Fits all!
PamFax is available for Web, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, and Android.
Skype, the video calling app, has become quite a rage ever since its inception in 2003. A number of add-ons have been released till date that keep increasing the functionality of the app. This time around, the launch of few add-ons have eliminated the need to use fax machines to send copies of documents. Instead, all you need to do is to scan the document, use the add-on to send it on Skype, and the website will confirm the successful delivery to you (sender) by a notification mail. Sounds easy, right? In this Buzzle article, let us take a look at the plug-ins that make it possible to use Skype to fax documents.


This plug-in has been released by Pamela Calls Recorder, the same company that launched an app for recording Skype calls. For using this add-on, you first need to have Skype installed on your machine. Here are the steps to use PamFax.

Download and install Skype on your computer.

Sign up for a monthly plan.

Download the PamFax 2.0 plug-in.

Scan the document that you wish to fax.

Open Microsoft Word document, and insert the scanned document in Word and save the file.

Now, click on the print option in Word, and send the document via PamFax.

Skype will send a confirmation email to the user about the successful delivery of the fax.

PamFax doesn't deliver your faxes for free (first 3 pages are free). You will be charged about USD 0.24 per page, alongside the sign up fees (or the first time fax fees) of about USD 1.42. The plug-in allows you to fax the document to multiple recipients. If you have a document on Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and the like, PamFax can access and fax them. In few Windows versions, the PamFax button is added to the Microsoft Office toolbar.

* Prices mentioned in the article may vary depending on your location.

Faxtastic is another plug-in (this one's free) which can be used to fax a scanned document via Skype. Though this add-on is not exclusive to Skype, it is a good alternative to PamFax. Skax is also an alternative that was developed in 2007. However, Skype confirmed that the beta works with Internet Explorer and Windows XP/Vista are not supported. Till the support is established, you will have to download PamFax or use your old, faithful fax machine.