Behold some really 'rad' vintage American slang ...
  1. Cool (awesome)
  2. Scram (get out)
  3. Swell (excellent)
  4. Neat (cool)
  5. Funky (stylish)
Purists may squirm as much as they want to, but there's no denying the fact that the informal tongue has indeed taken over our lives in ways that were imperceptible, until now. Everywhere you look, you're bound to find people instagramming one selfie after another, YOLO-ing like there's no tomorrow.

While every region's idiosyncrasies do have a bearing upon the local slang spoken there, we've got to admit that no one can channel the informal tongue as well as the Americans do. Which is precisely why we've brought you the very best of American slang―read and learn.
List of American Slang Words and Phrases
A - D
All-nighter Studying/working all night.
Adorbs Short for 'adorable'
Awesome Very good, exciting, enjoyable
Blow To fail at something
Booty Rear/butt
Benjamins USD 100 bills
Being broke To have no money
Being busted Getting caught
Cheap shot Hitting someone suddenly
Chick* Girl/woman
Cold fish Dull
Crash Attend a party uninvited
Cut a rug To dance
Dead Empty/quiet
Deep pockets Good source of money
Diss someone Offend someone
Do a snow job on Deceive
Dough Money
Dork Strange person
Dope Marijuana
Drag Very boring
Dynamite Powerful
*Considered derogatory and/or offensive
E - H
Easy mark Likely victim
Eating away at Bothering
Eying someone Staring at someone
Far out Excellent
Flaky Unreliable
Flip out Lose control
Freaking out Becoming very anxious
Fly Very attractive/looks nice
Glitch Hindrance, defect
Greens Money
Goofy Silly, stupid
A Grand A thousand (dollars)
Grass Marijuana
Groovy Pleasant
Gross Filthy
Grub Food
Grungy Dirty
Guts Courage
Hardware Weapons
Hick* Rural person
High Intoxicated
Hang ups Inhibitions
*Considered derogatory and/or offensive
I - L
In the bag Settled
In the doghouse In trouble
In Trendy
Jerk* Idiot
Jock Athlete
John Bathroom
Joint A bar/Marijuana cigarette
Junkie Drug addict
Klutz Clumsy person
Knocked up Pregnant
Knockout Gorgeous person
Legit Legitimate
Loser Useless person
Loosen up Relax
*Considered derogatory and/or offensive
M - Q
Maxed out Exhausted
Megabucks Lots of money
Mooch off Steal something
Nerd Socially inept
No way! Definitely not!/Really?
(To be) off the grid Disappear
Oops! Exclaimed after making a mistake
Photobomb A photo ruined by someone in the background
Pig out Overeat
Psyched Enthusiastic
Player A man with several girlfriends
Pop quiz A surprise examination
Psycho Mentally unstable person
Punk (someone) Trick someone
Pop/Soda Carbonated beverage
Quarterback Lead
R - T
Ream someone out Scold severely
Riot Funny
Rip off Overcharge or steal
Ride Car/Taxi
Rinky-dink Inferior
Rug rats Children
Rocks Ice cubes
Scarf down Eat voraciously
Schmuck Stupid person
Selfie A picture of yourself
Slammer Prison
Shot down Disagreed with
Square Old-fashioned
Sucker Be fooled
Tacky In poor taste
Trash (something) Destroy/spoil
U - Z
Uptight Tense
Up for grabs On sale/available
Veg out Relax/do nothing
Whacko Weird person
(Set of) Wheels Car
Wuss Physically weak person
Yuck Disgusting
YOLO You only live once
Zonked Exhausted
Zip Nothing
A Few American Expressions
American Expressions What it means?
"I'm feeling blue." "I'm feeling sad."
"He's driving me up the wall!" "He is irritating me."
"She's been getting under my skin lately." "She's been bothering me lately."
"You wanna hang out sometime?" "You want to meet up socially?"
"I'll be there in no time." "I'll be there soon."
"Math? It's a piece of cake." "I find math very easy."
"It just hit the spot." "It was very good."
"You'd better watch your back!" "Be careful!" (used as a threat)
"What's up?" "How are you?"
"You bet!" "Of course!"
"Tell me about it!" "I agree with what you're saying."
"Way to go!" "That's very good!"
"Go take a hike!" "Just leave me alone."
"I'm really into (something) at the moment." "I'm really interested (in something) at the moment."
"Gimme a break" "I don't believe it!"
"Cut it out!" "Stop doing that!"
"We'll have a blast!" "We'll have lots of fun!"
"Suck it up." "Bear with it."