Irish Claddagh Tattoo
The Claddagh tattoo is gaining popularity across the world. This article discusses the meaning and history of this tattoo.
Irish Tattoos for Men
Celtic cross tattoo for men
Among the tattoo designs for men, Irish tattoos have gone on to become very popular. If you want to celebrate your roots or your appreciation for the Irish and Celtic heritage, or simply because you are fond of it, there are a...
Irish Tattoos for Women
Irish tattoos for women
The Irish have an interesting cornucopia of symbols; the meanings of these symbols are often associated with how one feels, what one believes in, and how it plays a role in one's life.
Irish Tattoo Sayings
Irish tattoo saying and meaning
Ireland has been a source of inspiration for all forms of art for a very long time. Along with being a source of inspiration for poetry, music, paintings, etc., tattoos have also been influenced by Irish culture.
Irish Tattoos for Girls
Irish tattoos are unique as they have intricate designs with symbolic meanings. This article will give you designs and ideas for making Irish tattoos that can be sported by girls.
Irish Symbols for Tattoos
Irish culture has a long and deep history that has been passed down through many generations in the form of pictorial representations. There are hundreds of Irish symbols for tattoos that one can choose from in order to pay homage...
Irish Gaelic Tattoos
Irish Gaelic tattoos are representations of Irish history, culture and heritage that has endured brutalities and emerged as a much edified nation. History which is mystery as such, does make the idea of getting Irish Gaelic tattoos...
Irish Tattoo Designs
Irish tattoo designs are inspired from ancient folklore and fables of magic and mystery. Here's the story behind a few Irish tattoos revealed for you.