Being a diabetic can be really hard for some people. Especially those who are accustomed to consuming a diet that is high in carbohydrates. Most dietitians advise a diet that does not have a lot of calories, as weight gain can become a serious problem for diabetics. It gets worse when you go to a restaurant and you're forced to order something that feels like a punishment for your palate. If only you knew about some lunch options that are healthy and yummy too. Sounds like a dream? Well, after reading this article, I'm sure you'll change your mind.
*This article is for information purposes only. Consult your physician before consuming any of the options listed below.
Go Green: Going in for salads does not necessarily mean that you have to eat only the greens that are set in the plate. You can experiment with the salad dressing. Add ham, turkey or a hard-boiled egg to your salad of spinach and other green leafy veggies. For dressing, use something which contains olive oil. If you simply cannot eat a salad with a low fat dressing, then control the amount of dressing you use in the salad. Avoid taking more than 2 spoons of dressing.
The Perfect Lunch: Given here is the perfectly healthy option for a diabetic who's looking to lose some weight. And it even has meat in it! A sandwich. Use brown bread and some salad vegetables like spinach, lettuce or cabbage. Add a low-fat dressing or olive oil if you think it'll be too dry. Then, you can add a thin slice of your favorite meat in the middle. Your delicious diabetic-friendly sandwich is ready!
Lunch Ideas for Pregnant Diabetics

Gestational diabetes is not an uncommon phenomenon. During this time, pregnant women must take extra care of what they eat. Generally, the diabetic diet they follow during pregnancy is what they follow for quite some time even after childbirth. Hence, it's important that they have a healthy diet. Here are your options
Soup Story: Soups are a perfect choice when it comes to a healthy lunch. During pregnancy, it is an indispensable meal, especially for diabetic women. You can try different types of soups. Use cream and chicken stock with chicken or mushrooms or vegetables, and you'll have a healthy bowl of soup ready. Accompany this with salted biscuits or cheese/butter.
Bake Away: Pregnancy means a high requirement of proteins in the diet. Plus, you need not worry about putting on too much weight. Bake your meats like beef or chicken and add dollops of butter or cheese or olive oil if you want. The protein from the meat and the fat from the oil/butter/cheese will keep both, mother and child healthy.
These were some healthy and tasty options to make your lunch a happy affair. So you needn't worry or feel guilty about craving delicious food (and eating it as well). The key when it comes to diabetes is to eat healthy and avoid foods rich in carbs. If you're reluctant about giving up the sugary goodness (which is not so good for you), then try out some tasty substitutes for the same. They are a healthier option and you won't have to live with the guilt of having eaten it either.