Class Mottos for 2012
New year is when you move to a new class!! And here comes a time to look for the best class mottos for 2018! This article will take you through both inspirational and funny class mottos of 2018. Have a look!
Funny Slogans for T-shirts
Looking for some funny slogans for T-shirts? The following article lists some of the most hilarious ones, which are sure to at least bring a smile to the face of anyone who reads them.
Presidential Campaign Slogans
Presidential campaign slogans
The way the slogans for presidential campaigns are coined can make or break the candidate's chances of winning the election. Of course, a very catchy slogan would not work if the candidate has not proved himself or herself either....
30 Funny and Catchy Slogans for Your Landscaping Business
Catchy slogan for your landscaping business
A catchy slogan is a surefire way of compelling the interest of your potential customers. Your business will be minting in no time if your slogan resonates well with your company ideology and conveys the idea in a snappy way. Here...
Origin and Meaning of the Slogan 'Keep Calm and Carry On'
Symbolism in the slogan 'keep calm and carry on'
You can find an array of gifts in the shops that begin with 'Keep Calm and ...' but do you know the real version of the slogan is actually 'Keep Calm and Carry On'?
Anti-smoking Slogans
Anti-smoking slogan
"Quit smoking. It kills!" This is just one of the popular anti-smoking slogans that almost each one of us must have heard of. Slogans have been an effective part of almost every campaign. Here are a few interesting and...
Safety Slogans
Chemical hazard safety slogan wording
Safety slogans drive the point of safety home more efficiently and effectively than most other mediums because they have a mass appeal. Slogans tweaked to sound sarcastic can also make a strong impact.
Catchy Slogans
Catchy slogan
The main idea behind a slogan is to capture the attention of people. Catchy slogans are short and very effective; they make for an impressive introduction and help build trust for the campaigner. A cleverly-done slogan can really...
Funny Campaign Slogans
Funny campaign slogan
Humor can be used to great effect to come up with slogans for a campaign. Funny slogans are a very effective way of getting people's attention, and actually convincing them to vote for you. Picking a slogan that gets people's...
Catchy Phrases
Catchy phrase
Catchy phrases are used all the time, in movies, television, sports, and advertising. And the reason we remember them for the longest time is because they are so easy to pick up on and so very difficult to forget. Some of them are...
Funny Slogans for Student Council
Funny slogans for student council
It's time for student council elections. You know what will make an impact? Funny and catchy slogans! There's something about the funny that tends to grab more attention than anything else much ever does. And that's the beauty of...
Good Campaign Slogans
Good campaign slogans
No election campaign, whether for a country or a high school candidate, is complete without a slogan. However, you first need to know what you can use as a slogan. It is very important that a candidate forms a slogan that rightly...
School Campaign Slogans
School campaign slogan
School campaign slogans that are humorous, witty and eye-catching will always grab everyone's attention. There are many such catchy campaign slogans that you can use for your school committee elections to persuade people to vote...
Slogan Ideas
Campaign slogan
Slogans could be for products, organizations, or political party. They should be created in such a way, that they instill enthusiasm about the product, person, concept, organization, etc.
Senior Class Mottos and Slogans
Senior class slogan
Mottos and slogans are the means to unite students of your class and give them a common voice to express in unison! Read on for some ideas on senior class mottos and slogans.
Campaign Slogans for Treasurer
Campaign slogan for a treasurer
Catchy campaign slogans for any position play a huge role in grabbing people's attention. Read this Buzzle article for some really catchy treasurer campaign slogans.
Funny Anti-drug Slogans
Funny anti-drug slogan
The issue of drug and substance abuse has been dealt with in many ways - funny and serious. Anti-drug campaigns all over the world come up with funny slogans to raise awareness about the same, and make their point.
Senior Class Slogans
Senior class slogan
Having a hard time finding slogans for your class? Go through this list of interesting senior class slogans. They are worth a peek.
109 Hair Salon Slogans and Taglines
Hair salon slogans
A catchy business name attracts the customers and an equally catchy slogan reels them in. If you need a good slogan or tagline for your hair salon, you are on the right page.
List of Slogans About Health
Health slogan about vitamin D
It is rightly said that health is wealth. Good health is the source of happiness and prosperity in our life. Slogans about health can be used in health awareness campaigns or simply to motivate yourself, your friends, or family...
Slogans and Quotes Against Bullying
Benjamin Disraeli quote on bullying
The history of human tendency to single out someone goes way back in time. Many have had to suffer the indignity at the hands of a select few. The anti-bullying quotes and sayings given here can be used to send across a strong...
Campaign Slogan Ideas
When you are running a campaign, you need to have some catchy campaign slogans to grab people's attention in a matter of few seconds. A few slogan ideas are mentioned in the following article, so take your pick.
Famous Advertising Slogans
Famous advertising slogans
Here are some famous advertising slogans that are full of wit, creativity, and punch, which have become a part of our lives.
Good Popular Slogans
Good slogans
Try as you might, it is tough to forget a good advertising slogan. That's why it is called marketing strategy. What lingers in your head long enough, apparently sells.
List of 'Save the Environment' Slogans
Save the environment slogans
The number of campaigns to protect our habitat is increasing. Somehow, it's still not enough. Let's make our effort little more sincere and do whatever we can, to save the environment. You may use these slogans to inspire people in...
Clever Campaign Slogans
Campaign slogan
Campaign slogans are a medium to express one's opinions and views. We have presented you a list of slogans that can inspire you while campaigning. Have a look.
Catchy Advertising Slogans
Catchy slogans
They are smart, short, creative, catchy, and unforgettable. We are talking about famous advertising slogans that have captured the mass with storm. You might just recognize some of them...
Famous Commercial Slogans
Famous commercial slogans
Slogans have always been an important part of advertising. For an overview of some of the famous commercial slogans, you must read on.
Ad Slogans
Read this article to check out the famous ad slogans that the world of advertisement has offered the audiences across the globe. These slogans have not only helped increase the demand of the product but have also left a mark in the...
Campaign Slogans
The article includes campaign slogans which could prove to be useful for readers. The slogans used for presidential campaigns, schools, etc. are included in the article.
Catchy Campaign Slogans
Are you looking for catchy campaign slogans to kick off your political aspirations? This article will give you some options to use, and tips to remember when selecting a slogan.
Campaign Slogans For Student Council Elections
Enjoy the whole process of campaigning and put your heart into it. Once your slogans and your persona create a positive opinion in the minds of your fellow student voters, victory will follow! Here are some tips for formulating...
Famous Brand Slogans
In this article, we put forth a compilation of some famous brand slogans, which have played a significant role in giving rise to some of the most renowned brands in the world of business.
Company Slogan Ideas
Catchy and effective slogans are what make people go for a product more than the actual functionality of the product itself. This article will give you some tips on how a good slogan can be drafted and also give you examples of a...
Tips For Choosing a Campaign Slogan
Brainstorming for campaign slogan ideas and having a clear strategy is a very important part of election preparation. In this article, I share some tips on choosing slogans, for those of you, who are in the process of planning your...
20 Unique and Catchy Powderpuff Football Slogans
Powderpuff football slogans
Powderpuff football is played by high-school girls as an annual event. These girls are way dedicated about their sport and winning. Every sport needs slogans and sayings to popularize their team, and to motivate the players. Buzzle...