It's absolutely true that building a swimming pool costs a lot and is a convoluted process but, if you have time to manage the task of building the pool, the cost can come down drastically. Instead, you can spend that money saved to hire a landscape designer.

Building the Pool

The moment you decide to build a swimming pool, start planning the size, location, and type of pool you want. You need to decide whether you want a tropical, formal, free-form, Mediterranean, lap, or Grecian type. Start all the work yourself. You will need to go down to your county building department, to get permits and pay related fees. Pool fencing is very important as many states are very strict about it. You need to include the cost of fencing in your budget.

The structural drawings needed to satisfy the county building department is a major problem for the person who wants to build a swimming pool. There are landscape designers who can provide with necessary designs and ideas, or else you can get help online too. The requirements of county building department may vary from state to state.

Building a pool, late at the end of the season, can help you save a lot of funds. It's because the bids from the pool sub-contractors, come in low for each phase of the pool building process, because they scramble to garner the end-of-season business. The process may include the layout and excavation, plumbing, electrical work, plaster, etc.

Take a precaution to make sure that the flood lights shine away from the house. Pipe plumbing size is also of importance because contractors often scrimp to save a few bucks and you have to pay in the long run by running the filter longer (paying more electricity bill). A little longer pipelines will process the water much quicker and save you a few bucks.

You can place a deck chair and relax, or watch your kids play in the water from the large entry shelf, a platform where the water depth is 8 to 12 inches deep. You may consider few items like deck sprayers or brass plates that are placed with flush with the finished deck, a spray or an indoor waterfall to improve the ambiance.

If all this sounds something that is beyond your capability, take help from professionals. There are companies that provide ideas, for constructing your own pool. They may provide you all the necessary designs and you'll only need to execute everything yourself.

However, you need to follow few swimming pool regulations (may vary from state to state). Some of the essentials are:
  • Necessary alarms that detect a child entering the pool
  • Pool fencing
  • Temporary pool enclosures
  • Entrapment protection requirements
Swimming pool in a house is a pleasure that not many have. Follow the above regulations and enjoy an exotic life without having to step out of your house.