8 Ways to Remove Mascara Safely
Ways to remove mascara safely
Removing eye makeup properly at night is very crucial for the good health of your eyes. The mascara which gives us bold and beautiful eyes, and thick and long eyelashes, should be safely removed. Check out how in this Buzzle article.
Lip Makeup Remover
A lot of women love to apply lipstick and lip stain, but many do not consider how important it is to take lip makeup off before bed. To keep your lips healthy and soft, you will need to invest in a good lip makeup remover. This...
How to Take Off Waterproof Makeup Naturally
Tip to remove waterproof makeup naturally
Waterproof makeup is great until it's time to take it off - then it becomes this clingy mess on your face that just refuses to leave! For most women, using an artificial makeup remover is not only expensive, but it causes them to...
Homemade Eye Makeup Remover
Eye makeup is a very important part of beauty, but removing it at the end of the day is even more important. Take a look at these tips on how to make homemade eye makeup remover, with ingredients that are easily available.
How to Remove Eye Makeup at Home
It can be quite annoying to see makeup still on after you've washed your face, where these eye makeup remover solutions should do the trick without the need to scrub your eyes out.