Revealed: Things You Really Didn't Know About Operation Wetback
Operation Wetback facts
Immigration has been a dicey issue since the establishment of the Constitution. Do we adapt the immigrants and their culture into our own, or keep them at a distance? Operation Wetback was a policy issued to tackle this sensitive...
8 Big Fat Myths About Immigration That Have Been Busted
Immigration myth and fact
Although the US Chamber of Commerce has published numerous studies explaining the importance and benefits of immigration, a great deal of misinformation still exists in the American society. It is extremely essential that the...
Is Multiculturalism Better Than Assimilation? Here's What's to Know
Difference between multiculturalism and assimilation
What is desirable for a modern society, unity in diversity, or a homogenous culture? Buzzle goes far beyond this debate, with a comparison between multiculturalism vs. assimilation, using the definition, examples, pros, and cons of...
This is Actually How You Should Choose an Immigration Consultant
How to choose an immigration consultant
Want to immigrate to a foreign country but don't know how to go about it? Hire the services of an immigration consultant. This Buzzle post tells you what you should look for while hiring one.
The Untold Differences Between Cultural Pluralism and Melting Pot
Difference between cultural pluralism and melting pot
'Cultural pluralism' and 'melting pot' are some of the words used to describe the rich diversity of US culture. Buzzle tells you the significance and differences between these two terms, by giving an interesting comparison of...
Do You Know All the Responsibilities You Have as a Citizen?
The responsibilities of a citizen primarily include voting, obeying laws, paying taxes, etc. These and the other responsibilities are explained below.
These are the Most Controversial Pros and Cons of Immigration
Immigration brings about an exchange of cultures and results in sharing of knowledge. But is brain drain or transfer of patriotism disadvantageous? To understand the pros and cons of immigration, read on.
Immigration Act of 1924: Effects, Significance, and Summary
Fact about Immigration Act of 1924
The Immigration Act of 1924 was an influential legislation designed to curb immigration into the USA. It mainly limited immigration from southern and eastern Europe, and was thus accused of being discriminatory. Read on to know...
Pro Immigration Facts That Will Simply Amaze You
The issue of immigration is very sensitive in America and people have a divided opinion on this subject. In this post, we will take a look at facts which prove that immigration is good for the American economy.
New Immigrants Vs. Old Immigrants
Fact about new immigrants and old immigrants
It is a well-known fact that the United States of America is home to more immigrants than probably any other country in the world. The concept of immigration dates back to a couple of centuries, when immigrants to the U.S. were...
Emigration Vs. Immigration
Example of emigration and immigration
Migration, in simple words, is a movement of human population from one place to another. This movement has two ends to it: one is the country of origin and the other is the host country. This Buzzle article simplifies how...
Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882: Causes and Effects
Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
The Chinese Exclusion Act was the result of a combination of envy of Chinese labor, coupled with a misguided notion of white racial superiority. If you're wondering why the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was passed, then your search...
Pros and Cons of Dual Citizenship
Imagine being a citizen of two countries simultaneously! Yes! According to 'dual citizenship' laws, an individual can be regarded as a citizen of two states/countries. This law has its own merits and demerits, which we will be...
Immigration Facts and Statistics
The phenomenon of immigration carries several definitions. In common parlance, immigration is the movement of people from their native country to another country, with an intent to settle down for the purpose of livelihood and a...
Immigration Statistics
1 in every 30 adults worldwide dream of settling in the United States some day. In this Buzzle article, we will put forth a compilation of immigration statistics for the US which will help you get a better idea of the role...
Affidavit of Support Sample
Visa applications for students, visitors and those intending to migrate to the US would be incomplete without an affidavit of support from a local resident. Here is a guide for creating an affidavit of support.
Immigration Statistics in the United States
Given below are some immigration statistics, for those who want to see how the US homes people of all races, including those who are here illegally. Also featured here, are ways to apply for a visa to the US, and more...
How to Check the Status of an Immigration Case
People who want to migrate to the US for temporary or permanent reasons will find this article on how to check the status of immigration case very helpful. Government procedures can take a lot of time to get completed, but knowing...
What is the Purpose of Immigration Laws
'To control the influx of people in the country' will be your prompt reply if somebody were to ask you why immigration laws are constituted. However, there is lot more to this question than this single line answer as one has to...
What is Moral Turpitude?
What does moral turpitude mean, and what actions qualify under it? This article lets you in on the complete legal implications of this term.
Immigration Facts
The compilation of facts and statistics given below will help you get a better picture of the current scenario of immigration in the United States, an issue which has fueled quite a few debates over the last few years.
What is Naturalization Process in the US
One can become a citizen of a nation with the process of naturalization. Find the information regarding US naturalization in this article.
How to Become a US Citizen
Immigration and acquiring a citizenship is not so easy. There are certain rules and regulations governing the acceptance of a person as a US citizen.