If you are slightly on the heavier side, I am sure you must have sometimes given it a thought as to why are you overweight? There are two main reasons why a person gains weight. Firstly, due to overeating or eating wrong kinds of food. Secondly, due to lack of physical activity or exercise. So, if you want to lose weight, you have to bring about some changes in your dietary habits as well as include some sort of physical activities in your daily schedule. In this article, you will come across some tips on how to lose 30 pounds in 2 months.

A Strong Will

It is possible to lose quite a bit of weight in about 8 weeks. However, you need to be really determined and focused to achieve this target. If you make up your mind for once and follow the diet and exercising tips, there are no two ways that you can get the body that you desire.

Healthy Weight Loss

When trying to lose weight, do not ever go in for any of the fad diets. The reason being that most of them suggest you to follow an unbalanced diet, which would deprive you of the essential nutrients that your body need and this is very unhealthy for you in the long run! So, even if they promise that they will teach you to lose weight without exercise, do not follow them. Instead aim for a healthy weight loss.

A Balanced Diet

Now, since most of us gain weight due to eating the wrong kinds of food, it is time that we reverse that i.e. follow a healthy, balanced diet. So, here are some effective tips for you on quick weight loss by taking a balanced diet:
  • Give up foods such as processed foods, fatty foods, fried foods, sodas, carbonated drinks, and alcohol. They do nothing for your body health-wise, except for adding calories!
  • Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and all essential nutrients. On top of that, most of them contain very less calories. So, to lose weight, make sure that majority of your diet is made up of them.
  • Your diet should have the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, fiber, and fats. Mono-saturated fats such as those found in olive oil and fish are essential to be included in a weight loss diet, as they help in burning fats. Fiber and protein rich foods keep hunger at bay for a longer time, thus reducing the overall food intake of a person. This makes them another must have in a weight loss diet.
  • Include negative calorie foods in your diet, such as tomatoes, eggs, apples, cucumber, and low-fat milk. Our bodies need more calories to burn them than these foods actually contain. So, eat them to lose weight.
Small Meals, Small Food Portions

Most of us are used to eating three big meals in a day. However, instead of that, inculcate a habit of eating five small meals. So, the best way to lose weight is by eating small meals, five to six times in a day and keep the food portions small. In case you are taking five meals, preferably three of these should be made up of fruits and vegetables. Also, take your dinner at least two hours before going to bed. This will give your body enough time to digest it.


Exercises are a must in any weight loss program. Your exercise routine should comprise certain warm-up exercises, followed by cardiovascular exercises and then exercises aimed at stretching and toning particular body parts. You can choose any of the cardiovascular exercises of your choice from swimming, aerobics, jogging, walking, running, dancing, etc. Include weight training too, irrespective of the fact whether you are a man or a woman, as it aids in conversion of fats into muscles. Preferably, join a gym so that you have a trainer to guide you on the exercise program to follow, depending upon your own individual body needs.

A Gallon of Water

Drink a gallon of water everyday. Water keeps the digestion strong. It helps in eliminating wastes from the body. Plus, drinking water can sometimes suppress our urge to eat food! So, enjoy all these benefits by drinking lots of water everyday!

Stress Management

Stress is a major contributor to weight gain. So, along with a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine, undertake stress management techniques such as yoga and meditation. They will calm your mind and relax your body, making you feel good from within!

So, if you are ready to take a healthy diet and maintain a regular exercise routine, very soon you will see those extra pounds melting away! All the best!

Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.