Sometimes, attending a gym might be difficult because of a tight or irregular schedule, etc. In this case, you can resort to some simple exercises that do not require any specific equipment, and can be easily performed at home, at any suitable time.
Jumping Jacks
This is a great exercise that will work your hands, legs, and thigh muscles. It is good cardiovascular exercise as well. Stand with your feet placed together, and arms at your sides. This serves as the starting position. Now tuck in your abs, and jump by bending your knees. At the same time, move your feet apart, as much as you can, and raise your hands to bring them in line with your shoulder. Land on your feet, back to the starting position, and jump again.
You do not need to have a lawn or jogging track to perform this exercise. Jogging in one place is also an effective option, and serves a good exercise for the legs. Moreover, it is one of the classic cardiovascular workouts. Make sure you wear jogging footwear, even if you are jogging at home, to avoid any stress on your feet. Also, you can gradually increase the jogging duration and speed.
Rotation Exercises
Stand straight with your feet together, and your arms extended in front of you. Start by rotating your wrists, clockwise, and then anticlockwise. Now, alternately rotate your feet in the same fashion. Then, place both your hands on the corresponding shoulder, and start rotating your shoulder clockwise, and then anticlockwise. Place an exercise mat, and lie flat on your back. Now lift your left leg, and rotate it clockwise and anti-clockwise. Do not bend your knees. Now rest the left leg, lift your right leg, and rotate it clockwise and anti-clockwise.
Lie flat, and bend your knees, and place the feet flat on the floor. Hips must form a 45 degree angle with the floor. Place hands behind your head, tuck in your abs, crunch up keeping your lower back on floor. Do not move your shoulders too much off the floor, as it may injure your neck. Get back to the initial position, and repeat. This exercise is also effective in providing relief form back pain. You can also perform V crunch or reverse crunch, which are useful for strengthening the abdominal muscles.
Stand upright, and take a big step forward with your left leg. Bend the right knee, until it almost touches the floor. Ensure that the lower part of the left leg is straight. Now push back, and return to the standing position. Switch the legs, and repeat. Keeping your hands clasped together, and holding them in front of you will help in balancing. This helps to tone the leg muscles.
Apart from the above mentioned exercises, you can also perform squats, dips, push-ups, leg raises, etc. Setting a perfect mood will help to maintain the routine and the excitement. Make sure you wear an appropriate outfit to perform the workout with ease. Also, playing on your favorite music will make your session more lively.