Many people think that the only way to lose weight and stay in shape is to hit the gym every single day for hours at a time. On the contrary, losing weight begins with will power and determination that can be followed through right from the comforts of your own home. In today's world, our lifestyle has become a bit too simple and easily accessible. When fast food is just a quick stop ahead and the couch calling you every time you get tired or sleepy, staying in shape can become an issue. So, what now? It's not true that everyone can find time or is willing to spend over a gym membership. Also, you can't just let things keep going the way they are. Finding time, even if it is at home, for regular exercise is very essential and that's what we are going to discuss today. We have put together a few exercises you can do at home without having to drive down to the gym each day.

Exercise Routine for Men and Women

Before you begin any exercise routine, at the gym or at home, it is a good practice to consult with a doctor. You don't want to start with intensive workout training in hopes of losing weight and getting in shape as this can have adverse effects on your body and health. So keeping that in mind, you should start at a moderate to low pace, exercise only 2 to 3 days a week, and then increase the days per week you spend on these exercises. Also, whenever you are doing any exercises, don't just do it for the heck of it or wanting to finish it soon. Follow the correct instructions so that these exercises can be beneficial.

Shoulder and Neck Workout
We begin with some shoulder exercises. For these workouts, you can either use weights or grab a bottle or gallon of water. If you are using a bottle or gallon of water, make sure that both are filled to the exact proportion. Many individuals complain about shoulder and neck pain after a long day at work, stress, or from doing certain chores around the house. Ignoring signs of your weak shoulder and neck muscles can lead to other health issues as well. So instead, why don't you workout on your shoulder and neck muscles, and strengthen them. This way, you can ensure that these complaints become frequent and/or completely vanish. To exercise your shoulder and neck muscles, you can do neck stretches, neck and shoulder rotations, pull ups, push ups, dips, dumbbell shoulder press, and dumbbell shrugs.

Biceps and Triceps Workout
For men and women, the intensity and duration of time will vary when it comes to working out your biceps and triceps. Men like bulging muscles on their arms, whereas women like a toned, slimmer appearance for themselves. Which is why, whenever you are working out on your biceps and triceps, you need to choose the appropriate weights. Also, the number of repetitions for a single exercise will also matter as to how big you want your muscles to be. Even if you don't use heavier weights, you are going to be working out the muscles and that will help you give them the right shape.

Now ideally, you shouldn't be working on your biceps and triceps at the same time. You should always alternate between the two. So for the first week, let's say you are working out on your biceps. Then the second week, you will change the order of exercises and workout on your triceps. This way, every second week's exercises will superset the first week's exercises for both muscle groups. For biceps, do seated dumbbell curls, standing dumbbell curls, and preacher curls. As for the triceps, do close grip bench press, downward cable press, and standing/seated French press.

Abs Workout
When we talk about exercise routines, we can't leave ab exercises out. Working out for abdominal muscles is important as it strengthens your midsection and keeps injury at bay. When your core muscles are strong, you can be sure to improve your overall health and keep those back muscles supported properly. The best way to exercise your abs are by doing crunches and twists at every alternate day. This way, your abdominal muscles will get a good workout and you won't make them too sore. The workouts that you can do during the week are ab crunches, oblique crunches, leg raises, Russian twist, reverse crunches, and bicycle crunches. Pick either 2 or 3 of these ab exercises to do each day and add some variation as well.

Chest Workout
More often than not, people make assumptions that chest exercises can only be done with weights. Although weights do give an intensive workout, but if you don't have them, there's no need to rush to the stores to purchase a pair. You can easily workout your chest muscles with alternative exercises that can be done right at home. Try your hand at push ups, pull ups, resistance band exercises, chair dips, yoga, Pilates, and swimming. All these exercises can be done during the week to strengthen and tighten your chest muscles.

Leg Workout
There are many exercises you can do that work your leg muscles. You can take each muscle group on its own and work them out individually or do a particular kind of exercise that works your entire leg. The final decision is yours when it comes to leg exercises as you can convert these exercises for weight loss as well. One of the most common at home leg workout is to climb up and down the stairs. However, not every home or apartment has stairs. In that case, to exercise your legs, do lunges, squats, step ups, speed walking, swimming, cycling, rollerskating, and dancing.

These home exercise programs should be done to the point when it isn't a chore for you but an enjoyable activity which is helping you release stress and get in shape. So take some time out from your busy schedule to take care of your health and well-being. Along with these exercises, don't forget to eat healthy and nutritious meals, take proper rest, and drink lots of water.