White Lions
White lions are not just famous because of all those interesting myths about them. The fact that they are very rare, also has a crucial role to play in their popularity.
Facts about the Barbary Lion
This Barbary lion was glorified in the ancient Roman scriptures. Considered to be the link between the African and Asian lion, human intervention has wiped out this magnificent predator from the wild.
Lion Habitat: Where Do Lions Live?
Habitat of lions
The numbers of the gracefully majestic Asiatic and African lions, have been plummeting at a rapid rate for quite sometime now. The destruction of their natural habitat is fast pushing them towards extinction. Where once upon a time...
Adaptations of African Lions
African lion adaptations
African lions are one of the biggest cats in the world. To ensure survival, their body has been going through several changes to fight difficult situations and emerge as a winner.
Lion Facts for Kids
Lion sleep fact
Animals are getting extinct every day. Knowing about them can help preserve what we have today. And maybe even help stop the killing and increase their population. One such magnificent creature is the lion. He's not only the king...
African Lion Facts
Fact about African lion
The numbers of African lions are sadly on a rapid decline. These vulnerable species face constant threat due to loss of habitat and poaching. Here are some interesting facts about African lions, and why they are still such a...
8 Different Species Of Lions With Pictures
Information on Asiatic lions
Belonging to the Panthera genus and Felidae family, lions are majestic animals. The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) recognizes two sub-species of lions - the African and the Asiatic lions. This Buzzle article...
White Lion Facts
Facts about the coat of white lions
Have you ever heard about the white lions of Africa? If no, go through this article that will shed light on some amazing white lion facts.