How blessed your sleep is when you lie down cozily with your soft duvet! The luxurious fabric is puffed with down feathers that are extremely light and utterly comfortable. The use of a duvet is popular all over the world and it has become one of the most common household items, especially in countries having cold weather. Duvets are washable and can be easily cleaned at home regularly for keeping them neat and tidy.

If you have newly bought a duvet for your bed then knowing the washing techniques would definitely be of immense use to you. Before you start washing it, we shall provide you some precautions that must be taken while washing it. First remove the cover (only if you have added an additional decorative cover) and keep it aside. Traditional upholsteries are packed with eiderdown feathers while modern versions are furnished with artificial fibers like polyester batting, etc. Often wool, rayon, cotton and silk are also used for uplifting its coziness. The thick blanket needs to be dried completely to retain the quality of the stuffing material. Moreover, you should never rub it harshly with a brush while cleaning. Make sure that you dry the fabric completely so that the quality of the stuffed feathers lasts long.

Washing a Duvet at Home

A duvet could be washed by hand or you can also opt for a machine wash. The process of washing a duvet in a machine is different from that of washing by hand. Though it is mentioned that a dry clean is preferred, you can still wash it at home. Duvets that are stuffed with wool or silk should be washed in a machine only. The instructions will be clearly mentioned in the manual and you should follow the steps accordingly.

Hand Wash
Washing a duvet with your hands could be strenuous for you, but if you want to endow a little extra care on it then a hand wash is the best option. You can use a shampoo or a body soap for rinsing the upholstery set. Never wash it with detergents that you normally use for cleaning your clothes. Cleansers like Woolite and Ivory Snow are some of the best products meant ideally for duvets. Soak the duvet in soap water for at least one hour to eliminate the dirt. Rinse softly and avoid harsh treatment. Make sure that there's no trace of soap residue on it; rinse it at least thrice with clean water. You can use a soft bristled brush for cleansing soap and dirt from its surface. You can either air dry the fabric or employ a commercial dryer for this purpose. The feathers and the duvet cover should be aligned properly to get back the original texture after it has dried.

Machine Wash
Cleaning the duvet in a washing machine is comparatively easier than washing by hand. Read the instructions provided in the manual before putting it inside the machine. It's always advised to soak it in warm water containing a few teaspoons of vinegar for 10-15 minutes. This pre-treatment ensures better cleansing. Make sure that the rinsing agent is free from bleach, lighteners, and strong chemicals. You can use the duvet washing products mentioned in the content above. Set the speed on moderate; never wash it under high speed. Duvets that are washed carelessly tend to wear and the stuffing come out from inside. Rinse it completely and then set it for immediate drying. You can spread the duvet on the floor or loft it to allow the water to drip. Do not let it remain damp for a long time as this spoils the feathers. Machine wash instructions, when followed perfectly, offer a wonderful cleansing effect.

Now that you know how to wash a duvet, you can carry out the process at home. Duvets that are packed with superior quality feathers offer better warmth after first rinse. When you keep it tidy, the luxury of sleeping with it is enriched. Enjoy the experience every season and have a wonderful night's sleep with your duvet.