Many people tend to follow a running outdoors routine, a gym routine, or join a health class which helps to lose weight and stay fit. However, sometimes when it is snowing outside or winter season, it becomes extremely difficult to work out outdoors. Also, if one is unwell but still wants to work out, then performing mild indoor fitness exercise can help to keep the body fit and prevent those muscle cramps which come from inactivity. Here are various examples of indoor exercises for kids and adults that will help you stay fit.
Jump Rope
Jump rope is the ideal indoor workout if you wish to lose weight fast. For this workout all you need is a jump rope and some floor space and you are good to go. This exercise is good for kids and adults both. You can follow a simple jump rope exercise or try out different variations of hop exercises to make it more fun.
Step Aerobics
If you wish to lose weight, but want some fun exercise, then try step aerobics or dance aerobics. Just get a DVD or download basic to intermediate level videos of step aerobics. Then play high beat music and start performing these exercises to lose weight.
If you like to run and jog outside but for some reason are not capable of, then try jogging indoors. Just wear your sport shoes and track suit and start jogging in place, you can add some more variety to the workout by raising your knees higher. But, if you wish to run indoors, then you can consider investing in a good sturdy treadmill machine.
Cycling workout are great for those who want to lose body fat especially from their leg region, also performing cycling on a bike which has back support is very helpful for people with weak backs. So, you can get a stationary bike and use it at different intensities to perform the workout.
Trampoline Workout
These are super fun workouts for kids and adults. All you need is a mini trampoline and you can go on performing different rebounding exercises. You can download videos to see how to use a trampoline. Trampoline workout will help you to lose weight, improve your flexibility, and build strength too.
Dancing workouts are fun cardio exercises for kids and adults both. If you wish to lose weight by dancing, then make sure you play high beat music and do fast-paced dance, so that you burn out those excess calories.
Floor Exercises
Floor exercises are helpful as they greatly help to build strength. Learn various types of floor workouts like ab crunches, squats, lunges, calf raises, waist turns, push-ups, etc., and use them to build more strength. Here are 5 best floor workouts that you can use at home.
Ab Crunches: Everybody likes to have a flat stomach, but everybody has some fat in their abdomen region. To get rid of the stomach fat, stomach ab crunches can greatly help. To perform these abdominal exercises, lie down on the floor on your back then bend your legs and raise your torso near the knees.
Push Ups: Performing push ups you will be aiming at many upper body muscles. Push ups greatly help to build muscle mass. To do push ups - position yourself on the floor by laying down on the stomach and support your body on your palms and balls of the feet, then raise your body up and slowly lower it down.
Pull Ups: To perform pull ups you will need a lot of strength. But, by performing pull ups you will be aiming at the arm and back muscles simultaneously. For pull ups hold a sturdy bar with both the hands, and then raise your body up as much as you can and then slowly come down.
Squats: These are excellent leg exercises. Squats can greatly help to tone up the thighs and get rid of excess fat. For squats, stand with feet at shoulder-width distance and bend your knees as if sitting and hold, then slowly raise your body up.
Lunges: Lunges greatly help to build strength and tone up the thighs and calves region. It is important to perform lunges with the proper form and technique to avoid any injuries. To perform lunges, stand with your feet at a shoulder-width distance and then step forward with one foot and lower your body, then step back and repeat with the other leg.
This is a good exercise routine to make your body fit and keep your mind relaxed. But, if you wish to lose weight then try power yoga. Make sure you follow the proper instructions while performing yoga to prevent any injuries.
Stretching is a very good exercise that will help you relieve tension from your joints and muscles and improve flexibility. So, learn full body stretching workouts and follow them after a workout or after sitting long hours in front of the computer to relieve your body from tensions.
So, follow any one type of the above exercises or make a weekly routine with different types of exercises to lose weight and stay in great shape!