20 Most Famous Child Prodigies In History
Research about child prodigies
A child prodigy is a person who has, since childhood, exhibited enormous talent and expertise in any particular field. The Buzzle article has enlists 20 of the most famous child prodigies in history.
IQ Levels
Average IQ score
What are the interpretations of IQ levels? What constitutes very high or very low IQ levels? Find out here.
Tips to Raise Your IQ
We all adore those who are intelligent and knowledgeable. If you want to be one of them and prove your intelligence, you need to have a high IQ score. This article will provide you with tips increase your IQ. So, here we go...
IQ Scores and Meanings
We often hear about people scoring 120 - 130 in IQ tests, but seldom do we take interest in the calculation of these scores or their meaning. In this article, we will stress on the latter.
Legitimate IQ Test
Legitimate IQ tests are hard to find these days. And because almost anyone can create these, their authenticity is questionable. In this following Buzzle article, we will highlight what are the factors that one must look for in a...
Normal IQ Score
Those with an IQ score ranging from 90 - 109 are said to have normal IQ score. Want to know more about it? Read this extract which will guide you about the same.
What is the Flynn Effect?
The Flynn effect is a theory which emphasizes the fact that average intelligence quotient (IQ) scores have risen over generations. This phenomenon has been observed not partially but has happened all over the world. James R. Flynn...
Average IQ Score
'IQ' stands for intelligence quotient. Find out average IQ scores of various occupational groups in this Buzzle article.
Intelligence Quotient - IQ
We really need to know about the difference between IQ and intelligence in general so that we can stop harping on academic intelligence only. To know more read this article.
Effect of Music Lessons on the Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
Music can improve motor and reasoning skills
Can music lessons positively affect our life in a significant way? Tests and studies show greater gray matter development and better IQ results in musicians.
Highest IQ Score
Stephen Hawking on IQ
Those with an IQ above 200 are called "unmeasurable genius". Along with a good intelligence quotient, emotional intelligence, a person's personality, etc., play an important role in a person's overall success.
IQ Score Interpretation
Fact about IQ tests
IQ tests have an ability to measure one's intelligence in various aspects such as learning, logical reasoning, memory, attentiveness, analytical and visual aspects. It should be administered by a psychologist or by a certified and...
World's Highest IQ
What's the highest possible IQ score a person can reach? Who holds the title of having the world's highest IQ? Read the article to find out more.
IQ Score Chart
If you are looking for a standard IQ score chart that provides a comparative reference for judging the intelligence level of individuals, this article will be a useful read. Here I provide you with the Wechsler Adult Intelligence...
Highest IQ Ever Recorded
This article will educate you about the highest IQ ever recorded and also give you information about the people having an explicit precocity.
Highest IQ Possible
IQ scores are subject to a lot of variation. Highest IQ possible for human brain is recorded as 220. Read this Buzzle article to know more.
Emotional Quotient (EQ) Vs. Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
Difference between emotional quotient (EQ) and intelligence quotient (IQ)
Both, emotional intelligence and intellectual intelligence form important parameters to assess people. Their ability to put both these parameters to an effective use is known as emotional quotient (EQ) and intelligence quotient (IQ)...