Exercise has become an important part of everyone's lifestyle these days. It is not possible for every woman to hit the gym, be it due to a hectic work schedule or her other responsibilities. Home exercises come to the rescue of these women. The key is to choose those exercises which will provide the maximum benefits.
Did you know there are many other benefits of doing home exercises? You will be saving the membership fees and gas, that you require to reach the gym. It will also allow you to spend some quality as well as quantity time with your near and dear ones.
Jumping Jacks
To derive the most from this exercise, do it for about a minute, whenever you feel like doing it. By doing so, your metabolism will speed up. These can be done when you are watching T.V. or when you are waiting for the dish in the oven to bake. On an average, you will very comfortably be able to do a minimum of 20 minutes of jumping jacks on any given day.
Climbing Stairs
Man has become very lazy due to all the advancements in technology. If you go to a gym, you will probably do your step ups on the aerobics bench, but yeah that can get boring. Instead why not try going up and down the staircase. If you are working, make it a point to use the stairs in your office. At home also, walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator. This is one of the best ways to lose weight from the lower body.
Rope Jumping
Fret not, as you need not necessarily have a rope to do this exercise. You can simply simulate the method of rope jumping. If you have a rope, that is even better. Start with 25-30 counts at a stretch and then increase it as per your stamina. This is a wonderful cardiovascular exercise.
Squats is a compound thigh exercise, which can easily be done in the confines of your home. You can choose to do this exercise either against the wall or free hand. In either case, you will derive the desired weight loss. If your fitness levels are down, it is recommended you do it against the wall.
This is also a compound exercise, which will work your thighs, butts and the gluteus muscles. This exercise can be done on a leveled floor as well as using a staircase. The only difference is, you will keep the leg in front, on the stair and do the exercise. Repeat the procedure with the other leg.
Push Ups
For the upper body, this is 'the' exercise. It will not only work your chest but the triceps as well. You can start off with one set of 15 repetitions of this exercise and gradually increase the number of counts and sets.
Kicks are a wonderful yet simple exercise, which can be done at home. You can add variations to these kicks. On different days, you can do different kicks. The options you may want to try are front kicks, side kicks, cross kicks and back kicks. Start off with 1 set of 15 repetitions and then increase the number of sets and repetitions as your fitness level increases and your weight decreases.
Abdominal Exercise
There are many abdominal exercises, which can easily become a part of your home exercise schedule. Some of them are crunches, reverse crunches, sleeping scissors, oblique crunches, sit ups, leg lifts, etc.
Although walking is not a "home exercise", you may nevertheless want to include it, as a part of exercise routine. You can take your children to the park and as they play, take a brisk walk around. You may want to park the car a little further from your office or when you go shopping, so that you are able to work your muscles a little.
Some simple tasks at home like cleaning the car, vacuuming the house, etc. are also good exercises, which you may want to consider. Select those which are suitable and start a healthy regimen to keep you fit.