Apart from a healthy diet many people take vitamins supplements to overcome vitamin deficiency in their body. This is a good way to give your body the required substances and many times it is even recommended by doctors. But the introduction of liquid vitamins has created a confusion among people. Well, let's take a look on the positive as well as negative point of both the forms.

Difference Between Liquid Vitamins and Vitamin Pills

The major difference between liquid vitamins vs pill vitamins is due to their states. One is in the liquid form and the other is in the solid form. As we know that liquid is absorbed quickly, it is obvious that the liquid vitamin will start its work before the vitamin pills. The confusions is because of the promises made by the companies who have recently started the trend of liquid vitamins. Well, you can find detailed information in the table given below.

Liquid VitaminsVitamin Pills
Liquid Vitamins are in a liquid form and hence do not require any further break down.Vitamin pills are in a form of capsule or tablet which goes inside the stomach and then breaks down for further process.
They are easy to intake and many people who have mouth or stomach problems can easily take this form of vitamin without any discomfort.This form of vitamin is difficult to take and can create problems specially in the people affected with stomach and mouth problems.
The body starts absorbing liquid vitamins as it is already in a simple form. The absorptions starts from the mouth itself.The absorption of vitamin pills start when they break down into simpler form inside the stomach. the absorption takes place in the small intestine.
The enzymes present in the liquid vitamins which facilitated the absorption have a small life span.The enzymes in the vitamin pills have a very long life span as they are stored in the solid form.
A part of the vitamin gets destroyed in the stomach because of the stomach acid. The rest of the vitamin is then absorbed and a very less part reaches the small intestine which is considered to be the major organ for absorbing nutrients and minerals. When the vitamin pill reaches the stomach, it starts dissolving due to the acid. Then as it gets dissolved it is then sent to the small intestine for the further absorption process. Hence the major portion of the pills are absorbed in the small intestine which is a good thing.

Are Liquid Vitamins Really Better than Pills?

In the above given table we have seen the positive and negative points of both the forms. This indicates drugs and medication companies, who offer a miraculous effect after taking liquid pills, may not be entirely true. No doubt, liquid vitamins perform very well, but it also has some drawbacks. However, if we talk about people who cannot take tablets and capsules due to some or the other problem, can go for the best liquid vitamins without any second thought. But if you do not have any such problems, then why not go for pills which can be better absorbed in the small intestine.

Well, now the choice is yours. You have information about both forms of vitamin supplements. So, just keep the positive and negative points in mind and take vitamins according to your health conditions. It's better to consult a doctor before taking any vitamin supplements to be on the safer side.

Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.