German Phrases
German phrase and meaning
If you are planning to visit Germany, knowing a few phrases of the German language would certainly make your stay more comfortable. Scroll down to learn basic German phrases and their meaning in the English language.
How to Say 'I Miss You' in Different Languages
'I miss you' in German language
You are missing someone right now and you want to express how you feel for him/her. However, the person's speaking language is different from yours. No worries! We have the solution to your problem. Here is a list of how to say 'I...
List of Common Irish Slang Terms and their Meanings
Irish slang terms
The Irish use a variety of slang terms, which can be very difficult to understand for someone who is not from the country. Buzzle gives a list of Irish slang words as well as phrases that are commonly used in Ireland.
Common Latin Terms Still Used in Modern English
Post mortem meaning
Latin is one of the ancient Italic languages, which is no longer spoken primarily by any country. However, you will find bits and pieces of this language in modern English. So, while you needn't learn to read and write Latin, it's...
Myths about Bilingual Education
Myth and fact about bilingual education
Bilingual education has garnered severe criticism in the media, which in turn has resulted in a ripple effect which adversely influences the opinion of the masses. Let's have a look at some common myths about bilingual education...
How to Say 'What is Your Name' in Different Languages
'What is your name' in Spanish language
It is not uncommon to meet someone new everyday. However, not being able to communicate with them effectively because of the language barrier is quite embarrassing. Buzzle shows you a way out to break the ice when you meet someone...
Common Italian Slang Terms and Meanings
Italian term for love at first sight
The Italian language is as colorful as the natives who speak it, especially when it comes to informal usage. Buzzle brings you a list of Italian slang words and phrases, along with their meaning.
How to Say 'Cheers' in Different Languages
'Cheers' in different languages
Whether you will be clinking glasses in another country or simply want to impress that cute chick at the bar counter, bring an international flair to your social gathering by toasting in different languages. Buzzle tells you how to...
The Art of Learning a New Language
Each one of us may not be a gifted linguist; but if you do crave to master a foreign language, then here's a guide to help you get started.
How to Learn Chinese Characters
Chinese as a language has the most extensive script ever. An inane amount of characters could definitely drive you to confusion. Why not take a proper look at these Chinese characters, and maybe it'll lessen the confusion.
List of Countries Where Portuguese is an Official Language
Portuguese is official language in 9 countries
Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language in the world and the third most spoken European language. A list of countries where it is the official language has been provided in this Buzzle article.
Most Useful Languages to Learn
The following article lists some of the most useful languages to learn today, along with the reasons why each of these languages has made it to this list. Read on...
Goodbye in Different Languages
Saying 'goodbye' is indeed difficult anyway, but one can make it more heartfelt and positive by learning to say it in different languages just so that it brings a smile on the other person's faces. We, in this Buzzle article, tell...
Different Ways to Say Hello
Hello is probably the first word that comes out of our mouth while starting a friendly conversation. There are different ways to say hello depending on the kind of relationship you share with the person you are greeting (formal or...
Oldest Language in the World
Which is the oldest language in the world? This question can have many answers and opinions. This article is an honest effort to find an answer to this question through extensive research.
Best Languages to Learn
For all those who want to know which are the best languages to learn in a globalized world today, this article suggests the most advantageous and popular ones.
Most Spoken Languages
Have you ever wondered which languages are spoken the most in the world? This article on the top 10 most widely used languages to communicate verbally in the world should help you.
How to Say Welcome in Different Languages
Want to know how to say 'Welcome' in different languages? Read the following article to find out.
How to Say Hello in Different Languages
Visiting a new country and wondering how people say hello in different languages, are you? Here's a crash course in greeting people in different languages, including French, Russian, and Chinese.
Greetings in Different Languages
Are you eager to know what are the greetings in different cultures? Then you have come to the right page. This Buzzle article provides a list of greetings in different languages.
How to Learn Any Language
Most of us would love to learn an alternate medium of communication other than our mother tongue. Below are a few guiding tips to learn.
The Importance and Advantages of Learning a Second Language
It's true when people say that it's never too old to learn something new. This Buzzle post elucidates on the importance of learning a second language.
How to Speak Gibberish
Gibberish is a language spoken all over the world by a sub-species of Homo sapiens, called siblings or friends. Since it is very easy and lots of fun, you can learn how to speak gibberish too.
Easiest Language to Learn
Which is the easiest of all languages to learn? This article is aimed at answering this question. If you are planning to learn a new language and still finding it difficult to select one, this article will definitely help you out.
Learning Different Languages
Learning a language is equivalent to learning the roots of an entire culture. Learn about the different kinds of languages that are spoken across the globe, and how they make one nation stand out from another.
What are Romance Languages and Why are They Used?
Fact about romance language
The term 'romance' comes from the vulgar Latin adverb 'romanice', derived from 'romanicus'. The noun romance was originally applied to anything written in romanice, or 'in the Roman vernacular'.
Benefits of Being Bilingual
Benefits of being bilingual
The ability to converse in two languages is known as bilingualism. People who are adept at speaking two languages enjoy certain advantages over their monolingual counterparts.
Second Language Acquisition Theory
Second language acquisition
What does the second language acquisition theory say? How does one acquire a second language? To find the answers, read this Buzzle article.
Common Australian Slang Terms With Their Meanings
Common Australian slang terms with their meanings
One of the most distinguishable traits among Australians is their thick accent. Here's the meaning of some of the more common Australian slang words, terms, and phrases.
How to Say Excuse Me in Different Languages
Excuse Me in different languages
The expression 'excuse me' is generally used to grab someone's attention or leave a particular situation politely. The term relieves one of the embarrassment and allows to apologize in a good manner. We list out the phrase 'excuse...
Khoisan: The Clicking Language of Africa
Fact about khoisan clicking language
Did you know that clicks are sounds actually used as consonants in the African Khoisan language? Get ready to be amazed as we tell you more about this clicking language.
How to Say Beautiful in Different Languages
Beautiful in Spanish language
Every part of the world is abundant with beauty, and every language has its own word for expressing admiration for it. This Buzzle article lists down the many ways to say beautiful in different languages.
Helpful Tips to Learn to Talk with a Canadian Accent
Tips to learn to talk with a Canadian accent
Whenever one is learning a new language, perfecting the accent is a crucial part of it. Here are some tips to get better at your Canadian accent, whether French or English, in a few simple ways.
Language Acquisition in Young Children
If you've ever tried to learn a second language as an adult, you probably know that it isn't easy. You have to study, study, study. Flash cards, worksheets, and hours of listening and speaking practice are a minimum for adult...
How to Speak Latin
Wondering how to speak Latin? Well, here are a few steps which will help you get the basics of this wonderful language. Have a look...
Most Spoken Language of the World
Though there are many languages spoken across the world, the most spoken language is Mandarin Chinese. The origin and history of this language, which has the most number of speakers, is quite fascinating...
What are the Tough Languages to Learn?
Toughest languages to learn
Learning foreign languages are the need of the hour. However, students who need to choose one are often faced with some tough decisions and need to know that following are the hardest languages to learn.
How to Say 'Yes' in Different Languages
Yes in French language
Saying 'yes' is very easy, irrespective of what language it is said in. Read this Buzzle article to know how to say 'yes' in different languages.
42 Slang Terms and Phrases Mexicans Use
Mexican slang
Mexico is one of the most popular vacation destinations on offer, with around 20 million tourists visiting per year. Didn't it instantly remind you of beaches and museums, and of course, food? If you're planning to visit this...
How to Say 'No' in Different Languages
'No' in different languages
Saying 'no' is difficult most times, but sometimes the need of the hour. This Buzzle article is a guide for you to learn how to say 'no' in different languages.
5 Online Translation Tools to Learn Elvish
Online translation tools to learn Elvish
Elvish languages refer to the languages that the elf tribes in the magnum opus creations of J.R.R. Tolkien 'The Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit' use. This article gives you a list of online elvish translators.
Ways to Say "How Are You" in Different Languages
'How are you' in German language
One of the most commonly asked questions, "how are you" is most often, used as a greeting. In this Buzzle article, we give you the ways to say it in different languages.
How to Say Thank You in Different Languages
The phrase "thank you" is one of the most common phrases and widely used as well. So. browse through this Buzzle article, as it is definitely a good idea to know how to say thank you in different languages.
List of Common Jamaican Slang Terms with their Meaning
Jamaican slang term with meaning
Jamaica instantly reminds you of the blue sea; silver sand beaches; a green, black, yellow flag; dreadlocks; and of course Bob Marley and his reggae music. It also reminds you of the typical Jamaican English accent. The following...
List of Different Languages
If you have to ask someone about the number of languages spoken in the world, will any one be able to answer that question? Well, it is a difficult question, no doubt. However, here are all of them.
Information about Language Learning Software
Many people want to learn new languages. It can be out of love or need such as for business, travel, etc. This article tells you about the language learning software which can help you learn a language in an unconventional yet...
Preserving the Language and Culture of Native Americans
In recent years, there has been a resurgence of studies at reservation schools across the country, to ensure that Native American children don't lose touch with their ancient traditions and languages.