According to the General Register Office for Scotland and the National Records of Scotland, in the year 2012-2013 Sophie was the most popular first name given to girls. It made up 1.9% of the first names for girls. The name has been on the first position for 9 consecutive years.
Your little bundle of joy is here and the parent instinct takes over... you want only what's best for her―the best blanket, the best clothes, the best baby products, and most importantly... the best name. There's so much happening and so many suggestions. Some want you to give her a family name, others a very old one, some think a modern name is the way to go, while some others think the hackneyed is really fun. And while you let all the suggestions sweep over you, there's already a plan forming in your head. You want a name that is truly different and has a great meaning to it―and you're not letting anyone bully you into submission.
If you're looking for a cute and beautiful name that no one has done before, why don't you look into traditional Scottish female names? These names are really different and have a sense of exotic attached to them. If we have been able to demand your interest, go through this Buzzle article that features a list of the most popular Scottish girl names.
Scottish Baby Girl Names and Meanings
Adaira- Beauty
Aileana- Light bearer
Annabel- Beautiful Grace
Blair- Dweller on the plain
Bonny - Pleasant
Bonnie - Beautiful

Cadha- From a steep place
Cait- Pure
Cora- Maiden
Dallis- From the valley meadows
Daracha - From the oak
Davonna - Beloved

Eara- From the east
Edeen- From Edinburgh
Evanna- Young warrior
Fia- Dark of peace
Fiona - Fair
Frida - Beautiful

Gara- Short
Geneen- God is gracious
Gwen- White waves
Hazel- Tree
Heathe - Purple-flowered heath
Helen - Bright or light

Idelle- Hardworking
Iona- Violet
Isla- Island
Jean- God is gracious
Jinny - White wave
Jemima - Dove

Karenza- Love
Kenzie- Fair one
Kylah- Fair
Lara- Cheerful
Leslee - From the gray fortress
Lorna - Victory

Maggie- Pearl
May>- One's prime
Mckenzie- Fair one
Nairna- Dwells at the alder tree river
Nessa - Pure
Nighinn - Young woman

Odharnait- Pale
Osla- God consecrated
Owena- Young warrior
Pamela- Beloved of all
Peigi - Pearl
Philomena - Loved one

Rhona- Powerful
Robena- Bright fame
Ronnette- Little grand one
Sarah- Princess
Sileas - Youthful
Sinnie - New victory

Tara- Hill
Tira- Thor's war
Treva- Homestead
Ulla- Will and determination
Ùna - Lamb
Ursell - From the bottom of the hill

Vanora- White wave
Vera- Faith
Vika- Full of life
Wynda- From the narrow passage
Wenhaver - Arthur's queen
Wallis - Stranger

Ygeme- Mother of Arthur
Ygraine- Mother of Arthur
Ysolde- Lover of Tristan
Zennor- Name of a village
Zena - Helper of mankind
Equipped with these Scottish names for your baby girl, you will be more than spoiled for choice. Now all you have to do is go through the list, look through the meanings, and choose something that will be just perfect for your little girl.