What do Horses Eat?
Horses basically eat pasture and hay. However, you can also feed them fruits and vegetables occasionally. Find out what are the food items that can be included in your horse's diet, and what should be strictly avoided, through this...
Lifespan of a Horse
The lifespan of a horse may vary from breed to breed and also depends on whether it is a wild or domesticated one. Let us see what is the approximate average of a horse's lifespan, in this article.
Appaloosa Horse Names
Its colorful leopard-spotted coat and other distinctive physical characteristics make the Appaloosa horse breed quite popular as pet. If you intend to keep one, we would like to help you find a name for him.
Types of Bedding for Horses
Appropriate bedding is very important for horses as it has a direct impact on their comfort and health. Different types of bedding are used in stables, each type for a particular reason, and to achieve specific results.
Horse Barn Maintenance Tips
Horse barn maintenance is as important as the grooming of any horse. This Buzzle article presents some tips that can help you maintain your barns on a regular basis.
Facts about Palomino Horses
Beautiful and majestic, the Palomino horse has always been popular since the ancient days. This article lists some facts about this equine breed.
Homemade Horse Treat Ideas
Your horse would surely enjoy homemade treats once in a while! Take a look at these recipes and watch them toss their heads in happiness.
Facts about the Percheron Horse
The Percheron horse is an admirable animal. It blends force with an incredible grace. You can find it in Disney land as it is preferred to pull carriages because it is so gentle and can be trusted around children.
Information About The Arabian Horse
With a remarkable intelligence and grace in movement, the Arabian horse is the oldest breed known to men. It is the most expensive, and the most cherished as well.
The Friesian - A Dressage Horse
The Friesian is a dressage horse with stunning, elegant, and noble good looks. This is a horse that Holland is very proud of.
The Magnificent Marwari
A noble horse that was considered more or less to be a God on Earth, the Marwari horse was supposed to have been around since the beginning of the world, and was specified to be ridden only by the Rajput Warriors, as nobody else...
Unique Names for Your Pet Horse
Pet name for horse
Horses make wonderful pets. Not only are they gorgeous, but they are also very intelligent, making it easy to train them. Here are a few unique name suggestions to name your pet horse.
Fencing Ideas for Horses
A horse fence is important to keep a horse safe and give it a place of its own. This article lists some fencing ideas.
Horse Training Tips
Determination and a persistent attitude are the keywords for training a horse. Read this write-up to know about some basics of horse training.
Horse Fencing Installation
Installing horse fencing is necessary for the well-being and security of your valuable horses. This article provides some tips for the installation process.
6 Famous Mythological Horses
Famous mythological horse Pegasus
Horses symbolize masculinity, grace, elegance, passion, and freedom. These exquisite qualities have made them immoral in mythological literature.
Interesting Facts About Przewalski's Horse
Fact about Przewalski's horses
One of the most famous mammals from Asia, Przewalski's horse (Equus ferus przewalskii) has the distinction of being the only remaining wild horse in the world. Thought to be extinct, these horses were recently reintroduced in the...
Pinto Horse Facts
Fact about Pinto horse
A horse that has a distinct coloration on its body is known as a pinto. It has been developed into a separate breed and has its own association and registry. This Buzzle post provides some interesting facts about the pinto horse.
Mustang Horse Facts
Mustangs symbolized as the pioneer spirit of the west
What are some interesting facts about Mustang horses? From where do the Mustangs hail from? Here are some interesting Mustang horse facts that will give you a better idea of this gorgeous stallion.
Interesting Facts About Andalusian Horses
Andalusian horse fact
Breathtakingly beautiful is perhaps the first expression which comes to mind at the mention of Andalusian horses. Buzzle tells you more about the history, behavior, and habitat of Andalusian horses.
List of Draft Horse Breeds
Fact about Belgian draft horse
There are different types of horses, draft or draught horses being one of them. These horses are known for their immense strength and the willingness to toil hard.
Interesting Horse Facts
Interesting fact about horses
If horses fascinate you as much as they fascinate me, you are on the right page! You will definitely find something here that you didn't know before!
Tips to Choose the Right Blanket for Your Horse
Choosing the right blanket for your horse
Choosing a blanket for your horse is easier than you think. Given in this Buzzle post are useful tips and pointers for choosing the right blanket for your horse.
Equine Lyme Disease Symptoms
Equine lyme disease is an infectious condition which affects horses. It is caused by a type of bacteria called 'Borrelia burgdorferi'. Scroll below for more facts on this disease.
How to Treat Founder Disease in Horses
Founder disease in horses
Founder disease is the progressed stage of the disease - laminitis. This disease is commonly observed in hoofed animals such as horses and cattle. While the exact cause and mechanism underlying this condition is still unknown,...
How to Differentiate Between a Donkey, Horse, and a Mule
Difference between donkey, horse, and a mule
Have you been confused lately on how to distinguish between a donkey, horse, and a mule? Help is at hand. Buzzle lists out the differences and similarities between the three equines.
How Much Do Horses Cost?
Even if you purchase a horse at an affordable price, its maintenance cost can be high. This article provides some information on the various aspects that need to be considered when owning a horse, and the average costs of the same.
How to Prevent a Horse from Cribbing
Tip to prevent a horse from cribbing
Cribbing in horses is often considered to be one of the most common stable vices in horses. Buzzle gives you some pointers in case your horse is experiencing the same.
How to Condition Score a Horse
Horse conditioning evaluation points
Condition scoring is a method of determining the general fitness of your horse. This Buzzle article tells you how to go about it.
Sleeping Patterns of Horses
Sleeping patterns of horses
Having evolved as a highly sophisticated prey animal, horses have unusual sleeping patterns that allow them to survive and excel in their natural habitat. This Buzzle article tells you more about how these loyal and sturdy animals...
What is White Line Disease in Horses
White Line disease in horses
The white line disease is one of the most common hoof infections in horses. This Buzzle article talks about its causes, symptoms, and treatment.
An Overview of Headshaking Syndrome in Horses
Photic Head Shaking cause
Headshaking or head tossing is believed to be a normal and natural defensive reaction, in which the horse makes voluntarily movement of the head to ward off flies. Let's find out through this Buzzle article, if headshaking is just...
How to Take Care of Your Pregnant Mare
Caring for a horse is no easy task. And one of the most difficult times for the owner and the horse alike is during pregnancy. Scroll below to learn how to take care of a pregnant horse.
Horse Breeds
All you have wanted to know about horse breeds ... it's here! An A-Z list of horse "power" breeds. Get set to learn all about this galloping glory.
How to Get to Know Your New Horse Better
A horse chooses his master. I can say this keeping in mind his power and strength. He is so powerful that he can knock you down with his mild kick. Therefore, it is important to know your horse inside out, to be able to tame him,...
Insulin Resistance in Horses
Horses have been great domestic pets for centuries. Though considered a robust and a strong pet, it is still prone to many diseases. This article elaborates on effects and treatment of insulin resistance for equine pets.
Selenium for Horses
Deficiency of selenium may cause health problems in horses and so, they are administered with supplements containing this trace mineral. Read on...
Colic in Horses
Colic is a common health problem in horses. This disease is characterized by abdominal pain, which can be caused by gastrointestinal problems, the presence of parasites in the intestinal tract, as well the ingestion of sand or dirt.
Life Expectancy of a Horse
The life expectancy of a horse normally depends on how well the animal is bred. This animal is known to be timid, strong, and very brainy. This article tells you how long a horse lives.
Lameness in Horses
Is your horse continuously limping? Don't take it lightly. This article will explain lameness in horses and how you can treat and help your ailing friend.
Rice Bran for Horses
Rice bran for horses is one of the most nutritious feeds that one can provide for them. However, which is the best rice bran and when should it be fed to them is very important to know as well. This article will give you details...
Different Types of Horses
There are scores of horse breeds treading the surface of the earth. These breeds can be grouped under different types based on similarities in their physical attributes. Let's take a look at them...
Mustang Horse Names
We would recommend you to go through the lengthy list of mustang horse names if you plan to own the magnificent beast that roams the plains of Western America.
Horse Health Problems
Won't it be better if you know what are the common health problems horses face, and treat them before they develop into full-fledged diseases?
Electric Horse Fencing
Horses, normally, do not venture out in the open if they are provided with the basic necessities inside the yard. However, on certain occasions, a horse might be tempted to go out on the street, and that may turn out to be...
Circulatory System of a Horse
The horse is a hoofed mammal which evolved nearly 45 to 55 million years ago. This article describes the circulatory system of a horse.
Cushing's Disease in Horses (Equine Cushing's Disease)
Equine Cushing's disease occurs in horses in their later years, but recently it has been found in young horses too. This disease can be treated and horses can live a good life. This article gives more about the causes, symptoms,...
Guide Horses - Special Assistance for People with Special Needs
Blind and disabled people often need the assistance of a guide animal, and that animal has traditionally been a dog. But the use of miniature horses too for this purpose is growing rapidly, for many reasons.