Signs You're About to Get Laid Off
Sign you are about to get laid off
There are certain signs which can signify that your job in your organization is in danger. From the work getting outsourced to your boss telling you to cross-train a new employee, these signs are absolutely essential to look out...
Common Mistakes that Can Get You Fired from Your Workplace
Gross misconduct can get your fired from work
Getting fired from your job is not only embarrassing, but it could potentially hamper your career. Sometimes, just one mistake can make a huge difference to your financial condition and your future job prospects too. Getting fired...
Reasons for Downsizing
Corporate downsizing has been the biggest fallout of the troubled times the world is witnessing. As we continue our efforts to revive the economy, downsizing has become a stark reality.
What to Do if You are Laid Off
Many companies go for downsizing to cut down their expenditure and improve efficiency. This practice is surely beneficial for the employer, but can be very stressful for a dismissed employee. Dealing with a layoff in an appropriate...
Criteria for Employee Layoffs
During the process of cost cutting, it becomes necessary for the employer to determine the criteria for layoffs in order to avoid legal hassles and substantial loss to the company.