Characteristics of a Wedge-shaped Body

▼ Defined by broad shoulders
▼ Tapered waistlines
▼ Can be full busted
▼ Flat rear
▼ Slender hips and legs
Dressing your body shape is all about understanding how to create a balanced look. It is about creating an illusion of proportion to look fashionable. Body shapes also tend to change with weight loss and weight gain. A wedge-shaped body has a heavy upper half, and it tends to taper towards the lower half.

Thus, you must focus on balancing the two by sometimes creating a taller or wider look depending on the outfit you choose.

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Wedge-shaped Dressing
Here, we have provided twenty ways in which you can flatter your beautiful body type. As a sincere advice, avoid following fashion trends to remain in vogue. Instead, opt for styles that flatter your body type and shape.
Red dress
Look 1
Wedge-shaped bodies tend to have fuller busts, which can lend a bulkier look to the upper body. With a neckline that is fitting at the bust, you can create a thinner look at the waistline. This will make your body appear proportionate.
Yellow dress
Look 2
An open and a deep neckline is perfectly suited for a wedge-shaped body. This creates an illusion of delicate shoulders, longer torso, and a slimmer waist. Also, as the dress neatly hugs your hips, it accentuates them too.
White striped dress with scarf
Look 3
The variety of looks that can be achieved with accessories are countless. Wedge-shaped women who love stripes are often discouraged from wearing them. But with a simple scarf, you can turn it all around. Break the monotony of stripes with a printed scarf, and conveniently cover up the broader look it creates too.
Lace dress
Look 4
Nothing is more sensual than the fall of delicate lace on your curves. Use this to your advantage to embrace those curves with intricate lace work that ends just at the right length. A short dress like the one shown above will draw attention to your hips and long legs.
Red knee length dress
Look 5
A knee-length dress that holds tight at the waist will give the body the desired shape. You can manipulate the wedge-shape of your body by choosing fabrics which lightly fall over your body contours, giving it a typical feminine shape.
White peplum top with black skirt
Look 6
Peplums are an interesting fashion trend that can transform your look and shape in minutes. Pair a low-cut peplum top with a pencil skirt for a semi-formal evening. The peplum will hide the fat, while the tapering skirt will accentuate your hips and waist.
Pink dress
Look 7
A simple spaghetti dress that shows off your collarbones will add to your oomph. This will make your otherwise broad shoulders appear effeminate too. A dress that hugs your figure will also bring out its natural shape at the hips and the waist, reducing the bulkiness on top.
Brown and black striped dress
Look 8
Stripes are a magical dressing code for inverted-triangle bodies. Although they tend to stretch over the width of your shoulders and hips, they tend to create a narrow framework around your waist. This completely transforms your body type as seen in the above picture.
Peach dress with detailing on the waist
Look 9
Waist detailing is what you need to focus on while dressing up a wedge-shaped body. Zips on your hips, pleats, or color variations around your waist are some ways of drawing attention away from your broad shoulders, and focusing more on the waist.
Frilly white dress with belt
Look 10
A simple lace patch, contrast color shoulder straps, or detailing on the straps are some ways to lend definition to your shoulders. Wear a simple belt at your lower waist as it will slightly lift up the dress, drawing attention to your sexy long legs and curvy hips.
Strapless dress with floral print
Look 11
A strapless floral print dress that has those stereotypical pleats at the waist is perfect for a summer wedding. This outfit makes your bare shoulders appear sexy, and the detailing at the waist will make your hips look bigger than they actually are.
White gown with V neck
Look 12
Looking for that perfect white gown for a classy party can be quite a task. But here's a pattern that will make your body type look absolutely gorgeous. A sleeveless deep V wrap neckline with some design or work on the shoulders, which tightly hugs the upper waistline, is totally meant for you.
Asymmetrical blue dress
Look 13
Asymmetry can create illusions that no other pattern can. Add a metallic belt to your midriff to create a slender look. The asymmetry of this dress will flaunt your legs making them appear longer. A dress like the one shown above is perfect for a casual party with friends.
Winter coat style for wedge-shaped body
Look 14
It is a misconception that winter clothing makes you look bulky. Finding the right kind of winter attire is the trick to making your body shape look its best. A flared trench coat that brings definition to your waist, and boots that add to your height, is the right winter look for you.
Peplum blue skirt
Look 15
A peplum skirt is the answer for days when you can't help but compare yourself with others. This pattern that clings to your waist on top and makes your hips look wider with its frill, and accentuates the shape of your body in the right way. Wear this outfit in solid colors to create a smooth and svelte look.
Dress with a beige patch work
Look 16
Sometimes clashing colors and fabrics can work wonders for your body type. It can hide the flab and make you look fabulous. So, experiment with colors and fabrics to adorn a look that is worth every second look that it can garner.
Black and white striped shirt with black skirt
Look 17
Wedge-shaped bodies look fabulous with vertical stripes. They create the right balance of weight and shape for your body. Pair a classic black and white stripes formal shirt with a formal skirt. This outfit is simply perfect for an important day at office.
Lace and tulle dress
Look 18
This is another example of mixing fabrics. The lace bodice provides the much-needed feminine look, while the tulle in the lower half creates the exact volume to match your broad shoulders. As these fabrics break the monotony at the center, they narrow down your waist too.
Nude shade top with denims
Look 19
Comfortable clothing can be made to look stylish too. A nude shade top with an A-line cut that will modestly clinch at the waist will highlight your curves. Pair this with your well-fitting faded jeans and nude pumps as you make those Sunday brunch plans with your girlfriends.
Dress with vertical lines along body contours
Look 20
Prints and patterns on your clothes can alter your body shape like none other. Here is one example of this advice. A well-fitted dress with curvy lines along the body contours can transform the way you look for the day.
So, these were twenty looks that you can experiment with, to change the way your wedge-shaped body looks. The point that you need to keep in mind is that a wedge-shaped body needs a defined waist to make it look proportionate. So, try out dresses that highlight your waist, and make your hips appear proportionate to your shoulders.