LL Cool J stands for Ladies Love Cool James. Mainly for men, LL Cool J has four different workout programs, accompanied with meal plans and some tips to carry out these workouts. It helps you build strength and muscle over weeks of working. It is divided into four phases of exercise, which graduate from the beginner level, Bronze workout, and lead to the more experienced levels of Silver, Gold, and Platinum workout.
Like any other workout, this workout too follows a pattern and a routine which has a set of exercises, and a diet to go with it for a particular duration of time. Since the first thing to think about is a healthy diet, this workout gives you a healthy meal plan. One has to stop eating junk food in order to work through a hard routine to get those cut abs. Drinking lots of water is also a necessity as one's perspiration rate will be very high.
Bronze Workout
This is the 'beginner phase' which lasts for four weeks. During the first week, the body is prepared for the rigorous workout routine which will follow in the next level. In the first week, one can exercise by doing basic housework, and having more frequent meals to prepare the body for exercise. Meals should include food like oatmeal, omelets, fish, wraps, salads, fruits, and vegetables (strictly no junk). In the next 2 weeks, one goes through circuit workouts thrice, with exercises like leg press, rows, chest press, etc., that target the entire body. The fourth week of this phase sees a change in the workout with some cardiovascular exercises.
Silver and Gold Workout
In the fifth week, the exercises change to free weights, along with a split routine for working on the chest, arms, back, and shoulders for two days straight. One should concentrate on the legs and abs on the other days, along with 15-20 minutes of cardio after each workout. Post entering the sixth week till the ninth, one has to engage in more sets and free weight exercises, like barbell exercises, pushups, dips, and incline presses. One can follow a low calorie diet with an increase in protein for fat loss in the Silver phase. This is the 'strength phase', after which, one enters the Gold Workout. From weeks 10 to 15, one should increase exercises to tougher cardio workouts with speed and alternate pushups and skipping. From weeks 16 to 19, one has to go to a faster level of cardio.
Platinum Workout
The LL Cool J Platinum Workout is the hardest phase in the entire workout. If a person has reached this phase, there are only 3 more weeks left. One has to include an incline chest press, resisted incline pushups, and 90 seconds of jumping rope, for one workout. One should repeat this after a minute, and then practice the next circuit, which includes bench press routines, incline flies, and a 2-minute treadmill sprint. Once these circuits are over, one has to do the last exercise, which is three times of barbell curls, dumbbell curls, preacher curls, and sprints. One can have a lower body as well as cardio workout throughout these 3 weeks of the Platinum phase. During the Gold and Platinum phase, the diet should include low calories, but shouldn't exclude them completely.