"If there are as many minds as there are men, then there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts."
― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina
The heart symbol has played a major role in romantic graphics over the years. Right from vintage greeting cards to the modern-day messaging icons, hearts have been an indispensable part of communication. A simple design, whether colored or just its silhouette, conveys a lot more than what words can ever do.

Besides being an obvious representation of love, hearts have also been used to symbolize peace, harmony, and other forms of non-romantic love. Thus, they make simple graphics when you need to send important messages. Love heart pictures and clip arts can be made typographically, using various other patterns, colors, hues, and other interesting characters to make an otherwise simple visual speak a thousand words. So, here are some good pictures of hearts, click on the images that you wish to print. Buzzle provides you with over 50 printable heart clip arts in color and in black and white for whatever the reason or occasion.

Love Heart Clip Arts

* These images have been provided by Buzzle for personal use only. Please do not share, reproduce, or resell any of these images in any form.

Intricate love
Leafy hearty love
Flowers and heart
Heart doodles
Heart of lovebirds
Love letter
Heart with wings
I love pizza
Red heart
At the heart of the garden
Marry my heart
Purple heart
Rosy love
Love by the sea
Heart in top gear
Love nest
Heart made with words
Love is complicated
Musical notes of a heart
Heart loves music
Designer heart
Heart with a rose border
Ombre heart
Black and white heart
A heart wreath
Retro heart
The heart's got butterflies in the stomach
Checkered heart
Heart and shadows
Falling red hearts
Patched up heart
Heart frames
A heart that holds love and other drugs
Love in Paris
A heart like a leaf
Heart has a reaction
Of hearts and circles
A hazy heart
Scribble on my heart
Love makes you go round and round
A hooded heart
Heart's love triangle
A heart with curlies
Hearts within heart
Shattered heart
Write on my heart
Seamless love
Hot air balloon heart
A heart in love
Cracking up heart
A heart with many hearts
When a white arrow pierces a blue heart
Ups and downs of a heart
Love in sepia sketches
Keep loving
Love conquers all
Our heart
Just a heart
You pierced my heart
Psychedelic heart
Your heart is safe in my hands
This heart loves you
Entangled in love
Hypnotized heart
Keys to my heart
Heart that hangs by the thread
Love is in the air
Struck by cupid
Feeling blue heart
Peaceful heart
Floral love
A heart is a maze
Birdy's heart
Wildlings have a wild heart
Leafy love
Shedding leaves make a heart
Curly heart
Leafy heart
Love nature
Love is wild
Royal heart

These clip arts can be used for making posters, unique book covers, signatures for letterheads, greeting cards, or they can also be used as coloring designs for kids. This huge collection of heart pictures allows you to print them absolutely free of cost to make those zillion creative ideas come true. You can print these hearts on various types for papers for DIY projects too.

Hearts with flowers, medical icons, wedding pictures, or musical notes are apt visual aids to denote corresponding meaning of words. The best part about using graphics is that it completely averts the possible controversies that words can cause. So, use these hearts to spread love, happiness, and laughter all around you. As the more you share, the more you receive!