4 Warning Signs of an Approaching Hurricane
Warning signs of an approaching hurricane
The aftermath of a hurricane leaves behind a trail of damage and disrupted infrastructure. The path of these beasts of nature is difficult to predict, yet scientists are constantly studying them to find ways and signs to predict...
Hurricane Katrina: Facts and Information
Hurricane Katrina
One of the deadliest storms to hit the United States, Hurricane Katrina, in 2005, caused large-scale damage to life and property alike.
Causes and Effects of Hurricanes
Effect of hurricanes
Hurricanes are one of the most powerful forces of nature that cause devastating effects on life and property. But have you ever wondered what causes hurricanes to arise? Here is some detailed information about them.
Interesting Facts About Hurricanes
Fact about hurricanes
Hurricanes or tropical cyclones are characterized by a low-pressure core that generates thunderstorms. The strong winds and heavy rain associated with the phenomenon, result in coastal flooding and destruction of habitat....
Hurricane Andrew Facts
Fact about hurricane Andrew
Hurricane Andrew was one of the costliest hurricanes to hit the USA. Read on to know some facts and stats about this deadly calamity.
Typhoon Vs. Hurricane Vs. Cyclone
Statistics show that a total of 158 hurricanes have hit the US in the twentieth century, claiming thousands of lives. How do you define a hurricane? Is it any different from a cyclone or a typhoon? Read the following article which...
14 Most Destructive Typhoons to Hit the Philippines
Haiyan most destructive typhoon to hit the Philippines
Typhoons are classified as a type of destructive coastal natural disasters, which can affect millions of people living around the coastal regions. The Philippines is located in the Southeast Asian subcontinent, and is the most...
Famous Hurricanes of the World
Since decades, hurricanes have proved to be fatal for mankind. Read on the know the most destructive and famous of the lot.
Hurricane Sandy Facts, Timeline, and its Effects on the Economy
Fact about hurricane Sandy
One of the most destructive natural disasters to hit the United States, hurricane Sandy caused extensive damage in 2012 to the east coast regions. It is the second-most destructive one, after Hurricane Katrina. Buzzle provides...
What is a Storm Surge and How is it Formed?
Formation of a storm surge
A storm surge is a destructive weather phenomenon that forms near sea coasts by hurricanes or cyclones. In this article, we shall learn what is a storm surge and how does it form. We'll also look at what safety tips one can take to...
Where do Hurricanes Occur?
The destructive power of hurricanes has earned them a reputation of much-feared natural disasters that occur all over the world. Contrary to the belief that they are only restricted to the Atlantic Ocean, these natural disasters do...
Preparing for a Hurricane - Before, During, and After
Tips to prepare for a hurricane
Hurricane is a tropical cyclone that moves with heavy rains and high winds. These natural disasters have the potential to cause widespread destruction. Preparing for a hurricane, not just before, but during the storm hits and after...
When Hurricanes Strike
You may have never seen a tornado in your life, yet when it comes to the spiritual level regardless of our maturity, the tornadoes and hurricanes will eventually come our way. What are we to do then?
Causes of Hurricane Katrina
A critical evaluation of the prominent causes of Hurricane Katrina intended to put forth the details as to how this tropical depression festered into a full-fledged Category 5 Hurricane, and caused such wide-scale destruction in...
Hurricane Categories
Do the news reports on hurricane categories always leave you puzzled? These categories can serve you well, by helping you to equip yourself for the coming natural disaster.
Facts About Hurricanes
Hurricanes are infamous for their destructive history. Even today, it is almost impossible to tame them. This Buzzle article tell us more.
When is Hurricane Season
Hurricanes are violent, powerful storms which carry strong winds, along with heavy rains, and can destroy anything that comes in its way. This article talks about the particular seasons in which these storms occur.
How are Hurricanes Formed
The period of six months between June and November is referred to as the hurricane season as most of the hurricanes in the Pacific and Atlantic are formed during this period; courtesy, favorable conditions prevailing in this...
Typhoon Vs. Hurricane Vs. Tornado
This article identifies the differences between typhoons, hurricanes, and tornadoes―the storm systems that periodically cause mayhem, all over the world. Know all about how these phenomena are created and unleashed by...
Typhoon Vs. Hurricanes
Ever wondered what is the difference between typhoons and hurricanes?. This Buzzle article takes a look at the many differences, and similarities between these powerful forces of nature.
Effects of Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest and most devastating hurricanes in the history of the United States. Read this Buzzle article to learn more about the economical, environmental, political, and social effects of this...
Facts About Hurricane Rita
Hurricane Rita was the fourth-most intense hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic, and the ninth costliest to affect the U.S. The news of Hurricane Rita less than a month after Hurricane Katrina triggered a massive evacuation in...
Hurricane-Proof Buildings
A hurricane-proof building is one which is protected well from the imminent risks of hurricanes. The structure, design, and construction material play an important role. Read on to know more about it.
How are Hurricanes Named
Have you ever wondered why hurricanes get names like Isabel, Katrina, Gustav, etc. Who is responsible for the naming? Let us find out how hurricanes are named...
What Can Make a Hurricane Lose its Power
Lot has been said and written about the origin and causes of hurricanes. But the factors that control the intensity of hurricanes are still lying in poor light. Wind shear and dry air are believed to make a hurricane lose its power...
Differences between Hurricane and Tornado
Hurricane and tornado are two major destructive powers of nature. They are usually considered to be the same calamities, but are actually different. To get a clear idea of these differences, read this article.
The Saffir-Simpson Scale
It seems that every year more and more people are affected by massive storms. Two men at least made it easier to measure their intensity.