Lump Behind the Ear
Causes of lump behind the ear
Painful or painless lumps may develop behind ears in the event of infections, bone overgrowth, allergies or due to certain types of cancers. These etiological factors as well as the accompanying symptoms and treatment options have...
Lumps Under the Skin
Lumps under skin
Skin lumps can form on the surface or beneath the skin. Lumps below the skin can develop due to various skin conditions, such as lipomas, cyst, fibromas, and skin abscess, to name a few.
Lump on Back of Neck
Causes of lump on back of neck
Lump on back of neck is often the result of muscle or tendon injury but can also occur due to inflammation of the tonsils and swelling of the lymph nodes located in the neck area.
Lump Under the Armpit
Lump under armpit
The occurrence of a lump under the armpit region may be unsettling, when one of its possible causes could be cancer. However, the same might be a result of something as trivial as improper shaving. But in any case, a medical...
Lump Under Chin
Lump under chin can occur due to a wide range of skin problems such as sebaceous cysts, swollen hair follicles or abscess.
Lumps on Head
Dermatitis, sebaceous cyst, hives, chickenpox, and shingles are some of the common causes of lumps on the head. Scroll down to know more about treatment for this medical condition.
Nodules Under Skin
Nodules under the skin can be associated with several health conditions, some of which can be minor while others can be quite serious. Read on to find out more about skin nodules and their causes.
Lumps on Neck
Causes of lump on neck
Having a lump on the neck should not worry you. But since this could be associated with something as severe as cancer, a medical diagnosis would give you peace of mind, and also help rule out potential problems, if there are any.
Lump in Stomach
A lump in stomach is a symptom of some serious disorder and should not be ignored. Scroll down to know more on the potential causes for the same.
Underarm Lump
Underarm lump - warning sign of breast cancer
Lump under the arm or in the armpit can be caused due to a variety of reasons like infection, lymphoma, chickenpox, etc. Here you will find out about all possible causes that can lead to this kind of problem.
Lump in the Stomach above Belly Button
Although occurrence of a lump above the belly button should not be alarming, a medical checkup is still necessary. This is because the lump could be a sign of cancer.
Lump on the Right Side of Neck
Our body sends out signals to us when something is just not right with it. In this article we learn about a lump situated in the right side of the neck and what does it signify.
Movable Lump in Neck
Does it bother too much to have a movable lump in neck? Does that signify something serious? Know all about a movable lump, in the following.
Painful Lump Under the Armpit
The presence of a painful lump under the armpit may be entirely benign or may be an indication of some serious disorder. Here's more about its causes and treatment.
Lump on Back
The following article will tell you about the reasons that lead to a lump on back and the means by which to correct it. If you've ever faced this problem, them reading the article will do you a lot of good.
Lump in Stomach after Eating
This article will deal with the causes and treatment of abdominal lump after eating.
Lump in Earlobe
Having a lump in the earlobe is no doubt an uncomfortable condition. It spoils your normal life, and you spend hours thinking about its possible causes. The following article tells you about some of the most common factors which...
Papule Treatment
Use of ointments containing benzoyl peroxide, topical antibiotics like erythromycin are some of the ways to treat papules. Apart from using topical agents, it is necessary to follow a healthy diet to speed up healing.