Lipstick for Olive Skin
Women with olive skin have a medium skin tone with a yellow or green undertone. The task of choosing the right shade becomes difficult due to the greenish undertone. If you have olive skin, and you often get confused while choosing...
How to Remove Lipstick from Clothes
Are there any adamant red lipstick stains on your shirt collars? Well, there is nothing to worry about. With these quick and easy lipstick stain removal techniques, you can easily remove those nasty lipstick stains off your clothes.
Lipstick Color Guide
Have you ever felt confused about which color lipstick would suit you? That happens a lot when you're confused about what shades actually look good on you. Take a look at the following lipstick color guide which might help you make...
Lipstick Colors for Redheads
Trying to figure out which lipstick colors will go well with your red hair? Read this Buzzle article for some useful tips on the most suitable lipstick colors for redheads.
Lip Makeup Tips
How we women wish we had the perfect, luscious lips from dawn to dusk, until dawn again. It is not completely impossible. Here are a few tips that can help you achieve that desirable look for longer.
Common Lipstick Flavors
Flavored lipsticks are a recent trend in the makeup industry and have gained popularity in a very short time. Read the following Buzzle article to get to know some of the flavors.
History of Lipstick
This routine product from your make up kit has a rather interesting history. From its rising popularity in the 16th century, to being tried as witches for its use, this product has come a long way to become what it is today. Read...
Lip Makeup Remover
A lot of women love to apply lipstick and lip stain, but many do not consider how important it is to take lip makeup off before bed. To keep your lips healthy and soft, you will need to invest in a good lip makeup remover. This...
Lipstick Colors that Make Teeth Look Whiter
Lipstick colors that make teeth look whiter
Can lipstick colors make your teeth look whiter? Is this a beauty fact, or some hoax to make women purchase more shades of lipstick?
How to Make Your Own Lipstick
How to make organic lipstick
Making your own lipstick is easy and cost-effective, and you also get to choose the ingredients and color, that you would like in your lipstick.
Lipstick Colors for Fair Skin
Lipstick colors for fair skin
Choosing the right shade of lipstick can be very tricky. The right shade can make you look glamorous diva, but a wrong one can make you look ill, or worse.
How to Repair a Broken Lipstick
Way to repair a broken lipstick
A broken lipstick can be extremely frustrating for any makeup lover. If you are one of those people who is troubled by the sight of your damaged lipstick, Buzzle provides you with some simple tips to repair it.
Important Tips to Remember While Applying Lipstick
Tip to follow while applying lipstick
There are no strict rules that bound you to apply lipstick in the correct manner; it's the technique that matters the most. With this Buzzle post, you will find out essential tips and tricks for a soft, smooth pout.
Dos and Don'ts While Wearing Red Lipstick
tips for wearing red lipstick
Understand the cosmetic faux pas of wearing red lipstick, and swear to never fall prey to the latest trends and fads. With Buzzle, you will discover the dos and don'ts of wearing this bold, yet classy, shade and conquer the red...
Lipstick Ingredients: What is Lipstick Made of?
Lipstick ingredients
Although lipstick is the most commonly used cosmetic product in the world, and forms an essential component of a woman's makeup, very few know what it is actually made of. Here we will take a look at the ingredients in lipstick.
Lipstick Colors for African-American Women
Women with dark or dusky skin often complain that there are very few lipstick shades that suit them. But this is not true. There are many shades of lipsticks that looks flattering on African-American women.
Red Lipstick for Fair Skin
There is something so glamorous and alluring about red lipstick that women are always on the lookout to find the perfect shade of red. However, finding a perfect shade of red lipstick that flatters your skin tone is easier said...
Pink Lipstick for Olive Skin
When you want your makeup to look great, it is essential you know which colors and shades looks best on you. Choosing the right lipstick shade that flatters your skin color and skin tone can be a tricky job. Here is a guide that...
Lipstick Colors for Olive Skin
Lipstick colors for olive skin
If you have an olive skin tone, then you are very lucky as there many lipstick shades that you can opt for. From dusky pinks to intense corals, you can choose a lipstick color that flatters your skin tone.
Know the Best Red Lipstick Shades for Your Skin Tone
Tip to find the red lipstick shade for your skin tone
Picking the perfect red lipstick shade to complement your skin tone can be tricky and intimidating to say the least. But with this Buzzle post at your disposal, you can surely expect ideas for two distinct shades of red for your...
Pink Lipstick for African-American Women
A wide range of pink lipsticks are available for African-American women. This article explains how to choose the right shade of pink for your skin tone.