HTTP Meaning Explained
HTTP meaning
What does HTTP stand for? Well, the answer is Hypertext Transfer Protocol. What is the meaning of HTTP and what does this protocol do? Read this Buzzle article to find the answers.
Difference between HTTP and HTTPS
The internet is a vast pool of information without any safety nets. There are 2 standard protocols enforced to guarantee safety - HTTP and HTTPS. What's it about? For a better understanding, we provide a comparison between HTTP and...
Creative 404 Error Page Ideas
Creative idea for 404 error page
While content and applications are vital for a site, the visual elements of a web page matter a great deal too. The last thing a user wants to see while browsing the net is a 404 error page, which is why web designers have come up...
Types of HTTP Errors
Every piece of data exchanged between a server and client web browser program is a conversation in the structured language of hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). In this article, you will find a list of most common types of HTTP...
HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Hypertext Transfer Protocol is an application protocol which is the basis of communication for accessing the Internet over the World Wide Web.