Smart Ways to Look Taller and Slimmer
Ways to look taller and slimmer
Does being short and fat give you an awkward feeling? Do you feel uneasy to move around because of your unimpressive personality? Have a look at the following article and learn about the smart ways to look taller and slimmer.
5 Makeup and Hairstyle Tips to Make Your Face Look Thinner
Tips to make your face look thinner
Do you feel your round face is making you look chubbier? Stress not! Buzzle gives you five makeup and hairstyle tips to make your face look thinner.
How to Hide Your Muffin Top
A muffin top is nothing but the excess fat that hangs around your waistline, sometimes spilling over the sides of your jeans. So how can you hide it? If you want answers, look no further. Here are some suggestions on how to hide a...
How to Look Taller and Leaner in Photos Without Photoshop
Tips to look taller and leaner in photos without photoshop
Neither models, celebrities, or fashion bloggers are born photogenic; they too have to learn the art of looking captivating in pictures. If you're someone who wishes to look taller and leaner in photos without the help of Photoshop...
Ways to Dress Thinner and Avoid Looking Fat
Wear dark colors to look slimmer
Dressing well not just means dressing in good quality clothing but it also refers to the idea of dressing that makes you look perfect. And if you happen to be on the bulkier side, here are a few dressing tricks to make you look...
Smart Ways to Hide Your Tummy Bulge
A tummy bulge has always been a matter of concern with most women. While some remain calm about this and readily show off this bulge, others get paranoid and desperately are in need of ways to hide their little paunch. And if...
How to Look Slimmer in Your Wedding Dress
Tip to look slimmer in a wedding dress
If you're getting married and going paranoid about your looks, think what you can do to make yourself look thinner on your wedding day. Don't fret! The following article will give you 10 tips on how to look slimmer in your wedding...
Girdles for Weight Loss
Wearing girdles for weight loss seems to be gaining popularity nowadays. This article elaborates more on this topic.
Body Shapers for Women
Body shapers are one of the best ways to get your figure looking toned and more appealing, so that you can fit into your favorite figure hugging dress.
Women's Clothing: Ways to Look Slim
Are you running the treadmill for hours with no visible effects of slimming down? Well, it's not always your exercise routine. How you dress also has an impact on how you look. Here are some ways to look slim, with simple steps...