Leadership is indeed a quality that can bring revolutionary changes to the world around us. Imagine where the world would have been without great leaders. While some people are born leaders, others acquire this very essential quality later in life. Often, circumstances entrust the responsibility of leading people upon a certain individual, thereby changing their lives forever.

Kids should be taught about the importance of leadership in their early life itself. In order to become better leaders in their life, they should be given opportunities to lead in young age only. Leadership activities for groups can bring out leadership qualities in a child, because as they say "the only real training for leadership, is leadership".

Leadership Games for Groups

The choice of games is mainly dependent upon the age of the members of the group and the purpose of the gathering. Funny games for groups are fine for family gatherings. However, if you are calling a gathering for an academic purpose, then you have to choose games in such a way that, at the end of each game, the participants must learn something about leadership.

One of the most popular leadership activities suitable for all age groups is 'blind builders'. This game requires you to divide the participants in groups of three. The teams choose their leader, who gets an access to the model of a building or a castle. The remaining two team members are supplied with building material, but they do not have an access to the building model. They simply have to rely on the instructions of their leader to build the castle. The team that finishes first wins.

This activity not only underlines the importance of leadership quality but also demonstrates the importance of working together as a team.

Leadership Games for Organizations

Leadership games for clubs or organizations are mostly targeted at development of leadership and management along with other interpersonal skills of the participants. These activities mostly involve presenting a hypothetical scenario or a problem in front of the team and encouraging them to come up with a solution.

This problem can be entirely hypothetical or the organization may present a real problem they are facing. It may also provide a list of possible problems and ask the employees to come up with the most feasible solution. The team brainstorms upon the topic and comes with a justification in support of their choice. During the entire process the trainers can observe the behavior of team while reaching a consensus.

Other leadership activities that determine the way of thinking of employees and their priorities is, asking them to list 5 items they would like to take with them on a deserted island. This number of items is per team and not per member. Thus, the teams brainstorm to reach a agreeable solution and finally come up with 5 items. This activity will help the trainers to understand how each member thinks and what are his priorities. You can also study if the members succumb to team pressure or stay firm on their decision.

Leadership Activities for Students

Climbing a wall is a good leadership activity for students. Divide the participants into teams with 6 to 7 members per team. Each team is supposed to climb a 6 ft wall to get on the other side. The team should get all its members on the other side in a stipulated time. This activity will allow the students to choose their leader and discuss a strategy to climb the wall.

You can always come up with innovative leadership games as per your requirements. The ultimate aim of these games is to instill leadership qualities among participants.