Legal Procedure to Know While Suing for Defamation of Character
Defamation, though not a physical assault, can cause immense emotional and psychological discomfort to the victim. This article will tell you how to go about suing someone, if you have been subjected to defamation of character.
Even You Might Be Guilty of Breach of Duty for Doing Any of These
The term breach of duty can be traced in history, when monarchs claimed during wars that every man has a duty to fulfill towards the mother land. Any person deserting the duty of fighting invasion was said to have 'breached the...
The Concept of Unintentional and Fraudulent Breach of Trust
There are a considerable number of laws that deal with the concept of breach of trust. This concept is covered by some section of laws that are associated with trustees. Read ahead to know more...
Here are the 5 Elements of Negligence With Their Correct Meanings
Negligence in conduct and duty can have devastating effects on the society, and to safeguard the society from these effects, legal action can be initiated. In this Buzzle article, we discuss the elements of negligence that are...
Know What Affirmative Defense Means With a Perfect Example
A type of legal defense, an affirmative defense can be raised by a defendant, in a civil or criminal proceeding. Here is a brief overview about this legal concept.
Definition and Meaning of Common Law to Help You Understand it Aptly
The concept of common law, is fairly broad and it is impossible to explain the entire concept in a few words. The concept, though vast, has a very good objective, aim and connotation. In the following article a brief explanation of...
Learn What the Term Due Diligence Means in Various Contexts
If you've recently come across the term "due diligence" and are wondering what it means, read the following article on what is due diligence to find out.
Information About Incidental Damages and its Legal Definition
In legal terms, incidental damages are awarded in a lawsuit to a person in case of a breach of contract. It is primarily a compensation for commercially reasonable expenses, incurred on account of the breach by other party. Read...
The Legal Definition of Consequential Damages and its Clauses
Injury or damage that occurs not as a direct result of a wrongful act, but a consequence of the initial act, is termed as consequential damage. If you want an easier explanation of the same, go through this Buzzle article that will...
A Synopsis of Gross Negligence and What it Constitutes Of
Gross negligence is a legal concept that is described as a severe form of negligence. Read on to know more about this concept.
The Meaning and Legal Proceedings Related to Breach of Warranty
Breach of warranty is a term used for business or legal transactions that turn out to be false or erroneous. Let us take a look at the meaning and legal proceedings related to this term.
What are Punitive Damages? Downright Info to Know More About It
A type of monetary compensation, punitive damages are awarded to the aggrieved party in some civil suits. This article deals with more information about the same.
How to File a Restraining Order and Genuinely Feel Safe Right Now
A kind of legal injunction, a restraining order or an order of protection is most commonly associated with and used in allusion to stalking, domestic abuse, sexual assault, and harassment. Read on to know more about how to file a...
What is Rule 49-O?
The Constitution of India gives the right to every Indian citizen who is a voter, to abstain from voting for any candidate if he/she finds all the candidates in an election fray ineligible for her/his vote.
Reasonable Suspicion Vs. Probable Cause
Example of reasonable suspicion and probable cause
Reasonable suspicion and probable cause are two terms that are often used interchangeably. For better understanding, here is a brief explanation about these terms and their differences, though a reasonable suspicion vs. probable...
What Does Malicious Intent Mean? The Evil Intention Behind an Act
Malicious intent meaning
Malicious intent denotes the evil motive of the actor, while doing the wrongful act. Here is a brief overview of this legal concept.
What Does Shock Probation Mean and Who is Eligible for It?
Meaning of shock probation
In some cases, the judges may allow the convicted offenders to serve a short term in prison and the remaining sentence on probation in the community. This legal provision is termed as shock probation.
What Does the Legal Terminology Rebuttal Witness Mean?
Rebuttal witness meaning
The meaning of the word rebuttal is, "to refute or disprove, especially by offering a contrary contention or argument." In law, rebuttal means the evidence or witness presented by the plaintiff or the prosecution to...
A Simple Explanation of the Best Evidence Rule With Examples
Best evidence rule meaning
Despite its name, the best evidence rule does not mean that the finest evidence should be produced in court. Buzzle tells you what this rule really is, with some interesting examples.
Testimonial Evidence Explained With Definition and Examples
Definition of testimonial evidence
A major part of the evidence introduced in a trial court comprises testimonial evidence. This Buzzle post presents a brief overview about this type of evidence.
A Brief Overview of the Pros and Cons of Plea Bargaining
Plea bargaining pros and cons
Plea bargaining is a legal provision which has long been criticized for surpassing the jury trial system that guarantees some rights to the defendants. Go through this Buzzle post for a brief insight into this topic.
These Examples Help Us Get a Better Understanding of Probable Cause
Meaning of probable cause
The legality of a warrantless arrest or search is decided mainly on the basis of whether the police officer had probable cause for such an action. Here is a brief insight into this legal concept.
Easy Examples That Help Explain the Legal Term Burden of Proof
Burden of Proof explained
The legal concept of burden of proof indicates the obligation of a party to a case to prove the disputed facts to a certain level. This post provides a brief overview about this concept and its use.
What Does Preponderance of the Evidence Mean in Court?
Preponderance of the evidence meaning
Both civil and criminal cases have some legal standards that must be met in order to prove the defendants guilty or liable. 'Preponderance of the evidence' is the standard of proof required in civil cases. This Buzzle post provides...
Physical Evidence: Meaning and Examples
Physical evidence meaning
When compared to other forms of evidence, such as oral testimony, physical evidence is highly reliable and valuable. This Buzzle post provides some information about this type of evidence.
Simple Explanation of the Term Admissible Evidence With Examples
Concept of admissible evidence
For evidence to be used in deciding a case, it has to first be approved by a judge. This is called 'admissible evidence', which is explained in this Buzzle post, with its legal definition, characteristics, and examples.
Hearsay Evidence Explained Easily With Appropriate Examples
Hearsay evidence example
Hearsay evidence is not admissible in a court of law, but there are various statutory exceptions for this rule. Here is a brief overview about the rule and its exceptions, along with some examples.
Understanding Tortious Interference With Examples
Tortious interference example
Tortious interference is one of the fast-growing theories related to torts and is claimed to be an effective tool against the injustices that crop up in society. Go through this Buzzle piece for a brief overview of this legal...
What is the Meaning of Capias Warrant and When is it Issued?
Meaning of capias warrant
A capias warrant is one that is issued if a person is held in contempt of court. However, there are many aspects to this powerful document. Buzzle explains what a capias warrant is, in detail.
Compensatory Damages Explained With Appropriate Examples
Compensatory damages explained
If you are having a tough time trying to get well-versed with 'compensatory damages', this Buzzle post, with quite a few examples of this legal concept, is where your search should come to an end.
Understanding the Legal Term Hung Jury With Simple Examples
Definition of the legal term hung jury
Though a jury trial is sometimes preferred to a bench trial, a hung jury is a waste of time and resources. Here is a brief overview of the various aspects of a hung jury, a legal term that denotes a jury that fails to reach a...
A Brief Explanation About Direct Evidence Along With Examples
Direct evidence definition
We will put forth a brief explanation about 'direct evidence', and at the same time also explain how it differs from 'circumstantial evidence'.
The Act of Violation of Probation and its Overlooked Consequences
The consequence of violating a probation can be mild or severe. It depends on the nature of the nature of the violation and the history of the offender. We will know more about it in the following passages.
How is Guardianship Different from Custody
Role of a guardian
Guardianship corresponds to a probate court, unlike custody, which is a matter concerning the family courts. Both terms largely relate to the obligation of caregivers, or parents, relating to a minor ward or child. There is still...
Suing for Slander
If not checked in time, slanderous statements can cause some serious damage to your reputation. While defamation lawsuit is definitely a way out, suing for slander does not seem to be a popular practice. Perhaps, the lack of...
What Does a Ward of the State Mean?
Ward of the state meaning
As the name rightly suggests, the state is the guardian of a person who is declared by a court as a ward of the state.
Meaning of a Cease and Desist Letter with Templates
Meaning of a cease and desist letter
A cease and desist letter is a letter that is sent to someone as a warning to end their unethical actions/activities. This Buzzle write-up elaborates on the meaning of the cease and desist letter with templates.
Circumstantial Evidence: Meaning and Examples
Circumstantial evidence meaning
Circumstantial evidence is highly important, especially in cases with little or no direct evidence. This Buzzle post dwells on the different aspects of circumstantial evidence.
Exculpatory Evidence: Meaning and Examples
Exculpatory evidence meaning
In a criminal trial, evidence that favors the defendant is called exculpatory evidence. Here is a brief overview of the various aspects of this type of evidence.
Explanation of the Legal Term 'In Loco Parentis' with Examples
Meaning of 'In Loco Parentis'
The term 'in loco parentis' is used numerous times in legal parlance. Its scope is very wide, and it can be found to exist under many circumstances. This Buzzle article attempts to explain the term with the help of examples.
Explanation of the Legal Term 'Motion to Quash'
Legal term 'motion to quash'
If you receive a summons or a subpoena from a court, you may file a motion to quash the same, before that court. This article provides a brief overview of this legal provision.
Understanding the Jury Sequestration Rules
Jury sequestration rules
Jury sequestration is a strategy often used by judges to increase the chances of a fair and objective trial. It involves the isolation of the jurors from any outside influence during the course of the trial. Learn about the various...
The Concept of Evidentiary Hearing
Concept of evidentiary hearing
There are a number of procedures that are followed before a case comes up for a final trial. One such is 'Evidentiary Hearing'. So what does evidentiary hearing mean? Read this Buzzle article to know more about this important...
What is a Notarized Letter and How to Write It?
Fact about notarization of a letter
A letter which is signed in the presence of a notary officer, to authenticate the signature of the signer and his identity, is a notarized letter. Buzzle, in the following article, cites some tips to be considered while writing a...
What Should You Do If You have a Bench Warrant?
Thing to do if you have a bench warrant
Your failure to appear before the court on the scheduled date can translate into a bench warrant being issued in your name. If you have no idea as to what you should do if there is a bench warrant against you, then you can be in...
Power of Attorney Template
A power of attorney is an indispensable legal tool for those who need to place their affairs in someone else's hands in anticipation of certain circumstances. We'll have a look at what those circumstances can be, and how a power of...
How to Represent Yourself in a Small Claims Court
Are you in the process of suing someone or being sued for damages in a small claims court? A little preparation can go a long way in obtaining a favorable settlement. This article aims to offer some suggestions in this regard.
Why Do People Make False Confessions
False confession is the acceptance of the guilt in a crime, that a person is not actually responsible for. Though this concept seems unusual, it happens on a regular basis in the courts of law. Let us find out in detail what causes...
How to File a Formal Complaint Against a Business
There are various goods and services available in the market. It is true that not all of them are genuine and authentic products. If you are affected by such frauds committed by a business, you can complain against it.
Key to Becoming an Expert Witness
The testimony given by an expert witness plays a decisive role in deciding the outcome of a case. It is not that easy to become one and it requires lots of skills and a good knowledge of the case. Go through this article to know...
What is Jury Nullification
Jury Nullification is the power rested in the hands of the jury to pronounce a guilty-accused person as "Not Guilty", if they are convinced that the prosecuted person does not deserve to be punished.
How to Make a Citizen's Arrest
Sometimes, the long hand of the law isn't always around to protect and serve the public. At that time, an ordinary man can step up and perform an arrest, in order to keep the peace. This law is called a citizen's arrest, scroll...
What is False Imprisonment
False imprisonment is a term used for illegal or forceful detention of a person by another person or a group. If a person detains you or any member of your family, against your will and without any legal authority to do so, you can...
Falsified Evidence
You might have heard that a particular case was won with the help of falsified evidence. What is falsified evidence exactly? The following article discusses the term, in detail.
The Prerogative Writs
Writs are an interesting topic in law because they allow higher courts to compel lower courts to act in certain ways, usually in order to protect citizens from corrupt courts or to move the legal system along in the face of...
Legal Malpractice
Legal malpractice litigation are increasing in number and this is certainly a worrying trend in the US law courts. In this article, we look at some basic reasons why attorneys are being sued.
Power of Attorney Benefits
Power of attorney benefits both, the agent and the principal. In some cases it eases the burden and in a few, it helps in making quick decisions.
How to Get Emancipated
Are you a minor being abused and beaten up? Is your life in danger? Are you going to be able to financially support yourself in a way that you feel self-sufficient? If it isn't so severe, then you're probably just trying to escape,...
What is Assumption of Risk
Assumption of risk is not only limited to adventure sports, but one finds its use in various other fields.
How to Revoke Power of Attorney
Understanding how to revoke power of attorney can prove to be very useful in some cases. Keep reading to know more...
Due Diligence Process
The term due diligence has a generic meaning, which is proper care or attention, and has application in business and legal fields. Here, the concept of due diligence applied to the field of business acquisition and mergers has been...
How to Write a Case Brief
Writing a case brief is a simple task, once you take note of the basics. Read on to know more...
Harmless Error
Even law and justice is not perfect, and sometimes, harmless error occurs when the verdict in a trial is erroneous, but this isn't a reason for the verdict to be overthrown. This Buzzle article will try to explain the legal term...
Punishment for Forgery
A forgery attempt can attract severe punishment and has the ability to throw your life out of gear. Read on to find out more.
The Institute for Justice: Civil Liberties Warriors
For people whose rights are being violated by the government, the lawyers that they should call can be found at the Institute for Justice. More on this...
Probation Rules
A compilation of the rules and regulations stipulated either by the probation department or court, which the convict has to follow when on probation.
Prepaid Legal Services Scam
Most prepaid legal services companies offer services for a monthly charge. But, do they always deliver the services? The article below presents some examples of prepaid legal services scams.
How to Write an Appellate Brief
How to write an appellate brief, forms one of the most seasoned queries of legal documentation. In fact, it is the most crucial content of any legal proceeding and may decide whether an appellate lawyer wins or loses a case. Keep...