The 6 Philosophical Reasons Behind the Objectives of Sentencing
If you are to take a stand on issues like capital punishment, then it's important for you to understand what the objectives of sentencing are.
What Does Shock Probation Mean and Who is Eligible for It?
Meaning of shock probation
In some cases, the judges may allow the convicted offenders to serve a short term in prison and the remaining sentence on probation in the community. This legal provision is termed as shock probation.
The Difference Between Jail and Prison Not Many of Us are Aware Of
Difference between jail and prison
A jail is a facility usually run by a local government, which includes sentenced or arrested inmates awaiting trial. In contrast, a prison is operated by a federal or state government, and houses inmates sentenced for long-term...
The Act of Violation of Probation and its Overlooked Consequences
The consequence of violating a probation can be mild or severe. It depends on the nature of the nature of the violation and the history of the offender. We will know more about it in the following passages.
Penalty of Perjury Explained
Fact about penalty of perjury
The act of intentionally lying in a court of law is called perjury, and it is a legally punishable offense. The Buzzle article below explains the penalty of perjury.
Pros and Cons of Determinate Sentencing
Pros and cons of determinate sentencing
Determinate sentencing is the use of fixed-term jail/prison penalties, which cannot be influenced by parole boards or other such agencies. In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of determinate sentencing, and learn how...
Explanation of Mandatory Sentencing
Aim of mandatory sentencing
Judicial discretion is confined by law in the case of mandatory sentencing. Judges cannot impose a higher or lower sentence, as they can otherwise, considering the crime scenario. Buzzle helps you understand about this important...
What are Intermediate Sanctions?
Meaning of intermediate sanctions
Federal justice systems use intermediate sanctions as a method of punishment for certain criminal offenders. Alternatively, the term is also used by the IRS when applying penalties to tax-exempt organizations which engage in acts...
Should Waterboarding be Allowed?
Waterboarding has been commonly used for torturing as well as interrogating prisoners and hostages. There are numerous arguments over usage of this torture method. Let us understand if it should be allowed.
Prison Rehabilitation Programs
Prison rehabilitation programs empower the convicts to be a part of society, and thereby lead a life of integrity and normalcy. Read on to know some of these programs that help them cope up for better.
Punishment for Forgery
A forgery attempt can attract severe punishment and has the ability to throw your life out of gear. Read on to find out more.
Forms of Punishment
A brief write-up on the different forms of punishment for crimes ranging from second degree misdemeanor to felony followed by various judicial systems across the world.
Probation Rules
A compilation of the rules and regulations stipulated either by the probation department or court, which the convict has to follow when on probation.