How to Get Over an Infatuation
I am sure all of you reading this article have wondered how to get over an infatuation, which is why you are here. Well, read on to find out some ways for yourself.
Infatuation Quotes
A compilation of some infatuation quotes and sayings which will help you understand whether you are in love ... or it's just infatuation.
How to Get Over a Crush
Getting over a crush may seem like an inconceivable idea, but you need to understand that life does not stop at any point and you have to move on with it. This Buzzle article offers you some tips to get over a crush and give...
Infatuation Vs. Love
Infatuation vs love
Is it infatuation? Is it love? Why is all this so confusing? You should always be sure about your feelings towards a person, whether it's an infatuation or actual love.
Causes of Infatuation
Causes of infatuation
Most of us experience a phase in life where we think we are completely in love with a person. But can we be sure that it is love and not infatuation? When infatuated, you tend to imagine a beautiful situation with this person in...
How to Know if It's Love or Infatuation: Take the Quiz
Love or infatuation quiz
Ah! The age-old question that begs to be answered seems to be bugging you. Hope comes in the form of this Buzzle post; we've got a infatuation vs love test that is sure to lead you out of your confused state of mind.