchmark. But since the color is so powerful, it can be tricky to decide the makeup for a red...
Tips to Touch Up Makeup in the Middle of the Day
Tips to touch up makeup
Every morning, we girls put in so much effort to apply makeup so as to look attractive. But by midday, all our efforts smudge and crumble. A touch up is definitely required to look presentable till the end of the day.
8 Beautiful Pastel Hair and Makeup Ideas
Woman with pastel makeup
Pastel makeup looks trendy. And the best thing is that, it goes with any skin color. The perfect makeup paired with the perfectly suiting hairdo can make an elegant look. Right from subtly sweet to perfect full-on vamp. Here are...
17 Ways to Repurpose Old Makeup
Ways to repurpose old makeup
Don't we love to splurge on cosmetics? Most of us think it to be an investment. But while we do so, we forget about the old ones. Here's how to repurpose old makeup after they've passed their shelf life.
Signs You are a Low Maintenance Girl
Signs of a low-maintenance girl
You know you're a low maintenance girl when no one influences your wardrobe. You're neither a slob nor lazy. You're simply comfortable under your skin, and have no issues stepping out the door without your makeup. There are...
Real-looking Bruise Makeup
Bruise makeup for Halloween
It's time to scare your folks, coz Halloween is here! Get armed with makeup and make people go "ouch" as they see you!
Struggles of a Makeup Addict
Struggles of a makeup addict
Who doesn't love makeup? We all love flaunting our super glow and batting our eyelashes charmingly at every cute guy we pass. But, putting on makeup isn't a cakewalk, and getting it right is as important as keeping it intact.
Makeup Tips for Brunettes
Brown seems to be a lovely color to show off on your mane, but do you know how to match it with the right makeup? Buzzle reveals the secret to look your best with some handy makeup tips for brunettes.
Liquid Makeup for Acne-prone Skin
Every teenage girl who suffers from the unfortunate condition of acne is concerned whether her acne is visible and whether it will leave a scar on her face. But don't worry as there are several remedies and various types of liquid...
Best Makeup Tips for Redheads
Just got your hair dyed in flaming red? Wondering how to make a bold statement and become a head turner literally? Here's your firsthand guide to the perfect look that'll go with your hair.
Makeup Brush Holder
A makeup brush holder is every girl's / woman's essential asset to keep her important makeup brushes in one place and not cluttered on her dresser or dumped into her handbag.
Makeup for Women Over 50
As a person ages, the skin texture and appearance also undergoes changes. So the cosmetics and makeup techniques also need to be customized according to ones age. For mature women over the age of 50, changing their makeup products...
Best Makeup for Oily Skin
Searching for makeup that will suit different skin types is tough. And when it comes to finding the best makeup for oily skin, then more caution has to be administered. Which is why we have provided some useful tips and tricks for...
Effective Tips and Techniques to Apply Mime Makeup
Tip to apply mime makeup
Mention the word mime, and instantly images of white faces with makeup come to mind. Though creating a mime face may seem difficult, in reality it is not so. Here, Buzzle has provided some easy tips and techniques to wear mime...
Which Works Better - Cream Blush or Powder Blush
So you always wanted that pink glow on your cheeks? Then why not go for a blush that will keep you glowing all day long. There are various kinds of blush available in the market. The powder blush and cream blush are most commonly...
History and Facts About Ancient Egyptian Cosmetics and Makeup
Fact about ancient Egyptian makeup
It's just not today's modern woman, who spends quality time in front of a mirror doing her daily beauty routine, documented evidence proves that the practice of wearing makeup has its roots in ancient times. The art of makeup dates...
Things Only Women Who Don't Wear Makeup Will Understand
Bobbi Brown quote about makeup and women
Women who do not wear makeup very often, or very much, have their own set of struggles and perks with people around them. It is always an individual's own choice regarding one's looks and the cosmetics she wants to use (or not) for...
Romantic Valentine's Day Hair and Makeup Ideas for Women
Valentine's day hair and makeup ideas for women
Whether it's a quiet, candlelit dinner at home or a night on the town, how you style your hair and do the makeup matters a lot. To help you concentrate on finalizing the plans for the night, this Buzzle post will take all the...
Permanent Cosmetic Makeup - Cosmetic Tattooing
Permanent cosmetic makeup can be a blessing in disguise for many. Today, cosmetic tattooing is used, not only to disguise permanent scars, but also to give a whole new look to a person.
How to Apply Makeup Like a Professional
Applying makeup like a professional is a skill. It needs a professional training and a lot of practice. For those who want to master this art, this article provides useful tips about applying makeup like a thorough professional.
Makeup Tips to Look Like a Hipster
Makeup tips to look like a hipster
In order to rock the 'hipster' vibe, you need to focus on keeping your makeup appear effortless. Buzzle gives you helpful and easy makeup tips on capturing the essence of a hipster without putting in a lot of effort.
Tips to do Poison Ivy Makeup at Home
Poison ivy makeup
A beautiful femme fatale, an Eco-terrorist, who always appears to be at odds with Batman in the Batman comic series. She acts like Mother Nature protecting the plants from danger but tackling her enemies with just a poisonous kiss...
How to Contour and Highlight Your Face with Makeup
Tip to contour and highlight face with makeup
In order to know how to contour your face with makeup, understanding and practicing the technique is everything. Let this Buzzle article be your guide in perfecting the basic theory.
Makeup Tips for Covering Up Blotchy Skin
Makeup tips for covering up blotchy skin
Choosing mineral makeup is recommended to cover up blotchy skin. Also, one can go for high-pigment foundation, as it has a smooth finish and helps to hide skin flaws perfectly.
Are You Addicted to Makeup?
Are you addicted to makeup?
Women absolutely adore makeup, and why not? It accentuates a woman's features, makes her look glamorous, and protects her skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Presented to you, in this Buzzle article, are signs of a cosmoholic along...
Makeup Tricks for Women to Conceal a Double Chin
Highlight eyes, cheek bones and lips to conceal a double chin
Although older people are more prone to getting a double chin, the fact is that genetics or even being overweight for that matter may cause a double chin at a young age. However, using cosmetics can at least conceal it if you are...
Makeup for Acne Prone Skin
Makeup enhances a women's beauty and hides minor imperfections like sun spots and pimples. If you have acne prone skin, then it is very important that you choose the right makeup that will mask your blemishes and prevent a flare-up.
Ways to Sweat-Proof Your Makeup
What could be more embarrassing than having your make up 'melt' on your face on the night that was supposed to be your grand night? You spent an hour priming yourself looking picture perfect and now you are caught with mascara...
Makeup Artist Salary Range
A makeup artist may be employed in different fields, such as the entertainment and the fashion industry. While the salary differs based on the industry, experience, location, and personal ability, the average salary that a makeup...
Best Liquid Makeup for Sensitive Skin
Choosing a liquid makeup for a sensitive skin depends on many factors. You should analyze your skin before applying a foundation on it. We have provided you the tips on selecting the right kind of makeup and also some products that...
Best Makeup For Dry Skin
Here are some tips on best makeup for dry skin, if your skin looks parched and dry. And if it looks flakily worse when you wear makeup, then you have to be quite careful with the makeup you choose and what you do for your beauty...
Best Makeup for Sensitive Skin
If you have sensitive skin, you must be aware of what it takes to maintain it properly. This article gives you many options of makeup for sensitive skin.
Organic Makeup
Organic makeup is made from natural plant extracts and minerals and is great for people with sensitive skin. This article discusses what this makeup is, what it is made of, and whether it is better than regular makeup.
Waterproof Makeup
Waterproof makeup doesn't smudge or run even under water. This article gives you information on what waterproof makeup is, when you can use it, and how to remove it.
Hypoallergenic Makeup
The term 'hypoallergenic makeup' can be quite confounding and misleading. These products are marketed towards sensitive skin types. This article explains what these products are and whether or not they are safer than regular makeup.
Nude Makeup
If you wish to have an innocent, peachy, and barely-there look, you need to go in for some nude makeup. It is especially suitable for the warm summers.