Laser acupuncture is a relatively new form of simulation of acupuncture, where a low energy laser beam is used instead of needles. This is done to influence the flow of charge at the precise points of acupuncture. A laser acupuncturist will aim a beam of light from a laser tube at an acupuncture point, stimulating it in a similar manner as acupuncture needles. This form of acupuncture is gaining a lot of popularity for effective treatment of painful conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, etc. It is also used to treat certain addictions and to mitigate the symptoms of certain diseases. Given below are the various popular uses of laser acupuncture.
To Quit Smoking
There are many people who have incessantly tried to stop smoking. One method that people can try out is acupuncture using laser so as to get rid of the urge to smoke. The laser pricks the body and stimulates the release of feel good hormones, thus, not letting the person develop an urge to smoke. There is a key difference between regular acupuncture and acupuncture using laser. When using laser acupuncture, you feel a warm, pulsating, tingling sensation at the point of application. The laser stimulates the central nervous system to release chemicals that stimulate the pleasure sensation in the body. Trying to bring about smoking cessation using this method is still being studied.
For Allergies
It has been claimed that acupuncture using laser can provide significant amounts of allergy relief. In such cases, what is mostly used is low level laser therapy, which uses a specific wavelength of light to bring about therapeutic effects on a cellular level. These light waves contain photons, which activate enzyme molecules which lead to several biochemical reactions in the body, which makes it respond differently to an allergen. Thus, it leads to pain reduction, decrease in swellings, and faster healing.
For Weight Loss
It has been said that laser acupuncture for weight loss helps to achieve the desired weight more quickly when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. The laser basically acts by stimulating centers in the brain and body which curtail food cravings, enhance endorphins secretions, expedite metabolism, and thus, together weaken the appetite. This leads to decreased hunger pangs, and a decreased tendency to eat and binge, especially between meals. The laser treatment basically acts by helping correct any internal imbalances in the body.
One of the many uses of laser acupuncture is when it is performed both before and after embryo transfer during an in vitro fertilization cycle. This is said to improve the chances of implantation by up to 15%. There is an increasing amount of medical evidence that points towards the possibility that a woman's chances of conception are higher when acupuncture using laser is done in conjunction with IVF. In fact, acupuncture is frequently used by women with infertility issues, to help in regulation of menstrual cycles. It also helps to reduce stress and improve blood circulation in the pelvic region, including the uterine lining. However, it is best to visit your doctor and take his advice on this matter before going in for acupuncture using laser along with IVF.
Although this is still an upcoming field under study, it might prove to be very promising for treating diseases and addictions in the near future.