Magnetic Bracelets - Benefits
According to practitioners of alternative medicine, the health benefits of magnetic bracelets are quite significant. However, therapeutic effects of magnetism on human body still needs scientific evidence to be accepted by one and...
Do Magnetic Bracelets Work?
Do magnetic bracelets work?
A lot has been said about the positive effects of wearing magnetic bracelets. The following article gives statistically significant data that can help provide an answer to the question do magnetic bracelets work.
Magnetic Bracelets - Do They Work?
Whether magnetic bracelets work or not is the biggest question asked by anyone who is newly introduced to these so-called 'wonder healers' and their purported benefits. Here, we discuss how they are meant to function and whether or...
Magnetic Therapy Side Effects
Magnetic therapy is used for treating a number of ailments. However, there are some magnetic therapy side effects, which need to be taken into consideration before one starts with the therapy...
Energy Bracelets - Do They Work?
Benefit of energy bracelets
Energy bracelets are apparently known to have certain healing powers. These bracelets, made of surgical grade silicone, have known to be helpful especially for athletes. One needs to investigate their healing powers before using...
Magnetic Bracelets for Men
Magnetic therapy benefit
Magnetic therapy has been around for thousands of years now. To make magnetic therapy part of daily life, people are opting to wear bracelets. It is believed that wearing a magnetic bracelet improves blood circulation and provides...
Rubber Magnetic Sports Bracelets
Rubber magnetic sports bracelets
Sports and injuries go hand-in-hand, and so the use of mechanisms to protect the body against these career-threatening injuries becomes necessary. Rubber magnetic sports bracelets are effective to some extent in healing the injuries.
Magnetic Bracelet Therapy
Magnetic bracelet therapy
There is quite a boom of magnetic bracelet therapy in the field of alternative medicine these days. There are many ailments that is believed to be cured by magnetic therapy.
Magnetic Bracelets for Golfers
Magnetic bracelets help reduce wrist pain
Golfers are perpetually perturbed with their aching joints, courtesy the upsurge of energy that floats in their system. Magnetic bracelets for golfers work best as they are known to prove their effectuates where pain in the wrists...
Magnetic Sports Bracelets
Magnetic bracelets for blood circulation
Frequent hand cramps, inflammation and wrist pain are some of the common problems that trouble athletes. Magnetic sports bracelets help tackle these problems to some extent.
What is Magnetic Healing?
Magnetic healing fact
Magnetic healing is not a new concept. Aristotle expounded on the use of magnets as a therapeutic means of healing sometime around 350 BCE. Magnetic therapy is believed to be effective in relieving pain caused by various conditions.
Magnetism: The Natural Power of the Soul
Meaning of soul magnetism
Spiritual magnetism is the power of the soul to attract or create whatever it needs for all round happiness and well-being. For most people, the magnetism is not so highly evolved; it is in the plane of animal or physical...
Magnetic Therapy for Headache
Magnetic therapy improves blood circulation
A migraine headache is one of the most painful aches. Though there are prescribed medicines for the same, there are also alternative therapies, like magnet therapy, for relieving migraine headache. They are said to improve blood...
Magnetic Jewelry Benefits
Magnetic jewelry benefits
Magnetic jewelry is the perfect blend of a style statement and a cure! It has the healing properties of the magnet and looks distinct enough to draw attention. Magnetic bracelets, anklets, and necklaces are especially popular.
Magnetic Bracelets for Pain Relief
Magnetic therapy, although plagued with controversies, proves to be a popular form of alternative therapy. It makes use of magnetic bracelets, anklets and necklaces to provide pain relief.
Magnetic Bracelets for Back Pain
Magnetic therapy, an ancient form of healing, has been revived and is being used with reports of success in several cases. There have been cases where people suffering from back pain have benefited from wearing magnetic bracelets.
Magnetic Therapy for Depression
Magnetic therapy for depression is known as a better alternative for most people, who do not prefer going for any kind of chemical treatment for the condition.
Does the iRenew Bracelet Work?
Are you intrigued by the new advertisement of iRenew bracelet? This article tells you all about its working, and gives a complete review of the product.
Magnetic Mattress Pads
Magnetic mattress pads make use of permanent magnets to generate static magnetic fields. They help in inducing better sleep, increasing blood circulation, and reducing pain. This article provides information about the various...