Exercising and keeping fit is a way to lead a happier life. There are different purposes for exercising; it could be to either grow slim or to be fit. To fulfill this purpose, we run after heavy workouts and undertake many weight loss programs, without realizing the damage caused to the body. Daily exercising can prevent us from many health problems but being obsessed about it can cause exhaustion, fatigue and injuries. It is wise to learn the recommended exercise intensity to prevent ourselves from causing any unnecessary damage to our body.

Exercising must relax, refresh and energize us rather than making us feel drained out. Today, most of us are running after achieving that perfect figure. Even if we are recommended a certain workout plan, we tend to exceed it to gain quick results. Losing weight or gaining isn't a simple and fast process. It requires a proper diet and moderate exercise. Once the body is made to exert beyond a normal point, it begins to give out signals like back and joint pains, sore muscles and feeling of weakness. Therefore, try to avoid exercising after a point where we begin to feel exhausted.

The better ways of avoiding such problems are to understand the body type, its requirements and the importance of exercise. As per the requirement of the body, choose an appropriate diet and workout plan. This method will keep us safe from damages that occur due to over exercising. Excessive exercising has many ill effects and does not always help in weight loss or gain.

Effects of Excessive Exercise
A workout mainly focuses on muscle training. Hence, if we over exercise, our muscles tend to become weak, ending up in pulled muscles, foot and back problems and shin splints. Excessive exercise not only weakens the muscles, it also creates an impact on our overall health. An individual who stresses himself with too much exercise can have fluctuating moods, suffer depression and have less sleep. Having regular exercise is good, but if the duration of exercising increases, it will turn dangerous. Even the damage created due to too much exercise can be long-lasting. Therefore, understand the signs that the body shows when we do too much exercise. The athletes and movie stars workout under a personal trainer and are constantly monitored during their workout and diet. The personal trainer plans a diet and workout program as per the body requirements. It's the trainer's duty to keep monitoring the exercise and diet that is planned for athletes and celebrities. It is good to idealize a certain movie star but, do not try to copy their exercise and diet plan. Everyone's body is different and has different requirements. Therefore, make a workout plan suitable for your body to be safe from various health problems.

Overexercising During Pregnancy
During pregnancy, the body keeps changing and so does its needs. Doing a little exercise during pregnancy is good but, over exercising can become risky. Like I mentioned before, exercising can strain the muscles and even lead to insomnia which is not good for either the mother or the baby. It is important that the expectant mother gets enough rest or sleep during pregnancy. As changes are occurring in the body, it is essential to listen to the body to prevent any problems. Sufficient amount of regular exercise is advantageous for a pregnant woman. It can help her to carry the weight of the baby and free her from stress. An expectant mother can choose the right form of exercise by consulting the doctor. Yoga, walking or sometimes dancing make a good choice of exercise during pregnancy.

Too much exercise can be problematic for women. The intensity of mood swings in women might tend to increase and they may even suffer from hormonal imbalance. To forbid ill effects of too much exercise, listen to the body and watch out for signals that the body is sending.

Signals to Watch Out for -
  • Less sleep
  • Dehydration
  • Pain in the joints and back
  • Sore and pulled muscles
  • Irregular menstruation cycle
  • Mood swings
  • Depression and low self-esteem
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
Having a well toned body depends on many factors like food habits, work and workout pattern. Therefore, to look in good shape, we might want to consider our habits and change our outlook towards workout.

Important Factors to Consider -
  • Try to have a trainer to monitor the diet and workout.
  • Start the workout gradually to gain faster results.
  • Working out for an hour is sufficient.
  • Work towards staying healthy and not just achieving a well toned body.
  • Consumption of nutritious food helps in rebuilding of muscles and avoiding injuries during the workout.
  • Do not push oneself into too much exercise.
  • Understand the requirement of the body and design a suitable workout for oneself.
The key to achieving a healthy and fit body is inculcating the right food habits and doing regular exercise. Eating less and over exercising is a way to unhealthy life. To prevent ourselves from being a victim to any health problems, understand your ideal level of exercise. Hence, work towards staying fit and workout as per the needs of the body; don't overdo it!