Myths and Facts About Left-handed People
Typing with the left hand on QWERTY keyboard
The ability to use the left hand with more versatility than the right is referred to as left-handedness. Left-handed people use their left hand more dominantly for a number everyday activities. Among the famous ones with such...
Facts about Left-handedness
Fact about left-handed people
Did you know for the fact that a study by Dr. Alan Searleman of St. Lawrence University in New York found that there are more left-handers with an IQ over 140 than the right-handers? Here, we elucidate some facts about being a lefty...
Famous Left-Handed People
Fact about left handedness
Did you know that as many as 10% of the total world's population is left-handed? If you consider left-handedness abnormal, you should definitely think again.
Tips to Help You Become Ambidextrous
Tip to become ambidextrous
Trying to become ambidextrous just for fun, or want to gain from it? Whatever may be your reason, Buzzle will give you some tips to help you become two-handed. Remember, practice is the keyword!
Left-Handed Presidents of the United States
In the past hundred years, we have had as many as eight left-handed U.S. presidents. Here is brief information about the presidents of the United States who were left-handed and/or ambidextrous.
Right Brain Characteristics
Qualities in right brain users
It appears that the personalities of individuals who are prominent in use of right brain, differs drastically, from that of the left brain users. To know more about right brain characteristics, read on...
Right-brained People
What is it about right-brained people that make them so unique, though a trifle quirky, at times? The following article is an attempt to find out some answers regarding this!
Famous Right-brained People
Do you know the theory that individuals use their right brain more while thinking? Have you wondered why the right-brained people are so distinct and popular? Well, this Buzzle article will try to answer that.
10 Problems Only Left-handed People Can Understand
Problems only left-handed people can understand
This malevolent world is definitely not kind to left-handed people! Take a look at the kind of problems you and your fellow left-handed people go through, and remember, your clumsiness is not your fault.
List of 11 Famous Ambidextrous People
Ambidextrous people can use both left and right limbs with equal proficiency. Found very rarely, some celebrities and sportspersons are ambidextrous. Know more about them in this Buzzle post.
Right Brain Vs. Left Brain
Our brain is divided into two hemispheres, right and left. The right hemisphere controls the left part of our body, while the left hemisphere controls the right. While that's the principle difference between the two sides, there do...
Frederick and Mary F Buckley: Scholarship for Left-Handed People
Ten percent people in this world are said to be left-handed or southpaw. Find information regarding scholarship for such people in this article.
What Causes Left-handedness?
Left-handedness can be described as the use of left hand for major motor activities. Though no specific cause has been attributed for such hand preference, there are various theories about the same.