Do you remember Stephen Dedalus, the Irish figure in James Joyce's semi-autobiographical novel, 'The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man'? That name was taken from the Greek mythology and most of the Irish names allude to the past, be it Biblical, Pagan, Hebrew, or Aramaic.

Here are a few examples:
  • Patrick, Patricia, Richard, Gerard, William, Shane, Seamus, Ryan, `Aine, Brian, Niall, Reece, Kyle, Ethan, Dillon, Cameron, Aron, Adhamh, Aidan, Akaisha, Alana, Becan, Beattie, Bevin, Blaine, Bryna, Caitrin, Canice, Cara, Caragh, Carlin, Carrol, Cassidy,
  • Cathmor, Chevonne, Clancy, Dermot, Desmond, Devlin, Donahue, Dwaine, Dymphna, Eilis, Eithne, Enya, Fallon, Fenella, Gair, Hogan, Illona, Jarlath, Kathel, Keara, Keeley, Keenan, Kelly, Kermit, Keverne, Kinnard, Kyna, Laoghaire, Lawler, Mab, Malone, Moira, Moriarty, Neala, Niamh, Nuala, Onora, Phelan, Quillan, Raghnailt, Reardon, Renny, Riona, Roarke, Rois, Ryley, Sheehan, Sile, Tara, Tiernan, Ultan, Una, Vevila.
Baby Girl Names
  • Aednat, which can be pronounced, as 'Eynit' and the English versions of which would be Enat or Ena. Its meaning is 'little fire'.
  • Aibhlinn, pronounced 'Eveleen'; this name can be traced back to Norman roots and it means 'a long-desired child'.
  • Beibhinn, pronounced as 'Beveen' means ' a fair woman' and that can be alluded to the Viking History.
  • Cathleen, can be alluded to St.Catherine, who came to Ireland with Christianity. A prominent figure known for her courage and purity.
  • Daimhin or 'Davin' signifies the diminutive of deer.
  • Ealga or 'Alega' means 'noble or brave'.
  • Fianna or 'Feeina', alludes to the legendary band of Fionn Mac Cool.
  • Gael, which is very common Irish name, refers to a native Irish speaker and also alludes to the Irish hero.
  • Ide or 'Ita' means 'thirst for knowledge'.
  • Keela or Kyla means 'beauty that only poetry can capture'.
  • Maebh or 'Maeve', means 'a cause of great joy' or 'she who bewilders'.
  • Neala or 'Nila', means female champion.
  • Regan, signifies the 'the king's child'.
  • Shauna or Shawna, which is the feminine form of Sean.
  • Teagan, signifies 'beautiful' in Irish.
  • Ultana, has been the name of numerous saints.
  • Yseult or 'Eesolt', refers to a woman who is betrothed to King Of Cornwall.
Baby Boy Names
  • Aengus or 'Engiss', means 'mighty'. It can be alluded to mythology, since Aengus was the God of love and youth.
  • Ailbe or 'Allbay' means white.
  • Ardan or 'Aredawn', refers to 'high aspiration'.
  • Bartley, which is the Irish for Bartholomew, was one of the twelve apostles.
  • Brian, means 'high, noble, strong'.
  • Cabhan or 'Kavan' signifies grassy hill. Conchobhar or 'Conor', means a 'hound lover' and can be alluded to the legend of the Conchobhar MacNessa, King of Ulster.
  • Davin is one of the popular names, which means 'little deer'.
  • Daire or 'Darragh' or 'Derry', means 'oak' in Gaelic and also 'fruitful and fertile'.
  • Diarmuid or 'Deermid', means 'without enemy'.
  • Donal or Donald, means 'world mighty'. This name also is used for Daniel.
  • Eirnin or 'Airnin' refers to 'iron' and the associated Germanic word means 'vigor'.
  • Eoghan or 'Eugene' is a very popular name, which means 'one who is well born' or 'one who is born of the yew tree'.
  • Faolan or 'Phelan', which comes from the word 'wolf', also refers to the disciple of Fionn Mac Cool who was an exemplar of loyalty.
  • Ferdia, which means 'God's man', can be alluded to the legend of Ferdia and his foster-brother Cuchulainn.
  • Fergal is pronounced as 'Fergull' and it means 'brave, courageous and valorous'.
  • Gearoid or 'Gerard' means 'Spear Carrier' and can be alluded to the rich history of Ireland.
  • Glendon or Glendan which means 'valley' or a 'settlement fortress'.
  • Hugh which is pronounced as 'hue' is a translation of an ancient name 'Aodh' meaning of which is 'fire'. It has strong nationalistic connotations.
  • Iollan or 'Ulan' is a mythological baby name, which is also related to the legend of Conchobhar Mac Nessa and it means 'one who worships a different God'.
  • Jarlath is a name that refers to piety and love, since it is taken from the name of St.Jarlath, who was revered for his ability to teach.
  • Liam or 'William' literally means 'Desire helmet' and suggests 'strong protector'. It is one of the very popular names in Ireland.
  • Lochlan or 'Loklun' means, 'Land of the Lochs' but nowadays it is like paying tribute to the Viking ancestors.
  • Murtagh or 'Murtah' which means 'sea skilled' also is favorite name among the Irish people.
  • Niall or 'Neil' is a very popular all over the world, but it has strong Irish connections. In fact, it alludes to the legend of Nine hostages wherein as part of a test, Niall kissed the princess in guise of an ugly woman to get water and in turn got sovereignty of Erin.