Inflammation in the belly button causes pain which could range from mild to severe. Usually the pain arises from internal health complications due to which the belly button and its surrounding area might swell and become sore. Since it is a very sensitive part of the body, you should not neglect the pain. You will be diagnosed by your doctor and he can sense the underlying cause by applying pressure at different points on the stomach. And then you will be suggested specific clinical tests for confirmation.

Causes behind Inflammation in Belly Button

You are more likely to experience an excruciating pain in the belly button. You might also sense tingling in that same region and even touching the navel slightly can cause you pain. Why does this happen? We explain you the reasons below.
  • The most common reason behind pain in belly button is a cut or a wound. Even a minor cut or a muscle twitch can cause pain. Therefore, check if the skin in that region has been bruised.
  • Urinary tract infections give rise to navel pain. You can sense a pinching kind of pain in your belly button while passing urine.
  • If you have undergone a very painful belly button piercing, then you simply cannot avoid the pain. Infections arise if metal didn't suit you or if you have tried to remove the ring before the wound has healed completely. In such a case you might also notice bleeding.
  • Smelly discharge from belly button takes place due to bacterial or fungal infection. Such type of infections cause mild pain and inflammation accompanied by redness and itchiness. Infection can also take place if you do not clean it regularly.
  • Appendicitis also causes navel pain. The pain actually emerges from the right side of the stomach and spreads gradually to the navel if not operated early.
  • Inflammation in the belly button can result from hernia. Abdominal hernia is a painful condition wherein you experience sharp pain in the navel and also around the groin. If you are suffering from obesity, kidney and liver problems, then you are more likely to develop hernia.

Inflammation in the belly button can be cured only through medical treatment. Home remedies are effective if the pain is mild and there is nothing serious associated with it. Otherwise you have to undergo proper medical treatment to get rid of the pain and soreness. We explain you the remedies for an inflamed belly button in the following points.
  • Over the counter antiseptic ointments are available at drug stores. You can apply them on the affected area after cleaning your belly button gently with a mild antiseptic lotion and distilled water. Leave it uncovered so that the cream gets soaked properly.
  • If you have pierced your belly button recently, then you can take warm compress to get relief from the pain. Dip a cotton swab in lukewarm distilled water. Take the compress gently without disturbing the jewelry. Now put ice pack for a few minutes. The pain will subside within two to three days.
  • You must clean your navel very carefully. Take extra precaution if its inflamed. Do not rub it with a towel. Sponge it gently with a cotton and then dry it. Do not use soap to clean the wound, instead the medicated lotion as prescribed by your doctor. Then rinse by splashing water mildly. Keep it moisturized with petroleum jelly, coconut oil or olive oil.
  • Infections and wounds are often cleansed with hydrogen peroxide. You can get it done if your doctor suggests. Do not touch the wound with unclean hands and use only those ointments as prescribed by your doctor for quick recovery.
  • Pain arising from health disorders like urinary tract infections, hernia and appendicitis subside along with treatment of the primary problem.
Belly button infection can be cured completely with proper treatment. The reasons are varied and therefore, the treatments depend upon the cause and intensity of the pain. However, you can try the home remedies to get immediate relief from the discomfort.