Interesting Facts About Varosha: The Abandoned Town of Cyprus
Fact about Varosha
What if a city, which is full of life, and booming with travel and commercial activity, suddenly freezes? That is what happened with Varosha, a beautiful town in Famagusta, Cyprus, as a result of a Turkish invasion in 1974. This...
Countries that have Dictatorial Governments
Countries with dictatorship governments have had a history of instability, poor governance and infrastructure, troubles with law and order, and a complete disregard for human rights. Unfairly enough, it is the dictators who keep...
Difference Between Government and Politics
There are many terms which are used interchangeably or are so closely related, that the exact difference between them becomes unclear. So what is it with the terms - 'Government' and 'Politics'? In this article, I have endeavored...
Dollar Diplomacy
Dollar diplomacy, a foreign policy of the United States of America, saw its emergence by increasing its sphere of influence through economic means. The policy, formulated by the administration of William Howard Taft, affected the...
European Countries Urged to Make Slavery Reparations
Activists and campaigners are urging countries in Europe to acknowledge that the profits they made from slavery were a crime against humanity.
Top Ten Dictators of the World
Top dictators of the world
With the fall of many brutal dictators during last year's Arab Spring, millions of people were finally able to break the shackles and live as free men. However, there are still a number of countries where dictators are at the helm...
How Irredentism Influenced Various Countries of the World
Irredentism example
Irredentism is a political movement seen all over the world, throughout history. As a singular trigger behind most wars that have taken place, this is one movement which cannot be ignored. Learn about the definition of irredentism...
What was the Domino Theory and its Effect
Domino theory
The term 'domino' was used as a metaphor to describe the spread of communism. It later became a part of the US containment policy to control the spread of communism during the Cold War.
Biggest Political Scandals of All Time
South Carolina Scandal
Political scandals have existed since the birth of this field. Is it the power, money, or fame that drives these elected candidates to get into some dirty business? When the secrets are revealed, the "other" side of the...
History and Meaning of the Whip System in Politics
Meaning of whip in politics
The job of the party leader is being the face of the party, but the actual job of overlooking the party members on legislative votes, performing day-to-day political tasks, and ensuring discipline within the party is performed by...
Things to Consider Before Starting a Political Party
Thing to consider before starting a political party
Establishing a new political party can be termed as a herculean task, irrespective of the country it is being formed in. There are many factors to be considered before starting a political party.
Ping-pong Diplomacy: Summary, Significance, and Effects
Ping-pong diplomacy significance
Ping-pong diplomacy refers to the visit by table tennis players of the United States and China to each others' countries, which gave way to normalizing the diplomatic relations between the two nations. Here is the summary,...
Top 10 Countries with Nuclear Weapons
USA and Russia have highest nuclear arsenal
The top 10 nuclear weapons countries in the world have a deadly arsenal of weapons, which, of course is better off not used. To know who has what, we'll have a look at some details to compare the most powerful nations as far as...
Top 10 Military Powers of the World
Top three military powers in the world
Every country has the right to defend itself from any potential external threat. The top military powers around the world strive for excellence and maximum strike power, and arm themselves well, so as to deter hostile nations from...
Difference Between Open and Closed Primary Elections
Difference between open and closed primary elections
Nominations are an important part of an election process. Elections are held to decide a representative. Let's take a look at open vs. primary elections, which select the nominations of parties participating in the general election.
An In-depth Comparison of Sectionalism and Nationalism
Fact about sectionalism
Many are faced with the age-old dilemma of whether to be loyal to a state from where one belongs or towards the nation. Here's an in-depth comparison of sectionalism vs. nationalism.
What is the Meaning of Statism?
Meaning of statism
Statism is an ideology of political science, which believes that the social and economic policies should be solely under the control of the state. This Buzzle article discusses this ideology in detail.
Political Buzz Words: How to Frame a Debate With Meaningless Words
From politicians, to pundits, to grassroots activists, buzz words are the pointless commercials of politics―they are used to advertise positions and frame debates, without relating to the actual topics being advertised.