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Ideally, your toaster should have multiple rack positions, removable crumb tray, temperature-ready light, brushed stainless-steel finish, and a baking pan.
It doesn't matter if you love to cook elaborate meals or are simply looking for ways to minimize your time in the kitchen. What matters here, is making the task at hand easy, so as to make the whole cooking experience a pleasure. This is where an electric toaster oven comes in handy. We would rather not call it a mere appliance, but an essential utility that every homeowner must possess.

With a toaster oven, it is easier to instantly dish out a pizza for yourself first thing in the morning. You can now give in to evenly toast bread along with melted cheese for a cheese toast or even a garlic bread. What's more, you can use it to bake pies, pasta, cookies, and smaller quantities of meat and fish as and when you please.

If that's precisely how you see your day begin, it is imperative you invest in a toaster oven that will help you in your kitchen duties. Given below are the essential features you need to look out for when you choose a good toaster oven.

Get the Dimensions Right
Space is a major concern that becomes the deciding factor for kitchen appliances. Before you venture into the store to make a purchase, we recommend measuring up the available counter space so that you do not end up with a large unit to fit an already cramped-up space. You are sure to love an oven in a sleek design and shape, just ensure that you analyze your family's food requirement before looking out for one. While a smaller unit will free up space in your kitchen, the more bulkier ones will pose to be a hurdle while storing and moving it around.

Oven Capacity
Apart from its physical dimensions, you should also check the oven capacity. By oven capacity, we mean, you should check how much food can go in at a given time. While a small unit can easily accommodate a couple of bread slices, the larger ones can fit larger portions of food in one go. Make sure you check the oven wall to know its capacity which is often given in liters. In short, the capacity of oven will be crucial when you actually want to cook large amounts of food on a regular basis.

Energy Efficiency
But obviously, an electrical appliance will eat into your electricity bills, thereby spiraling your expenses out of control. Ideally, you should check the energy rating of the toaster oven before deciding on one. It is imperative you look for an appliance that is energy-efficient as well as satisfies you with its service.

Apart from being light weight, easy to move around, and energy-efficient, you want a decent-looking oven that will create a good impression. Which is why, it is essential to pay heed to the minute details of the oven. Ideally, your oven should have an internal light that will allow you to see how your food is cooking. Besides, you would also like to consider the length of the chord so that it can reach the power outlet.

Another important feature worth considering is the control knobs adorning the body of the oven. You can choose between sleek, digital touch pads, and manual control knobs to suit your comfort level. Additionally, the oven should come equipped with features that allow you to change settings to broil, bake, and toast, along with defrost, reheat, and warm food instantly.

It is but an electric appliance that will need periodical servicing. Which is why, you need to ensure your oven comes with a minimum 1 year warranty on purchase. Besides, a warranty will ensure that you do not end up buying a toaster oven from a bargain that will eventually cost you double the money.

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Last but not the least, you should be able to clean the oven easily. Ideally, look for a toaster oven that will complement all the other appliances in the kitchen.