Cardiac Muscle Contraction
Cardiac muscle
The rhythmic beating of the heart is a result of the collective contraction and relaxation of atrial and ventricular muscles. Buzzle describes the mechanism of cardiac muscle contraction including the phases of cardiac action...
A Labeled Diagram of the Human Heart
The human heart
The heart, one of the most significant organs in the human body, is nothing but a muscular pump which pumps blood throughout the body. The human heart and its functions are truly fascinating. The heart, though small in size,...
Cardiovascular System Function
Functions of cardiovascular system
Cardiovascular system is one of the important organ systems of the human body that performs several vital functions like the transportation of blood and oxygen and the regulation of body temperature.
How does the Heart Work?
Fact about beating of human heart
The human heart works like a pump that circulates blood throughout the body. Starting to beat as early as 18-21 days after conception, it continues to function throughout one's life. Let's take a closer look at the working of our...
How Does the Heart Pump Blood?
The heart is like a versatile motor pump that draws water, only more efficient and stronger. To know more about how the heart pumps blood and how to care for the heart, read on.
Location of the Human Heart
This article will give you more information on human heart, its location, size, functions, etc.
Where is Your Heart Located?
Location of the human heart
Where is your heart located in the body, is a simple question related to human anatomy. Find answers related to location of heart in the chest in the following article.
Pathway of Blood Through the Heart
Heart plays a very important role in the circulation of blood. Let's check the pathway of blood through the heart and its functions in the cardiovascular system. Just read on...
Heart Diagram
The heart is responsible for the circulation of blood in our body. A well labeled human heart diagram given in this article will help you to understand its parts and functions.
Everything You Need to Know About Purkinje Fibers
Fact about Purkinje fibers
Purkinje fibers are a vital component of the system of blood circulation in humans. Here's more about the location and function of Purkinje fibers.
Cardiovascular System Diseases
Cardiovascular system diseases are conditions that affect the heart and the blood vessels, which are the main components of this system. This Buzzle write-up will give you a basic idea about cardiovascular diseases and disorders,...
Cardiac Muscle Structure
Cardiac muscle structure
If you are intrigued by the structure of cardiac muscles, this will be an interesting read. Find out how the ceaseless beating of the heart is made possible, to continuously pump blood to every body part.
Cardiac Muscle Function
The cardiac muscle is the reason why your heart beats. If this muscle ceases to function, a person is scientifically dead. Explore the wondrous functions of the cardiac muscle, as you keep reading.
Diagram of Blood Flow Through the Heart
You must have seen the human heart diagram. Thus, you will be aware of the anatomy of the human heart. If not, you can have a look at the labeled diagram of the human heart present in this article.
What are the Differences Between Cardiac and Skeletal Muscles
If you are keen to know about the features which make a cardiac muscle different from a skeletal muscle, here is an article giving you a thorough knowledge about the various aspects that are distinguishable between the two of them.
Aortic Calcification
Aortic calcification
There are many diseases that affect the heart, one of them being aortic calcification or the deposition of calcium in the aorta. ...
Electrocardiogram and Echocardiogram - Know the Basic Differences
Difference between electrocardiogram and echocardiogram
Electrocardiogram and echocardiogram are noninvasive procedures that check whether there are any issues with the heart. Here's more about these procedures that evaluate heart health.
Frank-Starling Law of the Heart Explained
Frank-Starling law of the heart
The Frank-Starling law is an important part of our understanding of the human heart's physiology. In this article, we will learn about the various facets of the law, and how the heart deals with changes in the rate of blood flow.
Human Heart Facts
Your heart is the hardest working muscle in your body. This Buzzle article provides information about the location, anatomy, weight, and other facts related to the human heart.
SA Node and AV Node
SA node and AV node are specialized group of cells in the heart that control the electrical pulses. Let us have a look at the difference between the two groups in this Buzzle article.
Sinoatrial Node
The sinoatrial node (SA node) or sinus node is a small region located in the heart, where intrinsic cardiac impulses are generated for initiation of cardiac cycle. This SA node is responsible for regulation of heartbeats according...
Cardiac Cycle Phases
This article deals with information pertaining to the different cardiac cycle phases one-by-one. Functioning of the heart can be understood with the knowledge of actions which take place in these phases.
Function of the Heart
What is the function of the heart? What role does it play in the physical mechanism of life sustenance? Let's find out!
Heart Diagram for Kids
Our heart is a muscular organ that take the deoxygenated blood through our veins and transfers it to our lungs for oxygenation. After this, it pumps blood into various arteries throughout the body. In this Buzzle article, we will...
Cardiac Muscle Characteristics
A muscle type found only in the wall of the heart, studying the characteristics of the cardiac muscle is very interesting. Its cells share some features with that of the skeletal muscle and smooth muscle. Here's more...
Lining of the Heart
There is a lining of the heart, filled with fluid, that protects the organ from any strong vibrations, which may cause damage. However, this sac may also get affected due to a number of infections and other problems, which should...
Layers of the Heart
The heart consists of three layers in all. This Buzzle article explains the structure and function of each of these layers.
Cardiovascular System Facts
The cardiovascular system facts mentioned in this article give us an idea about the structure and functioning of the various components like the heart, blood vessels, and blood.
Anatomy of Coronary Artery
The human heart is a very powerful muscle. This natural pump solely bears the challenging task of ensuring that every part of the body receives oxygenated blood incessantly. One of the main processing units within this...
Anatomy of the Human Heart
A vital organ in the human body, the heart pumps blood to other body parts. This article provides a brief overview about the anatomy of the human heart.