To function properly, human body is dependent on various minerals, vitamins, protein, lipids, etc. But all these minerals and nutrients are required in a specific amount. Any amount more or less than the specific amount can hinder the normal functioning of the body which can be dangerous. Similarly, higher cholesterol levels can result in serious consequences. So, let's find out how to lower cholesterol content in our body by following some simple tips and advice.

What is Cholesterol?

Before jumping to cholesterol levels in our body, you need to understand what is cholesterol? Cholesterol is from the lipid or fat family. The primary source of cholesterol is animal meat. Intake of cholesterol is managed by the liver, which forms lipoprotein with the help of protein and cholesterol, and sends it to the blood stream where they behave as transportation molecules. The liver forms two types of lipoproteins, High-Density Lipoprotein or HDL and Low-Density Lipoprotein or LDL. The high density lipoprotein has a high density of protein and a low density of cholesterol. Hence it is considered as good cholesterol. But the low density lipoprotein has a low density of protein and a high density of cholesterol and hence it is considered as bad cholesterol. Both HDL and LDL are necessary for our body, but any change in these levels can create problems specially if the LDL content increases. So, it is very necessary to know what harm it can cause to our body and what are the ways to reduce LDL level.

Consequences of Higher Cholesterol Level

Higher amount of cholesterol can cause dangerous diseases. Change in lifestyle and food habits are some of the major reasons behind its increasing level. Following are some of the consequences of high cholesterol in our body which will help you to understand the seriousness of this condition.
  • Due to excess accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries, blood flow is interrupted which results in improper blood supply to the body.
  • The heart is among the most affected organ when it comes to higher cholesterol level. Extreme cases may result in heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases.
  • Reduced blood flow and blocked arteries may result in blood coagulation.
  • Blood clots may also result in improper blood supply to the brain which may result in stroke and confusion.
How to Lower Your Cholesterol?

If you check the cholesterol level chart, you will observe that total cholesterol level in the body should not be more than 200mg/dL. Any value above this is considered bad and unhealthy. If you observe higher cholesterol level in your body then it's time to get serious. So, here I am going to give you some advice on lowering cholesterol levels quickly and safely. Following points can help you to get rid of excess cholesterol from your body.
  • Exercise: Exercises are the best thing to do as they help you to get rid of many diseases. Any type of exercise whether it's jogging or a proper workout routine, it will help you to lower your cholesterol level. Perform a 30 minutes exercise daily to get back to your normal cholesterol level.
  • Food Habit: Food habit affects our health a lot and hence it is important to switch to a healthy diet. Although you might relish fast or junk food, they cause no good to your health and can only build up lots of cholesterol content in your body.
  • Avoid Saturated Fat: As we have discussed the types of cholesterol, you just need to avoid the saturated fat or the LDL totally. Concentrate on low cholesterol food.
  • Fibrous Food: Include fibrous food in your diet like vegetables, fruits, wheat, beans, oats and barley.
  • Fish: If you are a lover of non vegetarian food, then fish is the best option for you. Fish has some fatty acids which help in reducing cholesterol level in the body. Check with your doctor if you are allergic to some fish.
  • Olive Oil: Olive oil consists of antioxidants which helps in reducing the LDL level from the body. Hence using about 2 tablespoons of olive oil in your daily diet will help you to get rid of excess cholesterol.
  • Stop Smoking and Drinking: Smoking and drinking are very dangerous for health. You should avoid it, as it hinders the body functioning and results in the increased level of cholesterol content.
  • Garlic: Garlic is known for its medicinal values from centuries. It has being researched that intake of garlic helps in getting rid of cholesterol. It also helps in improving blood circulation.
  • Sterols and Stanols: These are the newly reached plants, which are helpful in reducing cholesterol content. Nowadays, they have been introduced in many health products.
  • Medication: There are some medications available in the market which are very effective in reducing cholesterol. You should strictly consult a physician before taking such drugs.
These were some of the ways of reducing cholesterol content from your body. So, keep the above suggestion in mind, concentrate on low cholesterol diet and start taking care of your cholesterol levels. Discuss with your physician for a proper guidance.