The job of a professional makeup artist can seem extremely glamorous. You get to hobnob with celebrities, you have the inside scoop on everything that goes on in the glamor world, and well you are on first name basis with some of the biggest stars in the world. But as they say, all that glitters is not gold. If you are looking at learning how to become a professional makeup artist, then you need to understand the demands of the job and also what you would need to do in order to reach the top of the order. A professional makeup artist is responsible for many different things and this article will try to give you an overview of what the job involves and also tell you how you can become a part of the industry.

Becoming a Professional Makeup Artist

What does the job of being a professional makeup artist involve? Well, at the foundation of it all, the career description of a makeup artist will tell you that you need to be familiar with all the basics of cosmetic application and the preparation that goes into getting the skin ready. You will need to be familiar with a wide range of make up products that are available professionally. You also need to ensure that you understand which product works well on which skin type, so that your clients have no complaints of reactions later on. If you are working on movie projects or in theater, then you need to ensure that you understand the demands of the script and create looks accordingly for the cast. You will need to conduct the required research and obtain the materials needed for the look that is demanded by the script. Most professional makeup artists also need to be familiar with hairdressing and hairstyling, which can be an essential part of the job profile. You also need to be able to deal with the stress that comes with the job, be adept at time management, and have an ability to deal with demands that can sometimes seem unrealistic. If you want to be a makeup artist for celebrities, then you need to undergo training in some form or the other and you may need to work as an apprentice with a more established professional. Making it big in the industry can take time, but it is definitely not impossible. If you are looking at a career as a professional makeup artist, then the following tips should help you achieve your goal.
  • Firstly it is important that you get professional training. It may be a good idea to join a school that offers courses in makeup application. Once you have the basis clear, you may decide to choose a specific focus in which to specialize. You may decide to focus on bridal makeup, or decide to work on movies and therefore, take up classes in special effects or media makeup.
  • You will need to learn courses in cosmetology and get your license in the same as it will allow you to apply makeup. It may be a good idea to do additional courses on nail care, skin care, hair care, etc while doing your makeup course so that you can have an upper hand.
  • While studying, it may be work in your favor to get a job as a sales assistant at a makeup counter as this will help you increase your knowledge about the various products available in the market. Also it reflects well on your resume, as it shows that you are someone who would want to be well aware of the trends in the market.
  • Once you are done with your course and you have received your license, you can start sending out your resume to professional makeup artists who are looking out for apprentices. If you are looking at a break in Hollywood, it may be a good idea to first start out with well-known local artists and then start applying to more reputed artists.
  • As a professional makeup artist or even someone who is aspiring to be one, it is important that you stay abreast of what is happening in the world of style. Read as many magazine as you can about makeup application. Understand the latest trends and use them in the assignments that you get.
When you start out you may have to do jobs that do not necessarily fall in your area of expertise or even be the kind of work you want to be well-known for. In fact you may have to start out by giving your clients huge discounts, and then work on building your reputation in the market. Word of mouth advertising always works the best for makeup professionals. If you want to learn how to become a professional makeup artist, then the tips mentioned in this article should help you achieve your goal.